10 Best Latex Mattresses in India (February 2022)

Are you tired of compromising with your sleep quality because of your old mattress? If yes, then you surely should try the reliable latex mattress.

Latex mattresses are no more a luxury investment but now are quite common in every household delivering quality and comfortable sleep. A high-quality pure latex mattress brings maximum comfort and support to the body along with benefitting the muscle joints.

Latex mattress brings plenty of benefits for the users, but it is quite hard to find a suitable mattress from a reliable brand. Also, the wide variety of options enhances the confusion.

We ensured that our readers are never confused when buying the best mattress and thus have prepared our list after our detailed research.


Best Latex Mattress in India 2022 | Top Natural & Organic Beds

Urban Ladder Aer 6-Inch Queen Size Latex Mattress:

Urban Ladder Aer 6-Inch Queen Size Latex Mattress


  • Thickness: 6-inch
  • Size: Queen size
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Warranty: 60-months

The Urban Ladder Aer 6-Inch Queen Size Latex Mattress is the first latex mattress that we have included on our list of the best latex mattress in India.

This mattress has been designed after its successful examination and verification of a series of quality checks. Thus, you can be absolutely sure of getting all the quality benefits expected. This mattress will never disappoint you in any which way.

With its 6-inch thickness, the mattress is sufficient enough to offer a comfortable sleeping surface for the users. You can simply relax while sleeping on this mattress. Thanks to its queen size, there is plenty of space for the users to sleep in any position they want to.

The mattress is further designed under the observations of industry experts and is popular for offering medium comfort level when in use. You can trust the mattress to get the good and right support for your back and joints. It also ensures to balance the applied pressure on the joints so that the users can get all the comfort and relief needed during their sleep.

Lastly, the mattress is available in an assembled form and thus doesn’t require any additional need for assembling. Also, the mattress offers a 60-months of warranty with it for its best use.


  • Offers full support to back and joints
  • Designed after many quality checks for maximum benefits
  • A reliable, durable, and high-quality mattress
  • Quite thick for balancing the joint pressure
  • Queen size to allow sleeping in any desired position


  • Expensive


Duroflex Revive – Natural Latex 8-Inch King Size Coir Mattress:

Duroflex Revive – Natural Latex 8-Inch King Size Coir Mattress


  • Thickness: 8-inch
  • Size: king size
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Warranty: 7-years

Do you wish to wake up all energized and charged every morning? If yes, then you should trust the Duroflex Revive – Natural Latex 8-Inch King Size Coir Mattress. The mattress is specially designed to bring the best out of the users by offering them quality sleep without any hassles or discomfort.

To ensure that the mattress is a real treat for its users, it is designed with its signature aesthetics. This helps in users getting all the comfort that they want while they sleep to wake up all fresh the next morning.

Other than this, the top layer of the mattress is made of anti-stress fabric which directly helps in improving the health of the users. It not only ensures to improve the sleeping pattern but also positively affects the overall health of the users. Not only this, thanks to its 3-zoned active NRG layer, regular use of this mattress can keep the users active and charged up for the entire day.

It also brings the expected positive results for joint pain by reducing any extra pressure on the body muscles. The users are also given a 7-years warranty time with this mattress to keep it in good condition at all times.


  • Designed specially to provide support and comfort to users
  • Anti-stress fabric to reduce any mental worries
  • 3-zoned NGR layer for all-day activeness by uniformly distributing body weight
  • Provides the best support to back and relief joint pain and pressure


  • Requires constant maintenance


Morning Owl™ 100% Natural Latex Mattress:

Morning Owl™ 100% Natural Latex Mattress


  • Thickness: 5-inch
  • Size: Queen XL size
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Warranty: 10-years

If you are looking for an effective and reliable solution for your long-time back pain, then you should try sleeping on Morning Owl™ 100% Natural Latex Mattress. The mattress is reliable and specially designed to cure back pain; thus can be trusted.

The users can completely trust this mattress to get excellent back support and as a result, it can be tried by all those suffering from severe back pain. Not only this, the mattress is quite effective in contouring according to the shape of the user’s body. In simple words, it can adjust according to the shape of the users’ body to offer relief to the pressure points.

The mattress is designed with hypoallergic and anti-bacterial material to improve its durability. Thanks to the use of this high-quality material, the mattress not only improves the sleeping experience but it also enhances the overall health condition of the users.

One of the best benefits of using this mattress is that it maintains a cool and comforting sleeping temperature for a sound sleep. It prevents the formation of moisture or any hot flashes on the surface to ensure a great and uninterrupted sleeping experience for the users each and every time it is used.

You get enough desired sleeping space by using this mattress available in Queen XL size. Lastly, it is available with the maximum warranty time of 10-years to allow users to get the desired benefits from the mattress for the maximum time possible.


