10 Best Steam Irons in India 2023

Do you know well-ironed clothes are amongst the first few things that one notices to get an idea about your personality?

It is time to get over the traditional ways of ironing clothes and use India’s advanced and best irons. Based on our in-depth research, we have narrowed the top 10 best irons in India amongst the vast pool of options available.

We tried different products to ensure you get only the best ones in the list. We have also included a comprehensive buying guide and FAQs at the end of the article to help you make the right decision.


Best Iron in India 2023

Philips Easy Speed Plus GC2048 2300W Steam Iron with Spray:

Philips Easy Speed Plus GC2048 2300W Steam Iron with Spray

Overall Score: 4.7/5

It takes no reward in guessing the leading name topping the list of the best iron in India. It is none other than – Philips. The brand is very well-known and trusted, by millions of users, for its high-quality home value items.

Talking about the Philips Easy Speed Plus GC2048 2300W Steam Iron with Spray, the iron is designed with all the advanced features. Thanks to the advanced features, the machine ensures delivering freshly and neatly ironed clothes. The best thing that we liked about the iron is that it can be used even for the toughest creases without any hassles.

The most attractive feature of the iron is its Vertical steam technology enabling the users to press the clothes in the vertical hanging position. It also comes with a Calc clean slider, which can clean and maintain this iron for the maximum longest time.

This iron is an absolute favorite to use when you are in a hurry. The machine is well-enabled with quick heating technology to give faster ironing results. We also loved the 120 g boosting feature, which ensures ironing the delicate clothes without any harsh efforts.

The continuous steam output facility, available in the iron, is also one of the leading attractions. It works at a 35 g/minute speed to work on any type of clothes. Thanks to the no-drip feature, the iron can be used without creating any mess.

The design of this iron is also designed to ensure maximum comfort to the users. It is designed with an easy guild surface which provides smooth working on every cloth. Moreover, the surface is scratch-resistant and thus, ensures its long-lasting use with easy cleaning and maintenance,

We also liked its auto-shut technology, ensuring the required safety during use. Lastly, the iron is 100% stable with an attractive design and sleek nose for hassle-free working.

Highlighted Features:

  • Technically advanced iron working with 2300W
  • Vertical steam feature for vertical hanging ironing
  • 120 g boosting feature for delicate clothes
  • Calc clean slider for effective cleaning and maintenance
  • 35 g/min steam output for tough creases
  • Auto shut option and scratch-resistant design


Philips HI114 1000W Dry Iron:

Philips HI114 1000W Dry Iron

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Philips is a global brand name serving its customers with amazing electronic gadgets over the years. Millions of users trust the brand to get the electronic item of their choice at an affordable price range. The machine offers its users with this energy-efficient dry iron to make a lasting impression with its amazing performance.

This ironing machine is designed with the Golden heritage American soleplate, which is a reliable option to get optimal heat distribution. This ensures that the evenly distributed heat can be used to neatly iron the toughest creases and folds. Moreover, it prevents causing any damage to any type of cloth fabric.

To further prevent causing any damage to the cloth fabric, the machine is designed with a non-sticky base. This ensures that the machine will never leave any impressions on the clothes to maintain their quality.

We also loved the ease and convenience that the machine delivers with its temperature control knobs. The users can set any desired temperature to iron the clothes. Along with this, the machine is also enabled with LED light indicators to alert the users when it reaches the optimal temperature for gliding over the clothes.

Not just this, the machine heats up really quickly to avoid any unwanted waiting time for the users. Thus, it is suggested to start using the machine within a few seconds of plugging in.

Apart from its amazing features, Philips never disappoints its users with the design of its products. This dry machine’s dynamic, sleek, and attractive design is the perfect example. Along with being lightweight and compact, the machine is also designed with a 360-degree swivel cord to reach all the tough folds on the clothes easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • An energy-efficient model with 1000W power consumption
  • Designed with Golden heritage American soleplate
  • Enabled with quick heating and LED light for instant alerts of reaching optimal temperature
  • Flexible swivel cord to reach every corner of the cloth
  • Lightweight design with thermostatic control


Bajaj DX 7 1000W Dry Iron:

Bajaj DX 7 1000W Dry Iron

Overall Score: 4.4/5

Bajaj is one reliable and reputed brand name in the Indian market that has impressed its user base over the many years. The brand delivers portable, affordable, efficient, high-performing, and lightweight home appliances just like this iron.

