Best Spin Mops in India 2021 (By Top 10 Brands)

Mopping the floor the traditional way was inappropriate and physically incorrect as it could give you knee pains and back issues as well. Have you ever wondered when you have mopped the floor for long, why does your back hurt or your joints hurt? Well! Mopping is a boon but the traditional way was a curse as well.

Thanks to the latest technology we have better and safer ways to clean the floor that will keep us safe from the upcoming diseases from the corners that were left dirty.


What are the Best Spin Mops in India 2023?

Always remember—the cleaner the mop, the better are the chances of having a germ free floor. Let’s find out some of the best mops in India and transform into an upgraded mopping experience.

Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop:

Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop

Scotch-Brite is one of the most trusted brands by moms. They have been able to provide new and upcoming tools to make our lives better. Scotch-Brite is a brand under the parent company called 3M. Scotch-Brite has been providing our household equipment since 1950 and they have been serving people with great products. They have been upgrading themselves with the upcoming demands from their potential customers and clients.

Scotch-Brite has come up with a mop, this mop is designed to make life better and easier for people who hate mopping. The jumper mop is 2.5kg in weight which makes it lightweight and easy to carry. It comes with a bucket that cleans and dries the mop all at once when you’re mopping the floor hence you don’t have to worry about the water spills from the bucket. The mop rotates 360 degrees that help you reach all the corners and areas where you can reach easily. It comes with a strong and durable material which makes it long-lasting.


  • 2.5kg in weight
  • Comes with a bucket
  • Mop rotates 360 degrees
  • Durable material for longer use

What we like: 

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Mop rotates 360 degrees which can help you reach those difficult corners


  • No colour options to choose from


Spotzero By Milton Ace Spin Mop Cleaner: 

Spotzero By Milton Ace Spin Mop cleaner

We all know Milton from our childhood school break when we used to open our Milton tiffin box and water bottle! Milton was established in the year 1970 and has over 55,000 retailers across the country. Once they established trust among Indian customers they successfully started delivering across 60 countries.

Spotzero by Milton spin mop cleaner has a microfiber cloth which is super absorbent and helps you clean your floor with minimum effort. The mop is non-abrasive and lint-free hence the mop remains fluffy throughout and when you sweep the floor the mop is scratch-proof. It is accompanied by a twin bucket one used for cleaning the mop and the other used for drying the mop. It has a 360-degree rotation that helps in cleaning the tough spots and places without letting you bend. Isn’t that great!


  • Spinning mop head
  • 360-degree mop handle
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • 2 microfiber refill
  • Maximum water-absorbent
  • Non-abrasive, lint-free
  • Covers large surface areas

What we like: 

  • Spinning mop head which allows you to give a cleaner floor
  • Non-abrasive, lint-free so that the mop lasts longer
  • Cleans and covers a larger surface area

 Our Concerns: 

  • The spinner may get stuck in the longer run


Gala e-Quick Spin Mop: 

Gala e-Quick Spin Mop

Gala is a manufacturing and distribution company for cleaning equipment in India. They have been serving the market and taking hold of the market since 1986. It comes from the parent company called Freudenberg. Gala has been one of the pioneers in making household equipment.

Gala e-Quick Spin Mop comes in blue colour with a separate dryer. It helps in cleaning the mop and dry it before you sweep the floor. The mop has a bendable, 360-degree rotation that helps you reach out to those difficult spots. It comes with an expandable handle and a puller that helps you get maximum comfort. With a super-absorbent capacity, it can provide you with superior cleaning performance. It has got the built-in wheels and puller for easy transportation and has a sturdy, firm grip at the handle. It comes with 2 white microfibre spin mop refills.


