Best Honey in India 2023

Do you know pure and natural honey is enriched with 38% fructose, 31% glucose, 17% water, and a combination of various vitamins and minerals?

This not only proves beneficial for overall health improvement but can also be used for skincare, haircare, etc.

But, do all honey options contain this purest nutritional composition? Certainly, not!

So, which is the best honey amongst all?

If you are looking for this answer, we present our well-researched and detailed list of the best honey in India. We also ensured focusing on including a relevant buying guide and FAQs to help choose the best honey without any hassles.


Best Honey in India 2023

Dabur Honey – 100% Pure World’s No.1 Honey:

Dabur Honey – 100% Pure World's No.1 Honey

Overall Score: 4.8/5

Dabur honey is the first name that comes into mind when we even think of pure and natural honey. It is a globally known brand and has maintained its charm over the years with its high purity and authentic honey.

Dabur takes full care to maintain the pureness of its honey. Thus, it directly sources honey from Sunderbans and the Himalayan region. It also ensures maintaining the sanctity of its honey by manufacturing the same in its in-house unit.

To ensure its users about its quality, it comes with USFDA certification. Moreover, it confirms no sugar adulteration through the IRMS test. The honey is also free from any antibiotics, as confirmed by tests like LCMS/MS and LCMS/MS-SMR.

The honey is thoroughly filtered to remove any dust, pollutants, and pollen traces. This is further assured on 22 essential parameters under the FSSAI testing. You might get slight alteration in the taste but no compromises on the quality.

You can rely on Dabur honey to enjoy its versatile benefits. Its consumption improves the body’s immunity and boosts its strength to fight against common infections. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it also enhances the health of the skin and hair.

If you very easily catch a cold and cough, you can also use this honey for its medication. Other than treating cold and cough, it also helps in weight management and increases body energy. All you have to do is mix Dabur honey in lukewarm water and lemon to consume at least twice a day.

Lastly, this honey is naturally sweet and offers hassle-free storage with transparent, compact, and sturdy packaging.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% pure and authentic without any added sugar
  • Works as a natural remedy for cold cough
  • Boosts body immunity and digestion strength
  • It helps to enhance skin and hair health
  • Do not crystallize
  • Approved by USFDA, FSSAI, LCMS/MS certifications
  • Compact, sturdy, and transparent packaging


DARSHAN HONEY Raw Organic Honey:

DARSHAN HONEY Raw Organic Honey

Overall Score: 4.5/5

The DARSHAN HONEY Raw Organic Honey makes the perfect choice for all the health-conscious people looking for raw, organic, natural, and pure honey. The honey is directly extracted from honeybees to get the purest quality. Also, special care is taken not to harm any bee during the process.

After our detailed research, we found the product enriched with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals along with antioxidants. This helps in boosting the body’s immunity and digestive strength. It contains no added sugar or chemicals and thus, causes no significant side effects on the user’s health.

If you are tired of being tired, then you must add this honey to your routine. Thanks to its high nutritional benefits and organic charm, this honey releases instant energy in the body to keep it active. Moreover, it ensures maintaining the desired energy levels throughout the day, making an ideal choice for people with an active lifestyle.

Another noticeable benefit of this unprocessed and unfiltered honey is to promote weight loss. When consumed regularly, warm water and lemon help shed the extra kilos without any hassles. It contains no added sugar, thus, facilitating the entire weight loss journey.

It is a multi-tasking food that can be used either for breakfast or making delicious snacks. Its thick consistency, a pleasing aroma, and natural sweetness will never disappoint you to satisfy this product fully.

Finally, the packaging and design of the honey bottle are simple yet attractive. It is available in a compact transparent bottle with all the essential information mentioned on the label.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extracted directly from honeybees for 100% raw and pure honey
  • Maintains high energy levels for an active lifestyle
  • Promotes weight loss with sugar-free composition
  • Boost immunity with its antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Thick consistency, naturally sweet taste, and aroma


INDIGENOUS Honey Raw Organic Honey:

INDIGENOUS Honey Raw Organic Honey

Overall Score: 4.4/5

INDIGENOUS brand is one of the most reputed brands known for delivering high-quality products. The brand stands distinguished from the others because it sells 100% natural and raw honey without any unwanted alteration or filtration.