One of the best benefits of choosing this ironing machine over the other names is its energy efficiency. The machine just requires 1000W power for its performance and, as a result, ensures preserving the maximum energy.

We also liked the non-sticky and scratch-free base of the ironing machine, which ensures reaching every corner of the folded crease without damaging the fabric of your clothes. Thus, the machine can be completely relied on for all fabric types.

The machine is also designed with a fast-heating feature. Thanks to this, the machine gets instantly heated, to an optimal level, for use. Moreover, the users can be sure to get even heat distribution for neatly ironed clothes without any hassles.

If you want to use the iron at some specific temperature, you can adjust the same using the temperature setting knob. It adds the required convenience for the users to iron their favorite clothes at the required temperature without any hassles.

Apart from these amazing features, the available LED light indicators impressed us to the core. These indicators efficiently alert the users about the optimal time to glide the machine over the clothes to ensure perfect results.

Lastly, we cannot forget to mention the ironing machine’s aesthetic design. The comfortable grip, 360-degree swivel cord, cool-touch body, thermal fuse, etc., all contribute to make this ironing machine one of the best choices.

Highlighted Features:

  • Energy efficient with 1000W power consumption
  • Lightweight, portable and compact model with aesthetic design
  • Enabled with thermal fuse and cool-body to avoid any accidental damage
  • Designed with the temperature control knob
  • Non-sticky and scratch-resistant coated base


Black & Decker BD BXIR2001IN 2000W Steam Iron:

Black & Decker BD BXIR2001IN 2000W Steam Iron

Overall Score: 4.3/5

If you are looking for an advanced, stylish and performance-oriented ironing machine, then your choice should be none other than the Black & Decker BD BXIR2001IN 2000W Steam Iron. The machine has been enabled with all the possible features to make a lasting impression on the users.

The most attractive features available in this ironing machine are its ceramic coated soleplate and the even distribution of heat. Moreover, thanks to the even distribution of heat, the machine can ensure smooth results without any hassles. You can completely trust the machine to deliver its best performance even on the toughest folds and creases.

The machine needs 2000W power to deliver its impressive performance to the users. Thus, you can be sure that the machine preserves the maximum energy while working. It is absolutely compatible to be used on all types of clothes.

It is designed with a 25 g/min continuous steaming and 100 g steam boosting feature for the best steaming outcome. The machine is further enabled with a fast-heating mechanism to avoid unwanted waiting time for the users. It also comes with an anti-drip technology that prevents any dripping mess when using the water spray feature.

We cannot miss mentioning the self-cleaning and maintenance feature of the machine. Thanks to the Calc-clean feature, the machine can maintain itself while avoiding the limescale residue.

The dynamic and impressive design is hard to miss in this ironing machine. Special care is taken to design the machine with a non-stick ceramic soleplate. This ensures that the machine can be used on all types of clothes without any damage.

The machine is attractively designed with a comfortable grip. Thanks to its flexible cord, it can be moved and reach every corner of the folds.

Highlighted Features:

  • Vertical steam feature for ironing in the standing position
  • Enabled with a steam control feature
  • It comes with anti-drip and auto shut-off features
  • Ceramic coated soleplate; suitable for all fabrics
  • Self-cleaning and easy-to-maintain ironing machine


Philips GC1905 1440W Steam Iron with Spray:

Philips GC1905 1440W Steam Iron with Spray

Overall Score: 4.3/5

Here is another amazing iron model from Philips. The Philips GC1905 1440W Steam Iron with Spray is an excellent and trustworthy product to get completely rid of wrinkles, tough creases, and folds on your favorite clothes. The machine is designed to offer smooth and risk-free working to its users.

We loved the water spray feature enabled in the machine during the use. This water spray feature ensures that the machine can easily be used to settle the toughest creases. It also ensures moisturizing the clothes with even distribution of required mist.

It works using 1440W power, which ensures faster and even heating of the machine. Thanks to this feature, the users can get quick and smooth ironing results without any hassles. Moreover, the minimal power consumption during the use makes this machine an energy-efficient option.

The machine is designed with a precision tip to deliver perfectly ironed clothes. The tip can reach every folded corner of the clothes to ensure a seamless ironing experience. It also levels up its ironing results using 13 g/min continuous steam output.

