10 Best Mattress In India 2021: Top Mattress Type Reviewed

A proper nap is highly essential to start an energetic day, and this is only possible with the right mattress. An incorrectly chosen mattress can ruin your sleep and provoke backaches and pain.

Hence for your convenience in this article, we are portraying the best mattress in India for your quick and easy understanding. Choose the type of mattress that goes well with your bed and fits your requirements.

We have compiled all the required information regarding mattresses enabling you to make an informed decision. If you look to get a comfortable mattress that provides support, you’ve come to the right page. Below we have put together a comparative list for you with all quality mattresses available in India. If you want to buy a mattress every once in a while it’s imperative that you make the right choice. It can feel hard for those who don’t have basic information regarding mattresses in the world about the best mattress. The following article below shows the best mattress brands to buy in India.

Emma Original Mattress: Best Branded Mattress in India

Emma Original mattress

The Emma mattress is medium-firm/soft compared to other spring mattress brands. Emma Original mattress is one of the most comfortable memory foam mattresses. Emma has no off-gassing smell or chemical smells like other memory foam mattress manufacturers.

Emma Original will keep your whole body cool because Emma instantly responds to your body temperature, Emma provides natural pressure relief for the back, hips, shoulders, and neck areas; Emma has excellent edge support; Emma is suitable for restless sleepers too – just not couples sharing an Emma as there may be excessive movement transfer between partners caused by the Visco elastic memory foam in Emma Original which will affect their quality of sleep over time (similar effect on firmness).

Emma’s Original cover is made from a combination of latex, cotton, and wool. Emma Mattress have even designed their own Emma Original branded duvet, which you can buy from the Emma Mattress website. Emma will also come with an Emma branded removable mattress protector so that your Emma Original stays in pristine condition always.

This mattress comes in three different firmness levels: Emma Pocket Spring – medium-firm, Emma Luxury Firm – firm, and the top-of-the-range Emma Original Visco Elastic Memory Foam.

The Emma cover – The Emma Mattress Cover, as we mentioned in the Emma mattress Queen Size Review, Emma uses high-quality materials for their mattress covers, with a quilted design to add extra comfort and interest. Emma understands that what lies beneath the cover can make or break your level of satisfaction, so it makes sense for them to invest in their quality mattress covers too.

Key Features:

  • Most Premium Quality Mattress
  • Award Winning Mattress
  • Perfect Mattress for Side Sleepers
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10 Years Warranty

Sleepwell SleepX Urbain Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepwell SleepX  Mattress Review, Top Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepwell mattress comes with a reliance of forty years and continuous innovation and quality. The SleepXUrbain memory foam is suitable for complete spinal alignment.

The mattress is a combination of cosiness and sophistication and made of three types of foam. It realizes your body feature and transforms it to support your pressure points.

You can expect complete relaxation and deep sleep along with supreme comfort. It is a combination of multi-layered core and good quality PU foam which offers optimal support.

The top layer of this mattress comes with knitted fabric and furnishes an exceptional appearance along with soft feeling. It also provides enhanced breathability to boost your sleep quality.

The mattress furnishes Neem Fresche technology which fights against allergens and brings an end to the growth of microbial. The primary material of this mattress is foam, whereas the top material houses memory foam.

If you are looking for better pressure relief, comfort and optimal support, then SleepwellSleepXUrbain memory foam mattress is the best choice. It offers a five-year warranty of the mattress.

Key Features

  • Multi-layered core
  • Good quality PU foam
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Neem Fresche technology
  • Five years warranty

Mattress Market is growing very fast in India here is more you can read about Market growth of mattress in india according to Indiatimes.

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress- Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

Bets Mattress Brand in Indiia, Wakefit Mattress Review

Wake-fit Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress furnishes a high-density memory foam which offers a beautiful night of sleep to the users without any disturbance. The WakefitOrthopedic memory foam mattress comes with the latest technology which eliminates all those sleeping disorders.

It is a combination of durability, support, comfort and last but not the least airflow all through the night for better sleeping experience. The mattress furnishes a medium soft and premium quality foam along with a good quality cotton fabric cover.

The Wake-fit orthopedic foam mattress is suitable for curing your backaches and comes with different sizes depending upon the need of the user. Hence a Wake-fit orthopedic mattress is the one which you can say the best. It ensures comfort, durability and performance.

It is one of the best-fit mattresses for most type of beds and ensures no motion transfer during your sleep. Because of its firmness and quality, it is one of the best orthopedic memory foam mattresses in India.

The Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress comes with a manufacturer warranty of 10 years and ensures a comfortable and deep sleep.

Key Features

  • High-density memory foam
  • No motion transfer technique
  • Firm and good built
  • Suitable for preventing backaches
  • Superior comfort and durable
  • Adequate airflow
  • Medium soft and premium quality foam
  • Excellent quality cotton fabric cover
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard and Soft, Best mattress 2021

Wakefit Dual Comfort mattress is mainly for users who prefer sleeping on a soft and hard mattress at the same time. One side of the mattress is medium-soft, whereas the other side is quite firmer.

You can sleep on the harder side of the mattress during the winter season, on the other hand, enjoy the softer side during the summer season. You can experience a comfortable sleep on both sides of the mattress.

Wakefit dual comfort mattress comes with a cotton fabric cover and furnishes an elegant look. You can feel excellent comfort and wash it without any difficulty. The mattress is a combination of superior protection and utmost comfort which you can enjoy all through the night.

The mattress comes with different sizes to furnish your need and made of superior quality foam material. The dual comfort satisfies all types of customers because of its hard and soft feature.

The medium-soft side is suitable for people to undergo backaches and experience coolness during summer. The softer side houses bigger cells which provide excellent airflow and keep the mattress in good condition.

On the contrary, the hard surface of the mattress is appropriate for older people to get rid of chillness during winter. The thicker side of this mattress is also capable of withstanding heavier weight.

Due to the thickness, you can use Wakefit Dual comfort on the ground as well, and it is perfect in terms of quality and durability. It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 10 years, and you can take the assistance of customer care in case of any issues.

Key Features

  • Medium hard comfort on one side along with medium soft on the other side
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Premium quality GSM fabric material cover which ensures proper breathability
  • Ideal for summer as well as winter
  • Bigger cells which guarantees better airflow
  • Capable of bearing heavier weight
  • Durable and top quality
  • 10 years warranty

SleepyCat – Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress- Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress in India

best mattress in india 2021, SleepyCat Mattress Review

SleepyCatOrthopedic Gel memory foam mattress comes with a six-inch size and one of the best orthopedic mattress in India. It uses a gel memory foam as the primary material and high-density support foam.

The cooling gems of this mattress are suitable for controlling the body temperature all through the summer. The mattress also furnishes weight calming sleeping solutions which provide excellent support to your back and eliminates backaches.

The high-density foam of this mattress is perfect for offering firmness, durability and proper configuration. Its inner netted cover is responsible for providing adequate airflow during your sleep. On the other hand, the outer covering of this mattress furnishes a high GSM fabric for additional relief and suppleness to you during a slumber.

You can enjoy a 30 nights free exchange trial and if you do not like then return to the manufacturer. The SleepyCat gel memory foam mattress is apposite for people with back pains and suits every age.

The SleepyCat mattress is of six-inch thickness and houses five layers for better comfort and relaxation. It comes with a base layer, netted covers, memory foam as well as orthopedic gel.

Due to its non-motion transfer feature, it is also suitable for sleeping with your partner and won’t feel any disturbance due to the movement during sleep. The Sleepycat mattress comes with ten years warranty, and you can claim in case of any damage during that period.

Key Features

  • Thick and high-quality memory foam for additional comfort
  • Perfect for eliminating back pains
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Excellent cooling gems for controlling temperature
  • Weight calming sleeping solutions
  • High-density foam for durability and proper structure
  • High GSM fabric for flexibility
  • Five layers for better comfort
  • Easy to carry
  • 30 days trial period
  • 10 years manufacturing warranty

Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead Mattress Review, Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

The Sleepyhead 3 Layered orthopedic memory foam mattress comes with luxury and smoothness for a night of better sleep. Wirth this orthopedic foam mattress you will experience enhanced support and firmness for sure.

Sleepyhead orthopedic foam mattress furnishes high quality memory foam, which is suitable for relaxing your pressure points and keeping your spine alignment in shape. The mattress from Sleepyhead houses BIS certification. Hence you can expect its quality and performance. For eliminating all health-related issues, you can go with this mattress.

The multi-layers of this mattress are capable of releasing the pressure because of good quality memory foam. It also perfect for providing orthopedic support to persons with severe back pain.

