Air conditioning tips for operation

You already operate a mobile air conditioning system but are not yet satisfied with the cooling capacity?

No problem, because this can be improved quickly and easily. We have researched some tips on how to operate your air conditioner optimally and get the best cooling performance in a hot summer.

Tips for operation

Tip 1: Air well

If you go to bed late in the evening and get up early in the morning, you ventilate well. The air is then cooled and brings fresh oxygen into its rooms. In addition, the air conditioning does not have to work at full speed during the day, and they save energy costs.

Tip 2: Reduce sunlight

During the day, you should reduce the sun’s irradiation so that the room does not heat up unnecessarily. This is best done with shutters, awnings and dark curtains. Keep windows and doors closed.

Tip 3: Reduce heat sources

Turn off anything in the room that produces heat. These can be lamps, ovens, computers or TVs. This will kill two birds with one stone: the switched-off devices no longer consume electricity and the air conditioner consumes less because it also needs to cool down less warm air.

You can also find out how to keep your room cool in summer in the detailed article “Cooling rooms in summer“.

Tip 4: Turn off the air conditioning if necessary

When you leave the room or apartment, turn off the air conditioning or at least shut it down. If your mobile air conditioner has a timer, use it and you can expect a pleasant coolness when you return.

Tip 5: Do not set air conditioning too cool

If you adjust the air conditioner too cool, you may get cold or contract muscle strains. Too much cooling down strains the circulation.

In addition, you should not stand or sit directly in front of the airflow. If the system is switched on, the air outlet should only be directed to clothed parts of the body.

“Some homeowners cool the rooms too much. As a result, the air dries out strongly, which in turn does not benefit health.”

In general, the difference in the outside temperature should not be too great. Otherwise, the heat shock threatens when leaving the apartment. The guideline is around 22 degrees or a maximum of six degrees difference.

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