The machine also adds up to the convenience of its users with its self-cleaning feature. Thanks to this, the iron can maintain itself against the possible odd. This ensures its long-lasting and hassle-free working.

Our tips – keep the iron in its no-steam mode when not in use. Also, store the iron in a horizontal position to avoid any possible risk of water leakage.

Last but not least, its stylish and sleek design made us fall for the machine. The available water container can be filled and emptied very quickly to ensure a continuous spraying feature.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-sticky aluminum soleplate base for smooth gliding on all surfaces
  • Energy-efficient machine with 1440W power use
  • 13 g/min continuous steam output
  • Precision tip design to work on every possible fold and crease
  • Self-maintenance feature for long-lasting maintenance


Black & Decker BD BXIR2201IN 2200W Steam Iron:


Black & Decker BD BXIR2201IN 2200W Steam Iron

Overall Score: 4.2/5

If you are still searching for an efficient and stylish-looking iron, then your search ends on the Black & Decker BD BXIR2201IN 2200W Steam Iron. The machine is specially designed to ease out your ironing task, even if it is done on the toughest creases.

The Vertical steaming technology is one of the most amazing attractions in the machine. Thanks to this technology, the machine can be used to steam iron the clothes in the vertically hanging position. The iron is designed with many advanced and latest technologies to ensure its excellent performance on all types of clothes.

Moreover, its 380mL water storage tank can hold a sufficient amount of water for its spraying feature. With the use of this feature, the machine can evenly spread the moisture on the clothes to keep them neatly ironed. It further prevents any mess while using the spraying feature, with its anti-drip feature.

We also liked its quick use for steam ironing the clothes. It is enabled with 35 g/min continuous steam output and 90 g steam boosting features for effortless steaming on the clothes. You will so love the experience of using this steam iron.

The iron also impressed us with its temperature variation feature. We tried regulating the temperature and the used steam while using the machine and found them absolutely satisfying. Thus, you can adjust the temperature and steam to any desired level in this machine to get the best outcome.

Coming to its design, it is a sturdy and good-looking machine. Its attractive design will surely catch your attention within no time. Lastly, thanks to its self-cleaning feature, the machine can be trusted to last really long without giving any tough hands to the users.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2200W power consumption for efficient and durable use
  • Enabled with quick steam ironing feature with anti-drip technology
  • Designed with temperature and steam control feature for easy adjustments
  • Self-cleaning to prevent damages and ensure lasting functionalities
  • It can be used on all clothes


Havells Sparkle 1250W Steam Iron:

Havells Sparkle 1250W Steam Iron

Overall Score: 4.1/5

If you are tired of struggling with hard and tough wrinkles on your clothes, the Havells Sparkle 1250W Steam Iron will make the best choice. This Havells ironing machine is designed with several amazing and efficient features to help the users get rid of the toughest folds and creases from their clothes.

After using this ironing machine a few times, we liked the final result of getting neatly and professionally ironed clothes. One of the most important things to understand is that the machine consumes minimal energy of 1250W to deliver outstanding performance.

The machine is designed with a non-stick ceramic coated soleplate; as a result, it can be used on all types of fabrics. Moreover, you can adjust the desired temperature by using the available temperature setting knob. Along with this, the ironing machine comes with steam adjustment functionality to control the optimal use of steam.

The most amazing feature that won our hearts is the built-in overheating protection technology. With this machine, you get a 230mL water tank to get an uninterrupted steaming use while ironing the clothes. Thanks to this, the machine alerts the users as it reaches the optimal temperature to avoid any hassles of overheating.

You will also be impressed with the dynamic and dynamic design of the machine. It provides its users with an ergonomically designed handle to get a comfortable grip. It also offers a flexible and long swivel cord to the users ensuring maximum convenience for them to use it as and when needed for ironing every single corner of the clothes.

We also liked the compact and lightweight making of the machine. It just makes it quite convenient to carry the machine everywhere needed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Requires minimal energy of 1250W
  • Designed with in-built overheating feature
  • Ceramic coated soleplate to avoid causing any damages to the clothes
  • Can be used as dry and steam iron
  • Enabled with temperature and steam controlling settings


Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000W Steam Iron:

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000W Steam Iron

Overall Score: 4.1/5

Morphy Richards is counted amongst the big and top leading brand names in the electronic industry. Over time, the brand has impressed its users with its advanced, technically sound, and attractive products. Adding to its wide range of valuable products, the brand has now introduced the Super Glide 2000W Steam Iron.