It comes with layers of memory foam as well as springy breathable foam. The mattress provides much-needed bounce and steadiness during asleep. If you are looking for a foam mattress which can offer you the firmness, bounce and thickness at the same time, then Sleepyhead 3 layered orthopedic foam mattress is the best choice for you.

The mattress guarantees good quality and comfortable sleep and suits everybody types. One of the best thing about this orthopedic mattress is it’s 100 days free trial. With this option, you can use and check comfort and sleeping experience for 100 days. Accounting to that you can invest in this mattress.

Sleepyhead 3 layered foam mattress comes with a warranty of ten years and 100 days money-back trial.

Key Features

  • Good quality memory foam
  • Medium-firm impression
  • Perfect for pressure relief and spine alignment
  • BIS certification
  • Multi-layer with a combination of memory foam and springy breathable foam
  • 100 days money-back trial
  • Five years warranty on the product

Peps Spring KoilBonnell 6-inch Single Size Spring Mattress- Best Spring Mattress in India

Top Mattress in India

If you like to experience a fresh morning with a spring mattress along with an affordable price then Preps Spring KoilBonnell six-inch single size mattress is the best choice.

It comes with a flexible core and provides excellent support for your back and take your body shape for a longer time. It also furnishes enhanced support with soft fabric and pillow top.

The Peps Mattress comes with a top layer of memory foam, which improves the blood circulation of your body during sleep and relieves the stress. The second layer houses re-bonded foam that offers proper firm support.

The core of this mattress furnishes Bonnell springs with an hourglass shape forms an interconnected spring unit offers excellent spine support and proper weight distribution.

Preps spring mattress comes with a thickness of six-inch and available in different sizes. You can customize the mattress as per your requirements.

The PU foam of this mattress provides a soft feeling and comes with a colourful feature. Here the springs are locked with spiral or technology to keep the mattress in proper shape.

The edge of this mattress furnishes super edge plus technology which keep it durable in the long run. For ample, comfort the felt of this mattress comes with 0] protection with polyurethane foam.

Preps Spring Bonnell mattress is an excellent combination of elegance and compactness. You can keep it on the constraint places and take the advantages of its flexibility to fold it any time.

For optimum support, it houses integrated springs and promises a long-lasting feature. The mattress comes with a five-year warranty and guarantees a good night sleep.

Key Features

  • Flexible core and eliminates back pain
  • Good support to your body
  • More resilient as compared to other mattresses
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Maximum comfort
  • Steel Bonnell springs
  • PU foam for comfort
  • Extra pillows

Springtek Aspire Orthopaedic Memory & HR Foam Dual Comfort 6 inches Queen Size Mattress

Springtek Aspire Orthopaedic Memory & HR Foam Dual Comfort 6 inches Queen Size Mattress

The Springtek Aspire Orthopedic memory and HR foam dual comfort queen size mattress is perfect for side sleepers. It is made of memory foam and high resilience foam.

SpringTek Aspire comes with a dimension of 198.12 cm length, 182.88 cm width and a height of 15.24 cm. The orthopedic mattress provides a medium comfort level and affordable.

One side of this mattress furnishes memory foam ortho support, whereas the other side houses high resilience support and serve your dual requirement.

The latest technology of this mattress offers good back support and allow you-joy deep sleep without any technology and offers a warranty period of 25 years.

Key Features

  • Dual comfort
  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Blend of memory foam and high resilience foam
  • Medium comfort level
  • Memory foam ortho support
  • Warranty period of 25 years

Solimo Memory Foam Single Size Mattress- Best Mattress in India

Best Mattress in India

Solimo, a mattress brand of Amazon which comes with a wide range of mattress which furnishes premium quality and good value. The Solimo memory foam single size mattress offers a comfortable sleep as well as a delightful experience being on it anytime of the day.

The single mattress is suitable for individual users and useful for saving much space in your bedroom. It is a medium soft mattress made of high-density memory foam and takes the shape of your body. It also gives ample support to your body weight.

Solimo Mattress houses five distinct layers such as

  • The top layer- Knitted fabric top
  • Second layer- memory foam comfort layer
  • Third layer- soft foam transition layer
  • Fourth layer- HR foam support layer
  • Fifth layer- Anti-skid fabric

A Solimo mattress undergoes a thorough quality check, required improvements during its manufacturing process to provide the best experience to the users. The mattress from Amazon family comes with an equal softness on both sides.

You can use either side as per your need. Still, it is always good to use one side of the mattress up to three months for a better experience.

The mattress ensures quality design and a night of comfortable sleep all through the night.

