10 Best Glucometer in India (March 2023) – Give Most Accurate Result

Glucometer or Glucose meter is a health device that is very convenient to use and affordable and easy to use. The system allows you to control your sugar levels without the use of invasive instruments. In general, the device only requires a simple drop from your fingers. It’s the best safest way to control diabetes before it becomes a difficult one to deal with. Diabetes symptoms can be complex and result in severe problems including coronary artery disease, kidney problems vision, and eye issues. A glucose-test kit could be used to diagnose or control both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.


10 Best Glucometer in India 2023: Most Accurate Glucose Meter

  1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit
  2. Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  3. Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer
  4. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit
  5. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Glucometer Machine
  6. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer
  7. OneTouch Verio Flex Glucometer
  8. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer
  9. ContourPlus Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  10. Accu-Sure Simple Blood Glucometer


Best Glucometer in India 2023 to Check Blood Sugar Level

Here we have mentioned some of the best glucometers in India that you can trust for getting the right analysis of your health.

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit:

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

The first name on our list of the best glucometer in India is Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit. It is one of the best glucometers available in India that provides effortless monitoring of the blood sugar levels. This tiny kit will surely surprise you with all its benefits and features.

It is a popular name in the market for self-testing and shows an accurate result just within 4-seconds. One of the best benefits of this device is that it doesn’t require any code chip for meter coding. Thanks to its auto-coding feature, the users need not worry about making any adjustments for monitoring their sugar levels.

It comes with an easy accessing benefit by just using 2-buttons which eliminates any confusion or hassles for accessing the device. You also get the benefits of pre and post-meal markings to clearly differentiate between the readings. With its post-prandial reminder, you will never miss your test after 2-hours of eating.

Moreover, you get an 8-second time window to re-dose the device, if you apply an insufficient amount of blood at first. It also provides its users with a visual double-check benefit to be sure about the results displayed. You can conveniently store the test results of 500 tests in its memory.

Lastly, it is an extremely easy device to operate and thus can be used by anyone without any hassles. Its lightweight and compact size further makes it really convenient for the users to carry and handle this device. You can totally rely on this device to keep your sugar levels in check.


  • Provides accurate measurements of the blood sugar levels within 4-seconds
  • Enabled with auto-coding feature; doesn’t require code chip
  • Offers pre and post meal markers for clear differentiation
  • 2-button access for monitoring
  • 8-second re-dose option for testing again
  • Lightweight and compact size for easy handling
  • Designed with an excellent build quality


  • Strips can be a little expensive for some


Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer:

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer the Best Glucometer in India 2023

The next glucometer that we have is from one of the most reliable brand names – Contour. The brand is known to provide high-quality products to ensure that its users are getting the maximum benefits and certainly this device is one of them.

This device helps the users to be totally confident about their testing as it maintains both laboratory and clinical accuracy in its results. Not only this, but the users can also be totally sure to get the most accurate results even in their second testing attempt without facing any accuracy differentiations. And guess what, you just need 5-seconds to get your results in hand.

Talking about its distinguishing feature, it is enabled with a smart light feature. This feature alerts the users about the critically high or critically low glucose levels in their blood. Thanks to this, the users can get the necessary needed help without waiting for the situation to get worse.

If you are one of those who always forget about checking their sugar levels or setting doctor’s appointments, then this device can be the best to pick. It can easily be connected to the contour diabetes app to set reminders, appointments, alerts, etc. related to the tests.

Well, it is not only easy to use this device but it also offers extreme convenience to its users to store the test results. It sets a permanent connection with the database results to store the test results without any hassles. There is a storage memory available to store the results of 800 tests.


  • Maintains laboratory and clinical accuracy in its test results
  • Shows accurate results within 5-seconds
  • Alerts the users about their glucose level concentration with smart light feature
  • Automatically stores the test results in the database with its permanent connection


  • The short lifespan of the strips


Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer with Free Test Strips:

Accu-Check Instant S Glucometer with Free Test Strips

This is another amazing glucometer that comes from Accu-Chek and believe us it is no less than any of their other products. With this device, you can get instant clarity of your blood sugar and glucose level and that too without any hassles.

To begin with, this device is designed using German technology and thus is extremely accurate with its result measurements. It is designed to provide the result just within 4-seconds after the test. You can see your relevant and easy-to-understand results on the clutter-free screen of this device.

One of the best benefits of this glucometer is its largest dosing window. Even if you dose it along the edge, it will automatically absorb the required blood and show you the accurate results. You don’t have to worry about anything when using this amazing glucometer from Accu-Chek.