The machine is designed with 46 steam holes to ensure an excellent ironing experience for the users in the fastest way possible. This powerful guarantees its quality performance even on the toughest creases. It makes the best use of smooth gliding and easy use to make an impressive influence on the users.

The iron is designed in an attractive diamond shape accompanied by a ceramic coated soleplate for even heat distribution. Further, it also makes the best use of its 150 g steam power boosting and 11 g/minute continuous steaming feature to convert creased clothes into neatly ironed clothes.

We also loved the Vertical steam technology, which helps the users iron the clothes in a vertical hanging position. Moreover, the iron is well-enabled with drip stop technology to make the ironing experience super convenient. Thanks to its auto-shut feature, the users can also be sure of their maximum security.

The features like Calc clean slider and self-cleaning mode ensure ease of cleaning and maintenance of the device. As a result, the iron can be used for the maximum time possible without any hassles or complications.

Apart from these very impressive features, the iron design is also eye-catchy. Its robust design with an elegant nose can iron any clothing while removing the available creases. Moreover, the iron is also lightweight and thus, can be used without any struggles.

Highlighted Features:

  • Advanced iron with 2000W power
  • Designed with 46 steam holes, 150 g steam boosting, and 11 g/min continuous steaming
  • Vertical steam technology for vertical hanging iron
  • Enabled with calc clean slider and self-cleaning feature for better maintenance
  • Eye-catchy design and lightweight


Usha Steam Pro SI 3713 1300W Steam Iron:

Usha Steam Pro SI 3713 1300W Steam Iron

Overall Score: 4/5

Your search for an efficient and attractive ironing machine ends on Usha Steam Pro SI 3713 1300W Steam Iron. The machine is truly impressive in all ways – its design, features, or price affordability. You will surely fall in love with the machine.

The machine ensures to use a minimal power consumption of 1300W to deliver its users an outstanding performance. It is a durable product that is designed with all the advanced technologies and features to ensure a satisfying ironing experience for the users.

We liked the fact that this ironing machine can be used on all types of clothing fabric. For this purpose, the machine is specially designed with a non-sticky and PTFE coated soleplate. Not just it prevents any possible damage to the clothes, it also glides smoothly. As a result, the users can get neat and professionally ironed clothes without any hassles.

We also liked the instant heating feature of the machine. Thanks to this, the machine eliminates the unwanted need of waiting as the machine heats up. Moreover, it comes with 19 steam holes in its soleplate, ensuring even heat distribution for smooth and professional steam ironing.

In case your machine gets overheated, you can completely rely on the automatic shut-off feature. As soon as the machine reaches its optimal ironing temperature, it automatically shuts off to ensure efficient working.

Talking about its design, it comes with an easy to hold handle offering a comfortable grip to the users. It comes with a 1.7m long power cord for its flexible use.

This ironing machine is capable of self-cleaning and maintenance to guarantee its long-lasting use. Thanks to its easy-to-use features and design, the iron machine makes an ideal choice for everyone.

Highlighted Features:

  • Minimal power consumption of 1300W
  • Comes with 180mL of water storage tank for continuous steaming
  • Designed with non-sticky and PTFE coated soleplate
  • Convenient thermostatic temperature control option with auto shut option
  • Self-cleaning and maintenance mode for lasting use


Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250W Steam Iron with Spray:

Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250W Steam Iron with Spray

Overall Score: 4/5

To improve the convenience and fun of your ironing experience, the very well-known Bajaj brand has come up with its Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250W Steam Iron with Spray. The machine understands the needs and requirements of the Indian users and thus delivers unmatched performance.

This ironing machine is made technically sound with all the advanced technologies. To begin with, the machine is designed to consume a minimum of 1250W power. This ensures that the machine preserves the maximum amount of energy during its work.

The machine gets quickly heated, but it also uses its 23 steam vents to evenly distribute the steam for perfectly ironed clothes. Along with this, the machine is also designed with a non-sticky ceramic-coated soleplate which reduces the risks of any damage to the clothes. Thanks to this, the machine can be used on all types of cloth fabrics.

The machine gives the desired convenience to the users to steam iron their clothes. It is well-designed with a 12 g/min of continuous steam output feature to get the optimal steam level while ironing.