It is one of the best mattresses that provides excellent support to your back and keeps it painless all the time. Its superior density foam guarantees an ergonomic sleep and increases the softness because of Belgian Jacquard woven fabric on the top as well bottom of the mattress.

To make it durable the mattress go through fifty quality checks. Hence you can be assured on its safety, quality and performance criteria. The mattress comes with a five-year limited warranty and will be a long-lasting add-on for your bedroom for sure.

If you are looking for a freshening morning, then go with Solimo memory foam single mattress. It is an excellent combination of natural coir and bonded foam that eliminates your backaches and uphold your body weight.

Key Features

  • High-density memory foam
  • Five distinct layer
  • Equal softness on both side of the mattress
  • Supports your back and painless throughout your sleep
  • Ensures ergonomic sleep due to superior density foam
  • Belgian Jacquard woven fabric on each side of the mattress
  • Blend of natural coir and bonded foam
  • Durable and comes with five years warranty

 Comforto Duplex  Firm and Soft Dual Comfort Mattress 

Comforto Duplex Firm and Soft Dual Comfort Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress which can offer you dual comfort then put an end to your search and go with Comforto Duplex firm and soft dual comfort mattress.

The mattress is a perfect combination of quality and budget and ideal for people with backaches and whoever likes to get ample relaxation during sleep.

One side of the mattress furnishes dense support foam and offers firmness. The other side of the mattress houses thick, soft foam to make the softer side of the mattress. Altogether the mattress from Comforto offers a luxurious and excellency.

The good quality material makes this mattress a durable one and makes it one of the best choices among the users. The outer shape of this mattress furnishes smooth edges which offer a premium look.

The thickness of this mattress varies from four inches to six inches, and you can also customize the same as per your requirements. In terms of the warranty, the company offer 11 years, out of which first two years covers the full warranty, and for the rest, you will get a pro-rated warranty.

Comforto Dual Foam Mattress will give you the freedom to choose between soft and firm comfort feel. One side of the mattress is medium-soft while the other side is medium firm. With this mattress, you don’t have to worry about choosing the firmness level before ordering.

Key Features

  • Good quality material
  • Dual comfort
  • Suitable for every age group
  • Eliminates back pains and aches
  • Durable
  • Furnishes smooth edges which offers a premium look
  • Comes with a warranty period of 11 years

Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress

Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress, Best Bed mattress

Flo Ergo Gel memory foam mattress is the best choice for the users who do not want to disturb their sleep at any time of the day. The aloe Vera gel-filled memory foam mattress provides supreme comfort.

The ergo design of this mattress works as a stress eliminator and prevents back pain along with proper spine alignments. Due to propriety foam in this mattress, it is quite easy to maintain your body weight throughout your sleep. It also removes your fatigue for a good quality sleep.

The aloe Vera gel provides additional security offers freshness to your skin, and you can enjoy intense sleep without any interruption. The mattress comes with different sizes, and you can also customize it according to your requirement.

Another feature which attracts the users is its zero partner disturbances. Hence your sleep cannot be disturbed due to the movement of your partner. The mattress also distributes your body temperature evenly.

If you are striving for a healthy sleep after hectic office work, then this is a good investment for sure. The foam mattress comes with dual variety and guarantees uniformity with its propriety foam as well as a temperature-sensitive functionality. It regulates your body temperature according to the user’s body weight.
The second variety of satisfies orthopaedic feature and suits people with back issues. The Flo Ergo memory foam mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years along with the 100-night free trial.

Key Features

  • Supreme comfort due to aloe vera gel-filled memory foam
  • Ergo design for eliminating stress and backaches
  • Propriety foam for withstanding the bodyweight
  • Complete freshness and quality sleep due to Aloe vera gel
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Dual variety mattress, memory foam and orthopedic
  • 100 nights free trial
  • 10 years warranty

Durfi Single Cotton Candy Memory Foam Mattress

Durfi Single Cotton Candy Memory Foam Mattress, Best Bed Mattress in India 2021

Durfi is new in this segment of business and houses a wide range of mattresses and sleep accessories. It is a perfect example of Make In India initiative, and you can customize the mattress from Durfi according to your own need.

It is based in the capital Delhi along with manufacturing units in Haridwar, Meerut and Coimbatore. It is known as one of the best Mattress in India, which allows people to sleep better and experience superior comfort.