Unlike the many other glucometers, this device is pretty simple and easy to use. It does not require any set-up for use and thus offers an easy hand to its users. You just need to insert the test strip, put your blood on it and you are all done with your testing.

Understanding the need of the users, this glucometer comes with different strips options. You can either choose test strips with 10 vials, 25 vials, or 50 vials. It can also be used by people who are trying their hand for the first time. Lastly, thanks to its easy USB transfer, all the test data can be uploaded on the Accu-Chek connect online portal.


  • Can be personalized according to the users’ needs
  • Shows accurate test results within 4-seconds
  • Designed with advanced German technology for easy and convenient use
  • Designed with the largest dosing window for automatic blood absorption


  • Strips are expensive


BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit:

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

Wouldn’t it be great, if you can turn your own smartphone into a glucometer? Sounds interesting? Well, BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit does exactly the same for you.

Using this glucometer kit, you can easily make your smartphone as your glucometer for keeping an easy track of their glucose levels. You just need to plug in this BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit into your smartphone’s audio port using a 3.5mm jack. And the best part is, you can use this on both the android phones and iOS phones.

For ensuring that every user is getting the required help, all the readings of this glucometer are monitored by the BeatO health experts. They also guide the users with different lifestyles and habits, based on their glucose readings, which can benefit them. Your health is in the safe hands of professional health experts, isn’t it great?

Its distinguishing feature is its automatic alert system. Thanks to this system, it alerts all your emergency contacts when your readings are too low or high. You can make use of the BeatO app and can choose doctors, your family members, or your friends as your emergency contacts.

Lastly, it comes in a compact size and thus is extremely easy and convenient to carry along without any hassles. Even after these benefits, if you want more from this glucometer, then you can also connect it with the BeatO app and analyze all the graphs, trends, and numbers to better understand your health scenario.


  • Enabled with an automatic alert system for alerting your emergency contacts
  • Shows instant results in your smartphone
  • No memory required as it stores the results online
  • It can connect to the BeatO app for consulting doctors, health alerts, etc.
  • Compact size and thus can be easily carried along


  • Takes nearly 10-seconds to show results
  • Not suitable for users without a smartphone


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Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine:

Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine

The next entry on our list of the best glucometer in India is Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine. This glucometer is one handy device that comes loaded with many amazing features for an automated painless and effortless self-testing.

This glucometer has a unique way of portraying the test results. It displays the test results on the screen with a smiley indicator – a happy smiley indicates good results while a sad smiley indicates unsatisfied results. Also, it showcases an accurate result within 5-seconds of the test.

One of the major advantages of this machine is that it prevents the mixing of the galactose and maltose in the blood sample. This ensures the users to get the most accurate results without any variations or interferences. Other than this, it also comes with a strip ejection button which helps in easily removing the strips and to avoid contagion.

For extending its convenience for the users, it can be operated in 3 different modes. General mode – takes blood glucose measurements at any time of the day, AC mode – takes the measurements early morning on an empty stomach and the last PC mode to take the readings after the meals.

Besides all these benefits, this glucometer is also designed with a reminder alert that reminds the users to take their blood readings at the right time.


  • Indicates its accurate results using a smiley indicator
  • Designed with strip ejection button for easy removal of strips without contagion
  • Can be operated in 3 different modes according to the need
  • Also offers the benefits of reminder alerts to take the measurements at the right time
  • Auto-switch off after 3-minutes without any use


  • It may get difficult to handle all these features, especially if you are new with it


OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer:

OneTouch Select Plus Simple glucometer

OneTouch select plus is one popular name amongst the users that eliminates all the hassles of monitoring the blood sugar/glucose levels. It is one of the few names that are trusted even by the professional health experts for getting accurate readings of the glucose levels.

Unlike the many other complex glucometers, this device is pretty simple to use. It requires no setup from the users but it automatically adjusts according to the need of its users. Along with this, there isn’t a requirement of coding or buttons to operate this device which further makes it very simple for the users to access all its features.

OneTouch Select Plus Simple glucometer is designed in such a manner that it helps its users to understand their blood glucose results very clearly. It makes use of audio signals and color sure technology to indicate the users about their blood readings. It is quite instant in showing its results as it takes just 5-seconds to do so.

It requires a very minimal amount of the user’s blood to evaluate the glucose levels accurately. It has got many exceptional features for its users that can make it really convenient and easy for the users to be sure of the glucose levels in their bodies.

