Baffle Filter VS Filterless Chimney

If you are planning to buy best kitchen chimney in India but are clueless about whether to go for the one with a baffle filter or a filterless chimney, then this article is for you. In our article, we have discussed the two types, along with their advantages, disadvantages, and differences. Further, we have concluded the article by selecting the type that will be more beneficial for the Indian style of cooking. Keep reading to find out more.

Baffle Filter VS Filterless Chimney

Baffle Filter

Baffle filters are an upgraded version of the conventional mesh filters. These filters are basically curved panels, which are made up of either aluminium or stainless steel. Their primary purpose is to control the airflow. The smoke rising from the stove is made to change the direction by the curved panels in such a way that the grease or oil particles get stuck on the baffle filters.

A unique mechanism called ‘cut and splash’ is used to separate odours and oil particles from the rising smoke, which then moves without any resistance through the curved panels. This method ensures oil particles get trapped, without the suction capacity of the chimney being compromised. Baffle filters are undoubtedly one of the best filter types for the Indian style of cooking, which is high on oil and spices.

Another high point of baffle filters is that these are not clogged easily; and therefore, can last a long time. Maintaining them is also not an uphill task. These only require cleaning every three to four months and can last for years. Also, the detachable nature of the baffles eases the cleaning process even more.

Therefore, if you are looking for highly efficient filters for your chimney, baffle filters are the most appropriate type. Auto clean chimneys with baffle filters have become some of the most preferred chimneys in India as they have reduced cleaning hassles significantly, without affecting the suction capacity.


  • Suitable for Indian style of cooking
  • Cleaning is extremely easy
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable, lasting for years
  • Value for money


  • These can cost more than the conventional filters
  • Not as light as mesh filters

Filterless Chimney

Filterless Chimney

As the name suggests, filterless chimneys come without filters. These are the latest advancement to the auto clean chimneys. Since filters are absent, there are virtually no cleaning troubles. Also, filterless technology ensures that maintenance and consumable costs are reduced to almost nil. The oil is collected by the oil collector, and the entire cleaning process takes about ten to fifteen minutes when the auto clean button is pressed upon.

Often, it is seen that filters get clogged by smoke or grease particles in normal chimneys, which reduces the suction power significantly. Since filterless chimneys have done away with filters, this problem is taken care of, and the suction capacity is enhanced. The motor is placed strategically so that there is a clear path for air and smoke to pass, ensuring performance is not hampered.

Also, the noise levels are low for a relaxing cooking session. However, these would not be an appropriate option for households with heavy oil and spice usage. But, for everyone else filterless chimneys offer a convenient alternative that has made chimney maintenance extremely effortless, without hampering the efficiency.


  • No cleaning hassles
  • Zero maintenance and consumable costs
  • Noise levels are low


  • Costly
  • Not very effective if more oil and spices are used in cooking
FeatureBaffle FilterFilterless Chimney
Material UsedCurved Panels of Stainless Steel or AluminiumNo Filter
Filtration ProcessOil or Grease Particles Stick on the Curved Panels or BafflesMotor Position Allows Smoke and Air to Move Freely, Without Any Blockade
Suitability for Indian Style of CookingHighModerate
CleaningOnce Every Three to Four MonthsNot Required
Noise LevelsModerateModerate
Performance if Not CleanedNot Affected for a Long TimeDoes Not Matter

Our Pick

While both chimneys with baffle filters and filterless technology work just as efficiently, we still recommend opting for the ones with baffle filters. Since the Indian style of cooking is high on oil and spices, which releases a lot of aroma and grease that ends up settling on the walls and kitchen furniture. In this case, baffle filters are more efficient than filterless chimneys in trapping oil and odour, thereby leaving a fresh and clean kitchen.

Also, it has a higher suction capacity than the filterless options. For those with busy lifestyles, auto clean chimney with baffle filter is a more suitable option. However, suppose grilling, frying, or aromatic spices are not part of your daily cooking routine. In that case, a filterless chimney will also work effectively.

Baffle filters or filterless technology, which one did you choose? If any doubt still prevails, please let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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