The Durfi single cotton candy memory foam mattress is all about relaxation and class. The cotton candy memory foam is equipped with the best and latest technology to provide you excellent sleeping experience.

The memory foam of Durfi cotton candy is highly responsive and furnishes a resilience comfort layer along with innovative airflow technology for proper air circulation.

The base layer of this mattress is utmost solid and made of Re-Active foam that offers firm support to the mattress. It also protects the mattress from sagging and makes it long-lasting.

The base fabric of Durfi cotton candy is a hundred per cent organic cotton and houses excellent protection against dust mite and microbial due to hypoallergenic grade 400 GSM.
It is suitable for every age of people and manufactured according to the global standard to furnish a wider requirement.

Key Features

  • Highly responsive memory foam
  • Hundred per cent organic cotton
  • Hypoallergenic grade 400 GSM
  • Meets the global standard of manufacturing
  • Resilience comfort layer
  • Innovative airflow technology
  • Re-Active foam for firm support

Sleepyhead Sense – 3 Zoned Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead Sense - 3 Zoned Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead Sense 3 Zoned orthopaedic PCM cooling foam mattress is for three-zone orthopaedic support. It includes support to your body as well as your other pressure points and spine.

Furthermore, due to its multi-layer body support feature, it is suitable for all types of body. Sleepyhead Sense is made of cooling foam, memory foam, comfort layer and an extra layer for superior comfort. You can experience ultimate comfort and good quality sleep with this for sure.

The PCM technology known as Phase-change Cooling is remarkable in taking and distributing your body heat for retaining the temperature at a minimum level during your sleep. Hence the foam is excellent in regulating the temperature of the mattress concerning your body temperature and outside temperature.

The high-density foam of this mattress is suitable for back support and maintaining the firmness, whereas the memory foam adapts your sleeping position.

Sleepyhead Sense mattress comes with a zipper cover which protects the mattress, and it is quite easy for removing and cleaning. The mattress comes with an option of a hundred days trial period along with 1o years warranty.

Key Features

  • Phase changing material technology for temperature regulation
  • Excellent pressure relief due to responsive memory foam
  • Exceptional air circulation
  • Three zoned orthopedic support
  • Premium quality fabric
  • Multi-layer support
  • ten days replacement option
  • 100 nights free trial
  • ten years warranty

Wake UP Pocket Spring Mattress

Emma Mattress India Review

Wake Up pocket spring is a comfortable mattress which offers luxurious sleeping option. Wake up pocket spring mattress is comparatively better than other types of mattress available in the market due to its additional comfort and support.

It correctly holds your body and offers a restful sleep every time. It also retains your bodyweight uniformly on the mattress and accommodates your each body part on the surface.

Each of its spring is layers in pockets which offers no disturbance while sleeping with your partner. The HD quality springs are not quite firm and come with a softer feature which is perfect for regular use.

Another benefit of pocket spring is its open spring construction which does not release heat and guarantees the proper circulation of air throughout your sleep. Due to individual spring action, it also furnishes a longer life.

Key Features

  • No disturbance technology
  • Additional comfort
  • Retains your body weight
  • HD quality spring
  • Open spring construction
  • Individual spring action

Cloth Fusion Fruton 2nd Gen 6 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress for Single Size Bed

The Cloth Fusion is a Delhi based mattress manufacturing company which offers a wide range of options in terms of mattresses, protectors, pillows, bed sheets, to name a few.

It is one of the best memory foam mattresses in India, which houses gel granules inside the memory foam to provide you with a cooling feature during sleep. It is also certified by CetriPUR-US.

The mattress from Cloth Fusion is made of polyfoam comfort layer and suitable for keeping your body densely and for aligning your spine for relieving the pressure points. It houses a thick core layer for high-end support to the users, and its high-density polyfoam helps for maintaining a uniform sleeping surface.

You will not feel the warmness at all with this type of memory foam mattress.

Fruton memory foam mattress comes with a lower price, which makes it one of the best choice. It is also a noise-free mattress, which is a perfect choice for people who do not like any kind of disturbance during their sleep.

The SUCCOR foam of this mattress responds positively to your body weight and shape and offers much-needed comfort. The certification from CertiPUR-US guarantees durability and quality.

The gel-infused memory foam of this mattress ensures even distribution of heat and a cooling effect throughout your sleep. It also perfectly aerated to enhance the airflow as well as for maintaining the sleeping temperature.

The medium-firm mattress comes with a thirty days risk-free trial period and a warranty of 10 years.