What makes us so sure about the unadulterated honey quality? The honey is extracted directly from honeybees without any alterations. The honeybees are stored in various wooden boxes designed scientifically similar to their natural habitat to maintain quality.

We really liked this honey because it is enriched with the goodness of various essential minerals, enzymes, and vitamins. It is also very rich in amino acids and antioxidants to be a complete package of benefits for the users.

Highlighting the various benefits of this great honey, it can be completely trusted for weight and digestion management. Its regular consumption of warm water helps shed extra kilos and treat constipation. It is also a must-have to get glowing and radiant skin.

We also found the regular consumption of this honey beneficial for improving eyesight. Moreover, this honey is an excellent choice for boosting the body’s immunity. As a result of the improved immunity, it strengthens the body’s core to fight against various infections, including cold and cough.

It undergoes various quality tests like NMR testing to impress its users further. Along with this, it also holds many certifications like FSSAI, APEDA, OneCert, etc. It is strongly recommended for its health benefits. It might also have a unique taste as it is 100% organic.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% raw and organic with high-quality levels
  • Boosts immunity, digestion, weight loss, skin glow, etc.
  • Enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.
  • Available with FSSAI, NMR, OneCert, APEDA certifications
  • Contains no added sugar or preservatives


DADEV Honey NMR Tested Raw Honey:

DADEV Honey NMR Tested Raw Honey

Overall Score: 4.4/5

The brand is one of the best-known organic brands in India. The brand enjoys extreme popularity to deliver 100% raw honey so that the users benefit from its fantastic taste, quality, and nutritional benefits.

It stands apart from the other names with its dedication and sincerity to extract unprocessed and unaltered pure honey. Thanks to its high medicinal and nutritional value, this honey can be your true companion to live a healthier, happier, and younger life.

The honey undergoes several tests to confirm the users its genuine quality. It assures its high and unfiltered quality by one trusted NMR testing. The product is also tested for toxicity, chemicals, sugar addition, etc., in advanced German labs, never compromising its purity and authenticity.

Now that we are sure about its effectiveness let us discuss its offered benefits. This honey can be relied on to improve the body’s immunity, digestion, and strength. Its regular consumption prepares the body to give a tough fight to seasonal infections.

Many people also prefer consuming this honey, with warm water and lemon, first thing in the morning. This helps the users to lose unwanted extra kilos.

The benefits of this honey are not just limited to your health. It can also be applied on the face to hydrate dry skin and to get a natural glow. Using this as a hair pack helps in minimizing the various hair problems.

It is available in a transparent glass bottle, giving it an attractive, aesthetic, and clean look. The bottle design is kept simple but can still catch everyone’s attention without any fail.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% natural, raw, genuine, authentic, and pure honey
  • It adds a natural glow to the face and controls hair problems
  • Boost body immunity, digestion, and inner strength of the body
  • Can be trusted for weight management
  • Available in a transparent glass bottle with an aesthetic look


The HONEY SHOP – Raw and Organic Forest Honey:

The HONEY SHOP – Raw and Organic Forest Honey

Overall Score: 4.3/5

Collected directly from the deep forest, the HOMEY SHOP raw and organic honey is completely unmatched in terms of quality. The honey is extracted from rare and special honeybees, making it a popular choice.

It is extracted with proper care to avoid any human touch. As a result, the users can expect unfiltered, unprocessed, chemical-free honey. It also undergoes various tests to ensure containing no added sugar.

This honey is your true companion for maintaining your overall health. It is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and B, along with essential enzymes and nutrients. Also, it is rich in various antioxidants; it delivers many amazing health benefits to its users.