  • Takes the shape of the body for maximum comfort
  • Offers great back support for best relief
  • Maintains a cool sleeping surface temperature to avoid any moisture on the body
  • Durable product; designed after proper quality checks


  • Mainly focuses on back pain


Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Plus Memory Foam Certified Hybrid Mattress:

Best Latex Mattress in India


  • Thickness: 5-inch
  • Size: Queen size
  • Comfort: Medium (dual comfort)
  • Warranty: 7-years

Talking about the Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Plus Memory Foam Certified Hybrid Mattress, you will surely fall in love with this mattress. It is designed to offer high-quality medium dual comfort to the users so that they can enjoy their quality sleep without any disturbances.

The mattress can be trusted to offer desired and expected support to the user’s back, spine, and muscle joints. The regular use of this mattress also helps in bringing desired benefits in the pressure points. It assures to soothe the user’s body in every possible way.

This mattress comprises 100% natural latex along with memory foam mattress; thus you get dual comfort with the use of this mattress. One of the best benefits of this mattress is that it can very easily take the shape of the user’s body during sleep. This helps in equal weight distribution to avoid causing any extra pressure on the muscle joints.

Other than this, the use of this mattress also brings effective support for the back and spine. The users can also be sure that they won’t be interrupted in their sleep because of the uneven sleeping temperature. Thanks to the 100% natural latex, it maintains a pleasant and cool sleeping temperature for the users.

You will also get the maximum warranty of 7-years with this mattress to continuously get all its benefits without any issues.


  • Relieves pressure points by equal weight distribution
  • Adjusts its shape according to the user’s body
  • Maintains a soothing sleeping temperature without getting hot and humid
  • Soft, hygiene and healthy anti-bacterial mattress


  • A bit curvy from both the sides


SleepyCat Latex 7-Inch 100% Organic Latex King Size Mattress:

SleepyCat Latex 7-Inch 100% Organic Latex King Size Mattress


  • Thickness: 7-inch
  • Size: king size
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Warranty: 10-years

SleepyCat is one of the most well-known brand names in the mattress market. The brand ensures to offer great mattresses to the users which can offer them great value for their money by offering a high-quality, reliable, and comfortable mattress to sleep on.

This 7-inch mattress is made using 2-inch of natural latex and 5-inch of high-density base support foam. This combination ensures the users to offer the needed comfort and support during the sleep for an amazing experience. The users can expect to get the maximum benefits with the use of this mattress.

Thanks to the use of 100% natural latex in the mattress, it ensures to maintain the natural cool for pleasant sleeping temperature. Thanks to its breezy inner covers, you will never feel any discomfort or hotness when using this mattress. Also, no chemicals are used in this mattress and thus it can be trusted to only deliver high-quality benefits to the users without any hassles.

With its 7-zone support, the latex mattress from SleepyCat can offer the needed support to the back and muscle joints. It minimizes causing any extra stress or pressure on the muscles so that the users can relax when sleeping on this mattress.

The removable smart zipper covers maintain the hygiene of the mattress by keeping it clean at all times. The mattress comes with the maximum warranty of 10-years to effectively avoid any issues and adverse working situations.


  • 7-zone support layers for the back and muscle joints
  • Maintains a pleasant sleeping temperature
  • Designed with removal smart zipper covers for cleanliness and hygiene
  • Anti-skid base fabric to avoid any slipping


  • Not much bouncy


Repose Eyelidz 5-Inch Queen Size Latex Mattress:

Repose Eyelidz 5-Inch Queen Size Latex Mattress


  • Thickness: 5-inch
  • Size: Queen size
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Warranty: 5-years

If you are looking for a latex mattress which is not only great with its features but is also an attraction with its appearance, then trying the Repose Eyelidz 5-Inch Queen Size Latex Mattress would be the best option. The mattress is available with its unmatched quality to offer some amazing benefits for delivering great value for money.

Firstly, the mattress comes all assembled and there is no need to assemble the mattress for use. You can simply use the mattress as and how it comes to experience its quality and benefits.

This multi-layer latex mattress offers the best spinal support to the users so that they can get uninterrupted and pain-free sleep. It also makes sure to evenly distribute the entire weight of the users so that no extra pressure is caused on the muscle joints.

The mattress ensures to maintain cool, pleasant, and soothing sleeping temperature throughout; avoid any disturbances from unwanted hotness. The users can sleep without being disturbed from the external as well as internal factors.

This queen-size latex mattress also comes with a ring-spun knitted quilt cover to protect its quality. It ensures that no dust, dirt, and contaminations affect the high-quality of the mattress at any cost. The mattress also offers 5-years warranty time to the users so that they can enjoy all the possible benefits without any issues and hassles.


  • Maintains maximum breathability for cool sleeping temperature
  • Supports spine and muscle joints
  • Super comfortable and soothing for undisturbed and sound sleep
  • Available with high-quality covers to minimize damage


  • Expensive as compared to other available options


Sunday 100% Latex Mattress:

Sunday 100% Latex Mattress


  • Thickness: 8-inch
  • Size: king size
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Warranty: 10-years

The next latex mattress that has distinguished its position on our list of the best latex mattress in India is Sunday 100% Latex Mattress. The mattress is designed to be a comfortable treat for the users, designed to offer the best of sleeping experience with its numerous benefits.

Well, as the name suggests, the mattress is made using natural and pure latex which makes the mattress a super-duper choice for a sound sleeping experience.  If you want a 5-star sleeping comfort, then this mattress would make the best choice.