Key Features

  • Gel granules inside the memory foam
  • CertiPUR certification
  • Evenly distribution of heat
  • Enhanced airflow
  • Noise-free
  • Flat sleeping surface due to high-density polyfoam
  • Thick core layer for adequate support
  • ten years warranty and thirty days trial period

Duroflex Back Magic – 5 Zoned Orthopaedic High-Density Coir Mattress

Best Coir Mattress in India

The Duroflex Back Magic 5 Zoned Orthopedic high-density coir mattress comes with high-density coir and rebounded foam layer. The mattress furnishes complete body support, 5 zoned orthopedic support layer and approval of National Health Academy.

It is also one of the most recommended orthopedic mattresses by the popular orthopedists. The back magic mattress is just for you if you are suffering backaches and pain in the spine during your sleep.

The blue-coloured mattress offers excellent support to the five crucial zones of your body along with spinal alignment. Its rebounded foam and ortho foam are suitable for delightful support.

The high density rubberized coir and bonded foam are appropriate for your complete spinal support and alignment. Its top resilient foam quilt provides much-needed comfort and supports your body weight as well as back and neck part.

The back magic high-density coir mattress comes with beautiful embroidery work and cooling effect for offering complete relaxation.

Duroflex offers seven years warranty on the product, and you can also consult with its customer care for better knowledge learning and clarifying specific issues.

Key Features

  • High-density coir
  • Rebounded foam layer
  • 5 zones orthopaedic support layer
  • Suitable for spinal support and alignment
  • Resilient foam appropriate for back support
  • Beautiful embroidery work on the top
  • Comes with seven years warranty

How to Buy the Best Mattress in India

Picking the best mattress for you can be a bit confusing. But when you consider how much time you will spend sleeping on it, how important is that investment? How well your body will support depends a lot upon how comfortable your mattress is. If you want to sleep better and stay healthy longer, do some research and let us help you with the how-to.

There are two main types of mattresses: innerspring & memory foam, each having its own advantages. How long they last – check out how old this is! Innerspring last 15-20 years while memory foam may only last ten years; which one should I choose – check our buying guide below for details; what’s the best way to find the right mattress for me – how to choose a mattress? How much is that going to cost you and how can you get it at a discount – if you’re looking for a deal, read our guide below also.

Four Different Type of Mattresses in India 

The eight types of mattresses are categorized according to density and responsiveness. This is important because it helps you pick the right mattress for your sleeping needs and preferences and your budget.

These Different Types of Mattresses include:

1. Memory Foam Mattress:

The memory foam mattress is the most famous type of mattress today. Memory foam mattresses are well known for their pressure-relieving sleep surface as well as being temperature-sensitive and conforming to your body’s weight and shape. Memory Foam Mattress looks like a block of sponge hence its name, Memory Foam. Memory foam reduces pressure points by distributing the weight evenly over its entire body. A memory foam mattress is a good choice for those who have back problems as it supports the spine and reduces pain while sleeping.

Memory foam mattress contains millions of small pockets that react to your body’s temperature by conforming to your heat. Memory Foam Mattress absorbs sounds, doesn’t create noise, and assists in better breathing during sleep. Memory foam Mattress is available with Latex, Memory Foam, and Pocketed Coil spring systems. Memory foam Mattress has a five-year warranty against defectives. It does not lose its buoyancy as it is temperature-sensitive. Memory Foam Mattress also has a cover of either cotton or wool and can be washed. Memory Foam prevents stress on the neck and spine while sleeping as it assists the body in maintaining a natural alignment position during sleep.

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Memory Foam Mattress is constructed of thick layers of Memory Foam which are wrapped in rayon fabric, giving Memory Foam mattresses an appearance similar to that of a conventional mattress. Memory Foam provides excellent support for the body and will contour to the shape of your body while providing pressure relief.

Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Memory Foam mattresses are heavier than the traditional spring, latex, or water mattress. Memory Foam does not have any bounce when getting into and out of bed; you don’t get that “bounce” feeling that most people are accustomed to. Memory Foam is more costly than the average mattress but will last longer and is a more durable long-term investment.