With the regular consumption of this honey with warm water and lemon, you can lose your extra weight. It can also be trusted to boost the body’s immunity and core strength, which further reduces the risk of infections, cough, and cold. Thanks to its richness in pollen, it also helps in improving digestion.

Besides making an impactful impression with its high-quality and unaltered honey, we also liked the attractive design of the bottle. It is designed with eye-catchy packaging, which is hard to resist. Also, thanks to its compact size, it is quite convenient to travel with, never to miss its benefits anywhere.

It is a pure product with a naturally sweet taste and aroma. Thanks to its natural sweetness, it can be used for making breakfast and can be used to add flavors to your green tea or coffee. It is your perfect alternative to unhealthy sugar.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extracted from rare and special honeybees – Apis Dorsata
  • Enriched with high medicinal and nutritional benefits
  • Improves digestion, immunity, and natural glow
  • Thick texture and naturally sweet taste and aroma


Sri Sri Tattva Honey:

Sri Sri Tattva Honey

Overall Score: 4.3/5

With its wide range of high-quality products and continued dedication to impress its users, the brand has successfully made a distinguished place. It is not possible to miss this amazing yet nutritional honey on our list of the best honey in India.

This specific honey is 100% natural, raw and pure honey. So, what makes it unique? Well, it is the various certifications that confirm the fact.

You can use this honey while making all your favorite sweet dishes to enjoy them with the same sweetness. To start with, the honey undergoes IRMS testing to ensure that it contains no added sugar. To balance the desired sweetness, it comes with its naturally sweet taste and aroma.

Apart from this, the honey also undergoes LCMS/MS to confirm the presence of no additives or antibodies. It also contains no sugar syrup adulteration, confirmed by the LCMS/MS-SMR test. As a result, you just get great health benefits from consuming this product.

Consuming this honey on regular basis helps in quick weight loss. With its available antioxidants, this honey also promotes immunity and digestion for its users. It works effectively to treat sore throat, cold, and cough, highlighting its medicinal benefits.

You can also enjoy its benefits for your face and hair. By massaging this pure honey on your face, you can get rid of tired, dull, and dry skin. It hydrates the skin and makes it soft and radiant.

Similarly, using this honey as your hair mask ensures controlling hair problems. It also adds shine, strength, and softness to the hair.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% natural, genuine, pure honey without any added sugar or additives
  • IRMS, LCMS/MS, and LCMS/MS-SMR certifications
  • Best suitable for skin and hair benefits
  • Promotes weight loss, immunity, and digestion
  • Cures sore throat, cold, and cough


Nature’s Nectar Select Forest Honey:

Nature's Nectar Select Forest Honey

Overall Score: 4.3/5

With its 50-years old credibility, this honey gives all the right reasons to the users for loving it. The brand is trustworthy and reliable, and as a result, the honey enjoys high-end popularity among the users.

This honey is extracted from Sunderbans and leaves no stone unturned to maintain its purity and genuine natural manufacturing. Every batch of honey undergoes several quality checks to become the best choice for its users. The honey is tested with C3/C4 tests for sugar, antibiotics, preservatives, additives, pesticides, etc.

Besides being chemical and sugar-free, honey is unmatched with its nutritional health benefits. It is one reliable source for enhancing its user’s body’s immunity and core strength. Its regular consumption also delivers high energy to the users with better joint health, heart functioning, and faster weight loss.

With its richness in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties, this honey strengthens the body to fight common infections. It can be used to treat cough and cold, considering its high medicinal properties.

Along with delivering these health benefits, this honey is also an excellent addition to your skincare regime. You get a natural glow and radiance on your skin by using this honey with other beneficial natural ingredients. It also makes the skin soft and supple instantly.

This honey benefits its users and ensures not to harm the bees in any way. If you are looking for 100% natural and pure honey from a reliable and reputed brand, we would strongly suggest trying this product for once.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sourced from Sunderbans forest without human touch
  • Sugar, chemical, and pesticide-free product
  • Its use adds a natural glow to the skin
  • Delivers many health benefits, including better immunity, digestion, and weight loss
  • Can cure cold and cough


Zandu Pure Honey:

Zandu Pure Honey


Overall Score: 4.2/5

The next name that impressed us with its high-quality and unadulterated manufacturing is Zandu Pure Honey. It is a clinically tested product and, thus, can be 100% trusted for the quality.