This mattress is all about 8-inches of pure and natural latex; thus offers plenty of benefits and attractions to the users. Thanks to the use of only natural latex, the mattress maintains its cool all the time. There is hardly any hot and unpleasant temperature on the mattress during the sleep; resulting in sound and uninterrupted sleep.

The mattress also brings soothing comfort for the body as it relieves unwanted pressure from the muscles. It is also a trusted delight for the user’s back as it thoroughly offers spinal support to the users.

No compromises are made to maintain a long-lasting high-quality mattress as it is designed after passing through several tests. It also comes with 100% organic covers to keep it away from possible dust, dirt, and allergic particles.

Other than these features, the mattress also offers a 100-day trial to its users. You only buy the mattress when completely satisfied with its performance. Also, with 10-years of warranty time, you can avoid all the possible hassles and issues during the use.


  • Offers superb comfort and support for the spine and muscle joints
  • Maintains cool sleeping temperature
  • Designed with 100% organic cover to prevent any damage
  • Made after undergoing various quality tests


  • The mattress is heavy as made with only latex


Centuary Mattresses Beddy Nest Crib Cot Natural Baby Child Coir Latex Mattress:

Best Latex Mattress in India

Key Features:

  • Thickness: 4-inches
  • Size: baby crib
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Warranty: 1-year

Last but not least; the Centuary Mattresses Beddy Nest Crib Cot Natural Baby Child Coir Latex Mattress is the last mattress mentioned on our list of the best latex mattress in India.

Don’t you want to give your baby the best sleep? Well, this mattress is perfect for that. The mattress is designed for offering the maximum convenience and comfort for babies to sleep well and undisturbed by anything.

Thanks to the available firmness of the mattress, it ensures to offer the right and desired support for the bone, spine, and muscle development. You can be sure about the right overall development of your baby’s body using this mattress.

This mattress can effectively control the needed sleeping temperature by being cool and pleasant all the time. It is also designed as anti-allergic and thus causes no harm to the baby’s skin or growth.

To make it more suitable for your baby’s use, it comes with waterproof, washable, and high-quality zipped covers. This ensures 100% hygiene and cleanliness even with its regular use along with ensuring no spillage.

To cut any kind of doubts and confusion, this mattress is designed with all the quality tests and is also certified. It is made using materials that are absolutely safe for the baby and thus can be totally relied on without any second thoughts. It also offers a warranty of 1-year to the users.


  • Designed with skin-friendly material
  • Anti-allergic and waterproof to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness
  • Supports bone, spine, and muscles for proper growth of the baby
  • Super comfortable and soft with cool sleeping temperature


  • Limited 1-year warranty


What is a latex mattress?

Latex was invented by Edward A. Murphy in early 1990.

The latex mattress is a mattress that is designed using 100% pure and natural latex material for offering the best comfort to the users. Latex is a rubber kind and thus can be sued alone in the mattress or can be combined with any other material for being a comfortable and long-lasting surface for sleeping.


Advantages and disadvantages of Latex Mattress:

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattress:’

Advantages of Latex Mattresses

High durability and longevity:

The biggest benefit of using latex mattresses is that they are durable and have longevity. These are a one-time investment that will offer you the desired benefits for a really long time.

Reliefs pressure points:

Next, sleeping and using a latex mattress also brings relief for pressure points. It ensures that every part of the body gets equal and balanced pressure during the sleep and thus enhances the sleeping experience.

Back and joint support:

The latex mattress is also designed to bring the needed and desired support to the back and joints of the users.

Motion isolation:

If you hate being disturbed in your sleep, then a latex mattress should be your choice. the mattress comes with a motion isolation feature which ensures that no two people are disturbed by each other’s movements.


Last but not least; the latex mattress is not only effective and beneficial for the user’s health but it also brings the best impacts on the environment. It doesn’t hamper the beauty and purity of the environment with anything hazardous.


Disadvantages of Latex Mattresses


The major drawback of latex mattresses is that they are expensive. In fact, latex mattresses are one of the expensive mattresses available in the market because of the special features and benefits it offers to the users.


Latex is a heavy material and the overall latex mattress is also quite heavy as compared to the other mattresses. Therefore, it should be flipped and rotated from time-to-time to avoid any sagging.


Maintaining a latex mattress is one of the most difficult tasks ever. Since the mattress is heavy but requires regular flipping and rotation, it needs quite a good maintenance overall. Its heavyweight really makes its maintenance a hassle for some users.



Latex mattresses are undoubtedly one of the best investments that you can make for your comfortable and sound sleep. Amidst the various mentioned names, we highly recommend Urban Ladder Aer 6-Inch Queen Size Latex Mattress for use.

The mattress is a complete package that brings all the needed comfort, support, hygiene, and quality that assures an uninterrupted and sound sleep. This latex mattress is a little expensive, but the investment is truly worth to get great an unmatched sleeping experience without any disturbances.

If you still have any doubts or confusion about the selection of the best latex mattress in India, then we are here to assist you. Comment below all your concerns, and we will address them with the best possible information and details.


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