Lastly, its slim and compact design helps the users to easily carry it along with them anywhere they need. It is a great pick for people who are in constant need to analyze their glucose levels.


  • Very easy and simple to use without any need of coding or setting
  • Indicates about the blood readings using color sure technology and audio signals
  • Portrays the accurate result within 5-seconds of testing
  • Slim, compact and lightweight; thus quite convenient to carry along


  • There is no storage memory function available with the device


OneTouch Verio Flex Glucometer:

Best Glucometer in India

If you are looking for a glucometer that is affordable and also doesn’t compromises on the quality of performance, then this OneTouch Verio Flex Glucometer would be the right choice for you. It comes loaded with many essential yet easy-to-use features that can help in conveniently monitoring the exact glucose levels in the body.

It is the accuracy of this glucometer that you can rely on. It is enabled with a very efficient ColorSure technology that lets the users be aware of the changing glucose levels. It just takes around 5-seconds to portray the accurate results soon after the test is done.

To provide its users with some additional information other than the glucose levels, it comes with its compatibility with the OneTouch Reveal App. The app highlights different information and detailed levels about the various health parameters. You can simply relax and enjoy all these details right on your smartphone without any complications.

The device requires a very minimal amount of blood to conduct and evaluate all the readings in your blood. It can almost store the test results of 500 tests without compromising with any of them. You also can share all the test results with your family, friends, and health experts to keep them aware of the situation.

Talking about its design, it is slim and compact in size; thereby offers the needed convenience to its users to carry it along without any hassles. With its simple yet effective design, it can be your true companion to keep a check on your glucose levels on a regular basis.


  • Shows accurate results within 5-seconds
  • Compatible with OneTouch reveal app for highlighting different essential details
  • Available with 500 test results storage capacity
  • Results can be shared with health experts for better opinion


  • Requires smartphone to get access to the additional information and details


Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer:

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

If you have any diabetic patient in your family and are looking for a glucometer that can measure the blood glucose level accurately, efficiently, and easily, then you should choose Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer.

Talking about its major functionality, it can analyze and evaluate the blood glucose level within 5-seconds after the test. You can rely on these readings as they are quite accurate and to the point to get a clear idea about the user’s health. Also, it requires a very minimal amount of blood to get all the required details.

This Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer is also designed with an alert system that indicates the users with a gain or loss in the sugar levels. With its alert feature, it also indicates the users when the test is completed. As this glucometer doesn’t require any coding from the user’s end, you can simply relax and rely on the generated readings.

Other than its functionalities, it is the design of this glucometer that attracts the users. It comes in a stylish and ergonomic design that can surely impress its users with its ease and flexibility of use. Moreover, it is quite compact in size and thus can be carried anywhere without burdening anyone.

Lastly, this glucometer is not only limited in analyzing the glucose level but it also can aware the users with various health alerts. It can easily store up to 300 previous test results without any problems. This can offer you complete security of your health needs without any compromises.


  • Accurate readings within 5-seconds
  • Doesn’t require any coding and thus eliminates any hassles of set up
  • Enabled with an alert system to indicate the users about any gain or loss of sugar levels
  • Available in attractive and flexible design for comfortable use


  • The design could have been improved


ContourPlus Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer:

Best Glucometer in India

Last but not least, we have a ContourPlus Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer on our list of the best glucometer in India. This glucometer will not only impress you with its design but it will also help you provide you with the best health readings with its efficient features.

To begin with, this glucometer is very accurate in its readings and it just takes around 5-seconds to portray the results on the screen. Thanks to its large display screen, it is quite easy and comfortable to read the displayed values without any hassles.

One of the best advantages of using this glucometer is the fact that all its readings are error-free. It doesn’t need any coding technology and thus it eliminates the risks of any errors or variations in the readings. It also requires a very minimal amount of blood to provide with all the necessary health details and information.

It also helps the users to get accurate blood glucose levels during the fast, pre-meal, and post-meal time. You can also rely on this glucometer to get effective advice from the doctor along with necessary exercise suggestions and medications to achieve your best health.

It offers a complete care solution for diabetic management to its users. Its key elements bring the home diabetes care essentials at your fingertips without any hassles. With this amazing glucometer by your side, it would not be difficult to keep a close check on your glucose levels on a regular basis.