You also get 150mL of the water storage tank to get the benefit of a continuous and uninterrupted steaming experience. Thanks to the powerful water spray feature, users can use this ironing machine even for the toughest creases and folds.

The vertical steaming feature and thermal fuse with an instant cool-down body prevent any kind of accidental mishappenings for the users. Also, it makes the best use of its 360-degree swivel cord to reach every corner of your cloth.

Along with its great features, the machine is designed with special care to deliver gentle care to the clothes during their use. Its ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip to the users for smooth use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Minimal power consumption of 1250W
  • Non-stick ceramic-coated soleplate with 23 steam vents
  • Vertical ironing feature with varying steam facility
  • Quick heating with even distribution of heat
  • Easy to clean, use and maintain


Benefits of using the Best Iron:

  • It can be used on multiple fabrics to get professional and neatly ironed clothes
  • It saves efforts, time, and energy of the users to iron clothes with many creases and folds
  • They are time and energy efficient
  • They are highly durable and thus, are a one-time investment
  • They are easy to use and maintain
  • Their attractive designs are hard to miss


Buying Guide – How to choose the best iron in India?

When buying an ironing machine, it is important to consider all possible essential aspects. Just remember, even a single mistake during the selection can cost you a lot later. Thus, it is recommended to analyze all the requirements before finalizing any ironing machine.

Are you aware of the essential factors to consider for making a reliable choice of the best iron in India? If not, we are here with some of the important factors which you shouldn’t avoid while making a decision. Have a look:

1. The type of ironing machine:

The first important thing you should consider while buying your ironing machine is its type. The ironing machines are mainly of 2 types –

  • Dry ironing machine: this machine is the traditional machine you must have seen/used for many years. It lacks the availability of a water tank and, thus, the spraying mechanism. These are a little difficult to use for tough creases.
  • Steam ironing machine: on the other hand, these machines are the latest ones with the advanced technologies of moisture spraying. These machines are designed with a water tank that generates and uses the optimal amount of steam to iron even the toughest creases or folds when heats up.

Steam irons are a little more expensive than dry irons, but they are totally worth it.


2. Compatibility with the fabrics:

The next thing to consider is the machine’s compatibility with the different cloth fabrics. You are buying an ironing machine to iron all your clothes; thus, it makes all sense to check if it is compatible with all possible cloth fabrics.

Many ironing machines have an adjustable dial to choose the optimal heat distribution when using on different fabrics. Make sure to keep an eye on that. To ensure compatibility with multiple fabrics, you should pay attention to the available soleplate. You can choose between – stainless steel, aluminium, or ceramic soleplates.


3. Heat distribution:

Imagine using an ironing machine that heats up from one side and remains cool from the other side. Would you be able to get professional and neatly ironed clothes? Absolutely not!

Thus, it is essential to confirm the even distribution of heat when choosing your next ironing machine. The chosen machine should maintain an optimal heat distribution and temperature to deliver the perfectly ironed clothes.

Moreover, you should also check the time it takes to heat up. The faster, the better, as it helps avoid the unwanted waiting time.


4. Safety parameters:

Would you risk your or your loved one’s life by using an ironing machine that doesn’t come with desired safety measures? Using an ironing machine without desired safety parameters can cause some serious accidental damage. Therefore, you should never compromise with the availability of the required safety features with your chosen iron machine.

The advanced steam irons are designed with the desired safety measures like instant cool body, automatic shut-off feature, steam regulations, thermostatic control, etc. All these features ensure the desired safety for the users for convenient use.


5. Durability:

There isn’t any sense in buying an iron machine that isn’t durable. You would spend half of your time cleaning or maintaining the machine. Thus, it is suggested to ensure the durability of your ironing machine before making the final decision.

Usually, steam irons are the most durable as they are self-cleaning and easily maintained. Moreover, it is quite easy to use steam irons, enhancing users’ convenience.


6. Brand:

There are no excuses not to consider the ironing machines’ brand value during selection. Checking the brand of the chosen iron machine is one of the most important factors.

The branded ironing machines are available to ensure their performance, consistency, and durability. Moreover, they also come with the right warranty time to offer the desired assistance to the users when needed.

All these benefits are missing if you prefer buying a local ironing machine over a branded one. Make your choice wisely!