  • Bendable and 360-degree rotation
  • The built-in wheels and puller
  • A sturdy, firm grip at the handle
  • Comes with 2 white microfibre spin mop refills
  •  A separate dryer for the mop

What we like: 

  • 2 microfibre spin mop refills for your backup
  • Super absorbent which helps you clean a larger area in one rinse

Our Concerns: 

  • Need storage space


Hugo Bucket Spin Double Drive Microfibre Mop: 

Hugo Bucket Spin Double Drive Microfibre Mop

Hugo bucket spin double drive microfibre mop is designed to save time and effort leaving behind the germ-free clean floor. It can be widely used on wooden floors, tiles, marble floors and granite. It is designed to provide more convenience and can be stored without taking up much space.

Hugo mop has a 360-degree rotation that helps you get a cleaner floor and a swifter movement. It has double drive transmission which helps to wring the mop easily and without any effort. It has a drainage process that helps you drain the dirty water easily from the bucket and saves time as well. It can be easily pulled and carried easily without much trouble. The bucket comes with a water bottle that helps you clean the mop more frequently than ever.


  • 360-degree floor cleaning
  • Convenient handle that is used to carry the basket
  • Easy water draining from the bucket
  • A bottle that is used to clean the mop frequently
  • The basket has wheels at the bottom
  • It comes with 4 mop refills and 1 extra handle

What we like: 

  • Easy water draining from the bucket so that you don’t have to bend more often
  • It comes with extra mop refills and a handle that can be used for a longer run

 Our Concerns:

  • Not good quality


Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Magic:

Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Magic

Prestige has been in the market for more than 50 years. It has successfully gained trust among its customers. Some of the products they offer are kitchen appliances, cleaning solutions, small appliances, etc. They have been more popular when it comes to kitchen appliances.

Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Magic is a mop that comes with a twin bucket that helps you clean the mop in one bucket and rinse the mop in the other bucket. It is available in dual shade blue and white. It has a capacity of 5 litres, two mop heads to keep you all backed up. It has a 6 months warranty so that in case something goes wrong you can always get it fixed. It can be used on various kinds of the floor like wooden, granite, marble, tile, mosaic. It has a 360-degree stainless steel spinner that helps you reach all those spots that you can’t reach and the steel rod helps you with easy movements.


  • Light and Durable
  • High absorbing quality
  • Steel rod for easy movement
  • 360-degree stainless steel spinner
  • 2 microfiber heads
  • Solution dispenser
  • Pulling handles and wheels

What we like: 

  • 360-degree stainless steel spinner to reach those difficult spots
  • High absorbing quality so that it can clean as much as it can in one stroke

Our Concerns: 

  • The handle might not be of that much use


Esquire Elegant Spin Plastic Mop: 

Esquire Elegant Spin Plastic Best Mop In india

This made in India mop comes in one colour and has a unique function for optimum use and durability for a longer run. It works if you unlock the mop when you are not using the mop and lock the mop when you are using cause this allows you to keep the working as you bought it today! Unlocking the mop stops it from moving when it is in the bucket. It comes with a twin bucket one helps in cleaning the mop the other helps in rinsing the mop.

This mop helps in cleaning the floor with minimum effort and maximum result as it is flexible and can reach all those difficult corners for a more germ-free space. It has a long stainless steel rod and the mop head has a microfibre which has super absorbent capacity.


  • A unique function for optimum use
  • Microfibre with super absorbent capacity
  • Long stainless steel rod
  • One extra mop refill

What we like: 

  • You have to lock the mop so that it can be used for a longer run
  • The mop head has microfibre with super absorbent capacity
  • Has a 360-degree rotation for better floor cleaning

 Our Concerns:

  • Don’t have a good quality plastic


Holme’s Mop with Bucket With 2 Mop Heads:

Holme’s Mop with Bucket With 2 Mop Heads

Holme’s mop is also known as the magic mop. It is a very promising mop as it has high-quality material and is very efficient on cleaning the floor. You are saved with all the mess that is created by the traditional way of mopping. It is spill-free, shock-free and damage-free. The mop head has super absorbent microfibre which helps in cleaning major areas in just one stroke.

With the super spin system, the mop can be cleaned and rinsed in no time and effort. The mop is designed smartly so that you don’t have to bend every time you mop. Unlike other products, this product comes in various colour options. And along with that, you get two mop refills.