  • Can accurately display the glucose levels within 5-seconds after the test
  • Offers complete diabetic care to the patients
  • Requires no coding technology and thus eliminates the risks of error or failure
  • Requires very minimal amount of blood for the test
  • Available in a compact design for its easy carrying from one place to another


  • Strips are short-lived


Accu-Sure Simple Blood Glucometer with 25 Test Strips

Best Glucometers in India

Accu-Sure Simple Blood Glucometer is very helpful when you want to get4 results about your glucose levels whenever you want to. The 25 free test strips will allow you to get a free sample of your glucose levels. This machine has almost 1000 memory space for your data.

The LCD backlit display always you to get the best visual experience whenever you turn on the machine. The machine also has a PC connectivity feature that will allow you to transfer all data about your glucose level in your personal computer.

The results for your glucose levels will be given within 8 seconds and requires a very tiny drop of the blood sample. So it will be less painful to conduct. The glucometer comes with simple and big tactile buttons to control the gadget. You are going to be delighted to know that this product comes with a lifetime warranty from the company.

It has before/after meal setting which will allow you to schedule your meals according to the time of glucose test. So this product is one of the best value for product gadget that will help you get the best possible results all time.


  • Accurate readings within 8-seconds
  • Doesn’t require any coding
  • 25 free test strips
  • Large Diplay


  • Take up to 8 sec to show reading


How to choose the Best Glucometer?

As of now, there are multiple options you have on the market for glucometers. In order to make the best choice, you are supposed to have a firm grip and an understanding of the product itself. We have compiled a couple of factors that you should consider before buying yourself the best Glucometer off the market.


First and foremost, you should be able to travel along with the Glucometer that you buy. This is because it is a device that you will require now and then; therefore, you need to have it by your side all the time. It is also essential to have an appropriate carry bag along with the Glucometer for safe and stress-less storage. This will allow you to have consistent checkups on your blood sugar levels, whenever you need to.



When discussing any medical device, you shouldn’t thoroughly brush off the price aspect of it. Yes, the device needs to be high-quality, but getting a Glucometer without it costing you a fortune is possible. It is also essential to understand that this is a one-time investment, so we must not be too tight with our pockets. Strike a balance between the cost and the quality, and purchase a reliable glucometer for yourself.



It always helps to purchase a glucometer that comes with built-in memory. This means that it will store your checkups’ history and provide you with access for the data whenever required. It can help you have access to your data quickly. Whether you want to share the data with your doctor or run a comparison of your glucose levels, you will not have to go through the hassle of keeping a track on your own.



Some glucometers that you find in the market today have been coded before you begin to use them. Manual coding has been known often to create a misdiagnosis of the current blood sugar level and thereby results in inaccurate treatment or dosage. If you are looking for a hassle-free experience, you should opt for glucometers with auto-coding abilities. It helps make your life easy and helps manage your blood sugar levels smoothly.


Time consumption

Many glucometers on the market can offer you a quick result. Therefore, when you’re settling down on a particular product, make sure it is one that can deliver lightning-fast results at all times. You will notice how this aspect helps you save a lot of time and energy gradually. In general, we encourage you to purchase a glucometer that brings you faster and more accurate results, preferably within five seconds.



It is essential to consider the cost of the test strips as well. You will notice that meters on the market vary heavily in pricing, and while we recommend you not go all out on your device, spending a few extra bucks on the right product doesn’t hurt.


Ease of use and maintenance

The meters and strips should be easy to use and maintain. Some meters are more comfortable to use than others. Are both the meter and test strips comfortable and easy to hold? Can you quickly see the numbers on the screen? How easy is it to get blood onto the strips? How big is a drop of blood required?


Special features

Ask about the features to see what meets your specific needs. Special features may include large, easy-to-handle buttons and test strips, illuminated screens, and audio, which may be useful for impaired vision.



Using a glucometer that offers you timely notifications is a must as well. These notifications work as a reminder for you to check your readings consistently every day. Imagine if you miss reading? It could mess up your treatment procedure. When you have the notification feature, you will always be a step ahead in ensuring your proper health.



Warranties are an essential aspect when it comes to medical devices like Glucometers that you invest in once a couple of years. You will find many products on the market today that offer you lifetime warranties and hassle-free after-sales experience. These are the kinds of brands you should have your eye on while looking for a glucometer.



Glucometers are a must-have device if you want to measure blood sugar levels at home. Thus, you need to have the best one for your use. We would like to recommend the use of Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit. The device just needs 4-seconds to display accurate blood sugar readings. Other than this, its easy 2-button accessing, auto-coding facility, and minimal time window for re-dosing (8-seconds) makes it pretty amazing to be relied on. Though, some people may find this device a little pricey but isn’t your health really worth to be worried about that!

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