To start with, this honey is sourced from the authentic Sunderbans, which confirms its reliability and pureness. One of the major attractions of this honey is that it combines the benefits of Tulsi with its high-quality honey. This makes honey one of the best choices to offer health benefits.

Talking about the health benefits, the regular consumption of this Zandu pure honey helps strengthen the body’s immune system. It also works effectively against constipation as it improves digestive power. As a result, your body is always prepared to fight against common problems.

The honey is enriched with various antioxidants, making it a must-have item, especially in changing weather. It keeps you away from seasonal infections. You can also consider consuming it to cure your cough and cold by consuming it with warm and lemon water.

Another attraction of this product is its sugar-free nature. It contains no added sugar, which is tested in the German labs. Moreover, it further assures its unadulterated nature as it doesn’t crystallize even when refrigerated.

It is available in its thick consistency for easy mixing in water. Lastly, the honey has a dark brown color with a strong smell. Thus, if you can stand its strong smell, this honey has a wide pool of benefits all ready for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Combines the benefits of natural honey with Tulsi
  • 100% pure, natural, and authentic without any added sugar
  • Quality is tested in German labs
  • Rich in antioxidants to fight against the common and season infections
  • Available in strong smell, medium-thick consistency


Saffola Honey:

Saffola Honey

Overall Score: 4.1/5

If you are looking for natural and chemical-free honey at an affordable price, then you would be happy with your decision to choose Saffola Honey. This honey is made without any human touch and thus, is free from any alteration or preservatives.

One of the leading attractions in the product is its USFDA certification. This guarantees users that they will get great value for their money with this unprocessed and unfiltered honey. Apart from this, the honey also undergoes NMR technology to ensure containing no added sugar.

The honey is also enriched with various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to facilitate various benefits to the users. Along with its richness in essential antioxidants, it works as a natural source of energy and nutrition.

One of the major attractions of the various health benefits is its effectiveness in weight loss. Consuming a glass of warm water with home daily helps shed the unwanted extra kilos. Apart from this, it is reliable in strengthening the inner core and boosting the body’s immunity for protection against infections.

Apart from the various benefits, this superfood can be consumed differently. You can use it directly or mix it with water, green tea, or milk. As it works as a natural sweetener, it can make healthy breakfast and evening snacks.

You won’t regret buying this authentic honey even for a second. It is packed in a smart and attractive-looking bottle which is also travel-friendly. Moreover, the unique packaging of the bottle ensures the benefits of convenient storage.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% pure and natural honey made without human touch
  • Enriched with various nutrients and antioxidants for various health benefits
  • It is tested under NMR technology and comes with USFDA certification
  • Compact, sleek, stylish, and travel-friendly bottle


DiSano Pure Honey:

DiSano Pure Honey

Overall Score: 4/5

If you want to enjoy high nutritional health benefits from organic, pure, and natural honey, then make some space for DiSano pure honey in your kitchen. This honey is made with the perfect blend of all essential nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals to make it a perfect healthy companion for its users.

One of the major attractions of this product is that it can be used by anyone – adults, kids, older adults, pregnant women, etc. As it is naturally processed without any filtration or chemical processing, it makes a suitable choice for everyone.

You can rely on this honey to improve your overall health. The honey helps in strengthening the immunity and digestive power of the body. It also reduces the risks of infections with its high anti-bacterial properties.

This honey also makes a true companion facilitate weight loss experience. We strongly recommend drinking this honey with lukewarm water and lemon to lose extra kilos without bothering your health quickly.

We also tried using this honey on our face and hair and were satisfied with its performance. Apply it on your face once a week to thoroughly hydrate your skin and to make it look radiant, glowing, and refreshing. Also, using it as a hair mask; helps control hair problems and adds shine and softness.