  • 360-degree movement for better floor cleaning
  • Super absorbent mop that helps you in cleaning maximum areas
  • Two additional mop head refills
  • Wheels at the bottom to move better

What we like: 

  • Comes in various colours to provide you with better options
  • Super absorbent mop that helps you in cleaning maximum areas
  • Two additional mop head refills

 Our Concerns:

  • The quality of the bucket could have been better


Cello Kleeno Ultra Clean Spin Mop:

Cello Kleeno Ultra Clean Spin Mop

Cello was established in 1967. They have been in the market since then expanding their product lines and building their trust with their customers and have around half a million retailers globally. They believe in exhibiting honesty and integrity at all times with their customers.

The mop comes in one colour purple and one bucket that does two jobs at a time that is cleaning and rinsing. This helps you clean the floor without any effort or spills on the floor. The turbine type of cleaning helps the job being done easier and faster. It comes with a high-speed cleaning and drying plus it has a high dehydration rate as well. Comes with two mop heads. The functioning is quite easy, push the mop for cleaning and pull the mop for drying when in the bucket.


  • Turbine type cleaning
  • A high dehydration rate
  • Comes with two mop heads
  • Easy functioning with cleaning and drying
  • Comes in purple colour
  • Stainless steel rod

What we like: 

  • Turbine type cleaning for better result
  • Easy functioning for everyone to work with it eventually

 Our Concerns:

  • Comes in purple colour


Wotra Plastic 360 Degree Quick and Spin Easy Magic Cleaning Mop:

Wotra Plastic 360 Degree Quick and Spin Easy Magic Cleaning Mop

This twin bucket mop has a capacity of 7.2 litres. It cleans the mop in one bucket and rinses the mop in another bucket. It has a long stainless steel rod that is adjustable according to your needs hence it helps you reach the heights and clean them real good. It has 360-degree rotation which makes it perfect for all kinds of stains and spills.

You don’t have to worry about spills while mopping the floor as it is very easy to use and does not increase your workload by creating more mess. It has got 4 cm thick microfibre which is super absorbent


  • The bucket has a capacity of 7.2 litres
  • A long adjustable stainless steel rod
  • 4 cm thick super-absorbent microfibre
  • 360-degree mop head rotation

What we like: 

  • A long adjustable stainless steel rod so that you can reach the heights of your furniture to clean them
  • Super water-absorbent mop head and is environment friendly
  • Can be used on wooden flooring, granite, tiles, marbles
  • Comes with twin bucket with a capacity of 7.2 litres

 Our Concerns:

  • No colour variant


Smile Mom Aluminium Spray Mop:

Best Mop in India

This is a very convenient and effortless mop that has a stainless steel rod for durability and better grip when cleaning rough spots. It can be used when the mop is dry and wet as the microfibres are super absorbent and they give maximum result in any way used. Talking about mop heads it has a 360-degree movement that helps in cleaning better.

The mop can be angled from 45-degree to 180-degree so that you can clean under the furniture to the top of the refrigerator. No need to worry about shocks, spills or damage it is designed to provide maximum satisfaction. The mop was designed in Italy and assembled in India.


  • A 360-degree movement that helps in cleaning better
  • Can be used when the mop is dry and wet
  • Designed in Italy and assembled in India
  • Can be angled from 45-degree to 180-degree
  • The mop head has microfibres are super absorbent

What we like: 

  • A multi-purpose mop that can be used for any kind of spill
  • Very flexible as it can go up to 180-degree to reach those difficult spots
  • Mop head is made of super-absorbent microfibres that help in covering the maximum area in one stroke

 Our Concerns:

  • The quality of the mop is not that good


Buyer’s Guide:

Different types of mops: 

Based on nature and design, cleaning mops are categorized into four different groups – flat, rag, steam and string. Let’s find out what they are and how they can be useful.