7. Price:

Never ever consider pricing the only important factor in choosing your ironing machine. Surely, price is a significant factor, but it is not the only factor.

You can always find some high-performing ironing machines at affordable prices. High price does not always mean better quality and performance. You have to expand your research to shortlist some desired products.

You then can compare the shortlisted products, based on their prices and offered functionalities, to choose the right one according to your pre-decided budget.


8. Warranty:

Do you also neglect to check the warranty while choosing the ironing machine? If yes, you should change the habit now!

Not checking the machine’s warranty makes you pay later. Like any other electronic machine, even the ironing machines are prone to damage. Thus, you would need sufficient warranty time to handle the situation.

It is always better to choose an ironing machine that comes with the maximum warranty time.


9. Design:

Lastly, consider the design of your ironing machine before buying it. The design should be sleek, appealing, and ergonomic, with a comfortable handle grip and flexible swivel cord. Also, more and more users now prefer buying compact, portable and lightweight iron machines for easy storage and maintenance.


How to suitably clean your iron machine?

You don’t need to be a technical expert for cleaning your iron machine. You can use a microfiber cloth to remove the unwanted dirt and dust from the soleplate of the ironing machine. On the other hand, you can also use toothpaste to scrub the machine’s base using an old toothbrush.

Make sure to clean the machine only when it is absolutely cool. Don’t ever start cleaning your ironing machine immediately after use.


Tips for proper care and maintenance of steam irons:

  • The iron machine should be unplugged when not using it. This ensures preventing the unwanted accidents
  • Regularly clean the body of your ironing machine
  • Make sure to clean the soleplate of the machine with baking soda and water after regular intervals
  • The available water storage tanks should be cleaned regularly to avoid any build-up
  • Empty the water storage tank after every use. You can also use vinegar for thoroughly cleaning the water tank


How to remove the iron marks from the clothes?

To remove the iron marks from your favorite clothes, you can apply some hydrogen peroxide to the required area. Also, you can use some vinegar on the iron marks to restore their natural shine and quality in the natural fabrics. You should also regularly clean the soleplate of your iron machines.



Q. How can you use a steam iron?

A. Using a steam iron is pretty simple. All you have to do is fill the machine’s water tank and allow the machine to reach the optimal ironing temperature. Spray the required moisture on the garment and iron one side.

Again, spray the required amount of moisture on the other side to neatly iron the cloth. It is recommended to hang the cloth to avoid unwanted wrinkles, creases, or folds.


Q. What is the most suitable working voltage for iron working?

A. The available voltage varies from iron to iron, depending upon the machine and the wattage. However, the most common and suitable voltage is 220-240V.

You must pay required attention to the used voltage by the chosen iron machine to avoid any hassles later during the use.


Q. Is it essential to always fill the water tank while using a steam iron?

A. Generally, it is suggested to use the steam iron with filled water tank. The water is used to create and spray the needed moisture on the clothes to remove the toughest creases and folds. It also helps the iron to smoothly glide on the cloth fabrics.

However, if you iron a light fabric without many creases, you can avoid filling the water tank. In this case, your steam iron will work just like the traditional iron machine.


Q. How can you prevent water dripping in a steam iron?

A. Usually, almost all the advanced steam irons are designed with anti-dripping features; however, the users should also take the required precautions.

Hold the machine in an upright position. Also, be careful not to fill the water storage tank when the machine is plugged-in. You should also leave some space in the water tank to allow sufficient heating.


Q. What to do if a white powder comes out of the machine during use?

A. The white powder that comes out might be calcium carbonate which is formed because of the reaction of heat and hard water. The steam irons with the anti-calc feature prevent the powder from settling in the machine.

However, it is best advised to fill the water storage tank only with distilled or RO water if it does. Other than this, you can also use a mixture of water and vinegar to avoid the problem.



Buying the best iron is a one-time investment and, thus, should be done after carefully considering all the aspects and parameters. Amongst the mentioned names, we would like to recommend using Philips Easy Speed Plus GC2048 2300W Steam Iron with Spray.

This advanced ironing machine is blessed with several unique features like vertical steam ironing; ceramic coated soleplate, attractive design, auto shut off feature, self-maintenance, calc clean feature, anti-drip facility, comfortable grip, etc. It can be trusted to professionally iron the toughest creases as well.

It is best to compare the products before making the final choice. If you still need any help, write to us in the comment section.

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