You can replace unhealthy sugar with this healthy honey to prepare delicious dishes. Moreover, the users can thoroughly enjoy its thick consistency, soothing aroma, and natural sweetening taste. Be sure that the product is free from unwanted sugar, chemicals, additives, pesticides, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for all users – elders, kids, adults, etc.
  • 100% naturally processed to maintain quality standards
  • Contains no added sugar, chemicals, or preservatives
  • Helps in faster weight management
  • It makes the skin radiant, glowing, and hydrated with controlled hair problems


Benefits of using the best honey in India:

  • As honey is rich in antioxidants, it provides effective protection against free radicals
  • It also helps in reducing the risks of chronic diseases
  • When used on the skin, it adds a natural and radiant glow with its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties
  • It helps improve bowel movement and digestion
  • It can be used as a natural sweetener
  • Honey is also trusted as an effective cough medication


Buying Guide – How to choose the best honey in India?

It is obvious to feel confused to choose the best honey amidst the various fascinating options. Moreover, the choice becomes tougher when you are unaware of the essential factors to consider while making a choice.

Are you also compromising by selecting the wrong honey? Are you also unaware of the essential factors to focus on while making a choice? If yes, here are some important essential factors that should not be missed while picking up the right honey.

1. Purity of honey:

Do you expect to get the desired health benefits from unnatural and impure honey? It is something next to impossible. Thus, the very first thing you should check in your chosen honey is its purity.

It is no use to buy honey if it is not pure and natural. It will never be able to deliver the expected benefits to the users. Make sure to choose natural and pure honey extracted using organic ways.

This promises the best benefits and confirms the authenticity of the product.


2. Taste:

We all feel happy and delighted while tasting sweet honey, isn’t it? But, have you ever thought if this sweetness is natural or artificially added to the honey.

Many honey options are available in the market, which is enhanced in their sweetness by adding artificial sweeteners like sugar. This causes many health consequences.

Therefore, make sure to choose naturally sweet honey without any artificial sweeteners. Pure honey will have a naturally sweet taste without any sugary feel.


3. Texture:

Not many of us pay attention to the texture of our selected honey. However, this is probably one of the biggest mistakes made.

Pure and authentic honey comes with a dense texture accompanied by a naturally sweet aroma. Your honey should neither be too thick nor be too watery. It should have the right balance of consistency.


4. Color:

Similar to the texture or consistency, we don’t pay much attention to the color of the honey. However, this is another factor that should be checked before making the final choice amongst the many available options.

An authentic, pure, and genuine, high-quality honey will have a dark brown color or a little transparent. If your chosen honey is of any other color, you might think of reconsidering your choice with something better.


5. Price:

If you think, to buy natural and pure honey, you need to dig a big hole in your monthly budget; you should reevaluate your search options. Indeed, high-quality honey will be a little more expensive than the local ones; but will never burden your monthly budget.

There are many options available that are authentic, pure, and affordable. You just need to narrow your research to such available options.


6. Brand:

We will never get tired of talking about buying only branded products. Investing and buying a branded product ensures the desired quality and authentication, which should be the prime concern.

Moreover, a brand will never compromise providing you with 24*7 assistance for your concerns or queries. This is again important to handle any issues that might later come up.

Like any other product, you should always concentrate on buying honey only from a well-known and reputed brand.


7. Quality certificates:

It is always better to be sure about the quality of the chosen honey option. And if the honey quality is certified by some well-known institutions, what can be better than that?

Therefore, we strongly recommend buying honey that comes with its quality assurance and approval certifications by FSSAI and USFDA. Moreover, it would be best to choose honey that can also confirm its offered nutritional value and sugar availability.

The available honey options with such confirmations always make a reliable and trusted option to buy.


8. Other ingredients:

Along with checking all the essential information, you should also keep a closer check on the various ingredients used to make your chosen honey. This will confirm the effectiveness of the product and reduce the risks of facing any side effects because of the used ingredients.