Rag Mops: 

These cleaning mops are made up of long loops of rag or cloth strips. They are very absorbent and fluffy. They are very helpful in reaching hard corners. But they have not been durable.

String Mops:

Simple long circled cotton strings make up the cleaning heads in string mops. These are valuable for cleaning huge spills and can be effortlessly washed after utilize. String mops are the foremost conventional sorts of mops and effortlessly accessible. These can be of diverse sorts – cut conclusion mops (cheap and short-lived), circled conclusion mops (more solid, more retentive) and microfiber mops (hypoallergenic, exceedingly retentive & long-lasting).

Flat Mops: 

These are the foremost common sorts of cleaning mops. They come with a flat, stretched and rectangular head which make it simple to clean indeed little regions. They are encouraged classified into tidy mops (to assemble clean and soil from dry floors sometime recently damp cleaning) and microfiber mops (that are exceedingly retentive and can be utilized both on dry as well as damp surfaces).

Steam Mops:

These require power to operate as the steam has to be created and discharged from the clean head onto the floor. Cleaning is by implication coordinate and wet warm; consequently, no cleaning arrangement is required for successful sanitizing of floors.


How to Choose the Right Cleaning Mop?

Indeed if it may be a basic piece of cleaning hardware, you’ve got to consider certain variables whereas acquiring it. We have said them underneath for your reference.

Size of Cleaning Head:

The more prominent the measure of the wiping head, the higher the mop’s retentiveness and subsequently way better cleaning. Too, it is fitting to elect a long-lasting microfiber cleaning head that can be re-washed, re-used and is impossible to cause unfavourably susceptible responses because it is more sterile than the others.

Light Duty or Heavy Duty Cleaning:

On the off chance that a huge range is to be cleaned frequently, a steam clean ought to be your choice. For regular cleaning at home, microfiber mops work best and for small spills, each present and after, that wipe mops ought to do the trick.

Mop Accessories:

Most floor cleaning mops accessible nowadays come in a set alongside additional refills, a bucket with built-in wheels and/or a handle to pull it along, a drainage outlet within the bucket so that you just don’t have to touch the dirty water and so on. Depending on your necessities, you ought to select the wipe that works best for you and comes with valuable adornments and highlights that make cleaning a simple task.


How to Select Mop Type Based on Flooring?

Not all mops are appropriate for cleaning all sorts of floors. So, we have specified a list of floor sorts and appropriate clean sort for it.

Wooden or Laminate flooring:

If you have got wooden floors, you wish to ensure that they are cleaned with the slightest sum of water conceivable. The most perfect way is to carry out dry vacuuming taken after by a soggy microfiber mop. (click here for finding best vacuum cleaner in india)

Ceramic or Porcelain flooring:

Ceramic or porcelain tiles can be effectively cleaned utilizing both a wipe as well as a microfiber mop.

Concrete flooring: 

Gathering up the tidy with a broom taken after by steam cleaning with no/very small cleaning arrangement works best on concrete.

Stone flooring: 

Any sort of clean works well on stone floors, with plain water or unbiased pH cleansing solutions.

Vinyl flooring:

 Microfiber wiping or steam wiping took after by a dry wipe clean to form beyond any doubt the floor doesn’t remain sticky is the perfect way to clean vinyl flooring.


FAQs about Mops in India

How often should I replace the mop head?

Well, you should change the mop head once every 3 months. But if you mop the floor twice a day then you should change the mop head once a month.

How to clean a dirty mop head?

You could use a cup of bleach and let it soak for 10 minutes and then wash it with normal water. If you are out of bleach you can use vinegar instead. These steps could be done once the mop has been used more than 2 times.

Which is the best mop in India?

According to us, Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop is the best mop in India because it has all the combined features than the individual mop in the above list.


Final Note:

When deciding the right mop for yourself do consider the buyer’s guide and keep in mind what you are looking for when it comes to the quality of the mop head as that is the main thing that will clean the floor. The list mentioned above will help you boil down to what you need.


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