2. Latex Mattress

Latex is a natural product that comes from rubber or the sap of certain trees. Latex has interesting properties, including being hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and resistant to dust mites. Latex mattresses feel very much like memory foam but are less expensive than memory foam. Latex is also more durable (on average) than memory foam and is more resistant to pressure point indentation than memory foam. Latex Mattress

Products made with 100% latex or latex blended with other materials are available. Latex offers a wide range of mattress options, from the very soft to the firm and in between. Latex mattresses are available in many different styles, including standard bed frames, adjustable foundations, and also in other shapes such as the Latex Pillow (Latex Pillow). Latex is a fairly dense material compared to memory foam and can be used with Latex Topper for additional softness.

Latex mattresses tend to have less springiness than memory foam, meaning that you sink into the bed rather than bounce back as you do with memory foam. Latex is also hypoallergenic (Latex Mattress) resistant to dust mites and offers exceptional support for a very wide range of body types. Latex is also often recommended to have a greater cooling effect than other materials because it keeps the air around you continually moving as your body moves all night long. Latex mattresses can be made with many different firmness levels.

Advantages Of Latex mattress

Latex contains natural properties which have been used for centuries as an excellent material, and Latex foam has supported and protected the human body for almost 100 years. Latex mattresses are always springy, and latex is the only material that has ever been proven to provide beneficial support throughout it.

Disadvantages Of Latex Mattress

The latex mattress is not recommended for people who have allergic reactions.

3. Spring Mattress

Spring Mattress is one of the most selling mattresses in India; this kind of mattress is loved by children and youth. Spring mattresses are suitable for heavy people. Spring mattress is one of the most recommended mattresses for senior citizens. Spring mattresses are durable and easy to maintain. Spring Mattress, also called Pocket Spring Mattress or Bonnell Spring Mattress it contains multiple spring coils in between a layer of fabric that provides comfort and support.

How Spring Mattress Works?

Spring mattresses contain many springs which criss-cross each other under layers of memory foam; they provide excellent comfort and support via their unique style of conforming movement. The springs exert forces along every axis in response to pressure applied by a sleeper’s body mass. This allows flexible motion while supporting your weight evenly across your entire body, relieving pressure from sensitive areas like the shoulders, lower back, and hips.

Advantages Of Spring Mattress

1. It provides support for your body during sleep, like a uniform surface with no lump or depression.

2. Memory Foam Mattress is the best mattress in every way as they are hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and fire retardant.

3. There is no motion transfer between partners when sleeping on a separate spring mattress.

Disadvantages Of Spring Mattress

1. Spring Mattresses absorb moisture, which compromises the quality and longevity of your mattress. Additionally, when partnered with a foam or latex layer, it may lead to an overly soft sleeping surface.

2. The metal coils can be uncomfortable at times due to different allergies that may not allow comfortable sleep.

4. Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is a multi-layered mattress combining two or more different components that together create a mattress that currently does not exist. Hybrid mattresses are designed to be firm, soft, conforming, and provide pressure relief for the best night’s sleep possible. Hybrid Mattress is usually created from combining memory foam with an innerspring coil system to allow for a comfortable support structure with the feel of memory foam, but being able to negotiate this structure as one fluid unit.

In addition, Hybrid Mattress has natural latex materials. Memory Foam responds to your body temperature, so it molds itself around you, providing deep cushioning and support that will conform specifically to your own shape. This means you can move freely through the night without disturbing your partner who is sleeping on his or her side of the bed.

Advantages Of Hybrid Mattress

  1. Hybrid mattresses are cooler as compared to others.
  2. They are light in weight, so they can be easily transported.
  3. The natural latex material used in it makes it more durable compared to others.
  4. As it is made of viscoelastic materials, Hybrid mattresses are resilient and soft, but with the amazing support that Gel Memory Foam mattress has.

Disadvantages Of Hybrid Mattress

  1. it is expansive as compared to others

Best mattress brands in India 2021

These are most popular and top 10 mattresses brands in India 2021

1. Wakefit Mattress:

Wakefit Mattress offers a wide range of mattresses online. Their selection ranges from Memory Foam, Innerspring, and Adjustable Bases.

2. Sleepwell Mattress:

Sleepwell offers affordable and highly comfortable mattresses for you to enjoy a truly peaceful night’s sleep.

3. Emma Mattress:

All of our mattresses are made from the highest quality foam – European soft & firm. Emma mattress set is a great choice for your home, whether you are an adult or a child.

4. Peps Mattress:

Peps Mattress began as a revolutionary mattress store, selling only one type of mattress. Today, Peps is a high-quality mattress brand selling a wide assortment of mattresses.

5. KurlOn Mattress:

Kurlon Mattress is a new generation of mattresses with an advanced patented technology that delivers a complete sleep solution to all Indians.