9. Shelf life:

Last but not least, pay close attention to the available shelf life of your chosen honey. Due to its thick consistency and natural sweet aroma, you just need a minimal amount of honey. As a result, even a single bottle of honey lasts for the maximum time for most of us.

It will make no sense to buy honey that doesn’t offer you decent shelf life. Therefore, before convincing yourself with the finalized name, make sure to check its offered shelf life. It is always better to pick honey with maximum shelf life.


How to confirm the purity of honey?

Try these following ways –

  • Read the label carefully; generally, most of the information about the added preservative or additives is mentioned on the label.
  • Mix a few drops of vinegar in the honey. You have adulterated honey if it forms up
  • Because of its thick consistency, pure honey doesn’t drip that easily. Test the consistency by taking a small amount on your thumb. If it drips easily, it is not pure.
  • Not many people are aware that pure honey is flammable. Simply dip the match stick’s tip in honey and try striking it against the matchbox to test this. If it lights up, this indicates its pureness.


How to test the quality of honey?

It is quite convenient to check the quality of your chosen honey at home. One of the simplest ways is to put a spoon of honey in water. If the honey completely dissolves, it is more likely to be fake. On the other hand, if the honey sits on the surface, it signifies its pureness.


How to use honey for improving digestion?

Besides being an effective treatment for ulcers and diarrhea, honey can also be trusted to improve digestion. Simply start consuming 1-2 tablespoons of purely raw honey on an empty stomach to get the desired results. Doing this also relieves pain and enhances the healing process.



Q. How much consumption of honey is beneficial?

A. Honey is undoubtedly nutritious for health but only when consumed within a limited consumption. It is advised to consume 1-tablespoon twice a day, morning and evening.

Consuming an excess amount of honey can increase the fructose concentration in the body, which might later cause digestive issues and constipation.


Q. Is there an expiration date for honey?

A. No, there isn’t any expiration date for honey. It can be stored and consumed for years. However, there might be some changes in its taste and aroma after some years, but it does not affect its offered nutritional benefits. Pure honey can be consumed after years without any worries.


Q. Does honey improve your sleep quality?

A. According to experts, consuming raw honey is one of the safest and most reliable ways to fix your irregular sleeping pattern. It helps your brain to release a sufficient amount of melatonin – hormone to give proper rest to the body.

You should try consuming warm milk and honey before sleeping to avoid interruptions during sleep.


Q. Does regular honey consumption darken your skin?

A. No, regular honey consumption has no effects on your skin. On the contrary, honey is known to add a natural and radiant glow to your skin. Thanks to the exfoliating properties of honey, its consumption ensures the removal of dead skin to get a natural, rejuvenated look. You can see a noticeable difference within no time.


Q. Should honey be stored in the refrigerator?

A. No, there isn’t any need to store honey in the refrigerator. Honey can be stored at room temperature without any hassles. However, you should be careful to keep it in a sealed container away from sunlight.

Also, you should check that no bacteria grow on your honey as only bacteria can ruin its quality and purity.


Q. Is it beneficial to use honey on your face?

A. Yes, applying honey to the face is beneficial to get glowing skin. Also, if you are struggling with dull and dry skin, using honey can provide visible, attractive, and hydrated skin. Honey is a reliable ingredient for the quick healing of damaged skin.

Moreover, the regular consumption of honey minimizes the risk of infections and, as a result, provides healthy skin from inside.



If you are still confused amongst the mentioned names, we would recommend choosing Dabur Honey – 100% Pure World’s No.1 Honey with the utmost confidence.

This honey delivers all the goodness that you expect from your honey. It is FSSAI and USFDA approved, which clearly defines its high-quality standards. Moreover, it also highlights that the honey is genuine and authentic.

You would never want to try any other honey once you have tried this one. Its natural sweet aroma, taste, and perfect consistency make it a reliable product. For any more doubts, get in touch in the comment section.

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