6. SleepyCat Mattress:

SleepyCat Mattress gives you custom-made mattresses with the perfect firmness customized to your body’s needs.

7. The Sleep Company Mattress:

The Sleep Company is committed to giving you better sleep, by continually improving our mattresses. From research and development to design and manufacturing, we take quality seriously. We offer a lifetime money-back warranty and accept all returns within one year of purchase

8. Sunday Mattress:

Sunday Mattress provides high quality, top-rated mattresses online, And they never run any discounts. They provide outstanding services to their customers along with affordable prices and quality products.

9. Saatva Mattress:

The Saatva Mattress is built with quality materials at a fair price. Unlike most bed companies who sell cheap beds and expensive accessories, we deliver a complete package for you and we never pressure our customers into buying add-ons that they

10. Sealy Mattress:

Sealy Mattress is a leading provider of mattresses, foundations, pillows, adjustable beds and airbeds, all with the commitment to comfort and quality sleep.

How to Choose Best Mattress in India 2021-2022


An ideal mattress provides you with the newness every morning and grooms you for a great day. For this reason, a mattress is an essential investment, but buying the same is not that easy.

Hence you have to watch out for its durability, warranty period, quality of material used along with latest technologies before finalizing the best one. This article allows you to make a comparison among the most excellent mattresses available in the market and choose the best according to your need.

We do pick Solimo memory foam single size mattress as the best due to its five distinct layer and a combination of natural coir and bonded foam. It also furnishes high-density memory foam and supports your back and keep it painless all through the night.

The mattress also ensures an ergonomic sleep and the Belgian Jacquard woven fabric on each side of the mattress offers a premium look. You can invest in this highly durable mattress which comes with a warranty of five years.

We hope this article will help you in making a worthy investment.

10 Most Common Question Asked By Our Readers

Which type of mattress is best?

If we consider customer satisfaction and quality then memory foam type of mattress is the best type of mattress. As I am writing this article I read a report which says that it is proven by 90% of customers who have used this mattress.

Which is better Duroflex or Kurlon?

While both Duroflex and Kurlon mattress have a number of positive reviews, it is easy to see why many consumers feel that Kurlon mattresses are a better choice. The real question is – which one of these top rated mattresses should you choose? There are a lot of factors that determine the right choice for your needs. However, it is possible to make a good decision based on our detailed reviews.

Which is better coil or spring mattress?

Innerspring mattresses have a more generalized support system, while a pocket spring mattress can shape itself to your body more easily. This may be better for people who have back problems. Both types of spring mattresses are very durable .

How do I choose a mattress in India?

You should buy the mattress according to your preferences. Because what is good for one person may not be good for the other person. For example, I am generally a back sleeper. That is why my choice was a medium firmness mattress. Also, I don’t like sleeping on the bed with multiple pillows or extra comforters.

Which is better Kurlon or Peps?

Both mattresses are great, but if you’re looking for a Bonnell Spring mattress I highly recommend the Kurlon mattress. I’ve tested both and I can say that it offers better sleep quality than the Peps.

Which type of Kurlon mattress is best

Kurlon Relish Mattress is one of the best mattress from Kurlon mattress. Both of single and double beds are available in Kurlon Relish. You can easily use it according to your choice. It has a different comfort system which gives you extra comfort during sleeping.

Is Sleepwell a good brand?

Yes, Sleepwell is a good brand. It’s one sure way to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. It helps you relax and enjoy a peaceful sleep without worry.

Which type of bed is good for sleeping in India?

Many people buy a new bed for an added comfort but you don’t know the right mattress. The Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress is one of the great choices for sleeping in India as it is one of the comfortable and fine quality mattress available in the market giving you a much better sleep at night.

Which mattresses are good for health?

If you’re looking for overall the best option for your health, latex foam mattresses are suitable for your respiratory system, skin, and your overall health. Since they prevent dust mites, mold spores and other allergens from entering the air breathed in by you and your family while you sleep. Latex is made out of natural materials that control your body temperature without overheating or rashes. These are just some of the reasons why I recommend that you buy a latex mattress if you’re looking to get healthy mattress options.

Which mattress is best for back pain in India?

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho Mattress will better choice if you are looking for mattress for your back pain. Well, the reason of such statement is basically this mattress is using patented smartgrid technology to evenly distribute weight throughout the surface of mattress offering firm support and comfort.

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