When Is The Best Time To Take Whey Protein?

When we talk about the most popular supplements available to individuals globally, we think about whey protein supplements. Whey protein also improves health and immunity. If you want to increase your muscle mass and lose weight, whey protein is the way to go.

Although, at times, people get confused about when to take their whey protein.

According to different health goals, there are other times to take whey protein. 

This article will help you understand the best time to take your whey protein.


When should you consume whey protein?

When should you consume whey protein?

Depending on the kind of body you want to achieve, there are different times to take whey protein.

1. Losing weight:

One of the essential nutrients that you require for losing weight is protein. If you increase your protein intake, it will help in raising your metabolism and help you feel satiated.

Whey protein helps you feel satiated since it reduces hunger by reducing ghrelin secretion. It also reduces the secretion of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), peptide YY (PYY), and cholecystokinin.

It means that consuming a snack rich in protein will help you eat fewer calories than you do.

According to a study, people who eat yogurt rich in protein eat 100 lesser calories at dinner. However, the people who ate chocolates during the afternoon consumed more calories. Although, yogurt and all the other snacks were rich in the same calories.


2. Building muscle:

Whey protein is an integral part of muscle building. So, when you’re building muscle, you need to consume more protein than your body breaks down into. 

Combining whey protein with exercise and training has resulted positively in muscle building.

There is no right time to consume the protein for building muscle.

Although people into fitness usually recommend consuming whey protein 15-60 minutes post-workout

To get the most out of the nutrients like protein, it is suggested to consume it in a time frame known as the anabolic window. Although, the anabolic window lasts for much longer than recommended.

International Society of Sports Nutrition stated that you could consume your whey protein at any time within the two hours of work out. That way, you can positively see the desired results.

Ordinary people need to consume the desired amount of protein while working out more than deciding when to consume their whey protein.

People who consume protein after working out after fasting for a while, such as breakfast, benefit more.


3. Preventing muscle loss:

It is imperative to prevent muscle loss significantly if you are growing older.

According to the research of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden, People after 30 years of age start losing roughly 3-8% of their muscle mass every 10 years. However, you can be exposed to fractures and a shorter lifespan if you keep losing your muscles.

According to scientists, if you distribute your protein intake across the day, it will help you in preventing muscle loss. It is also suggested that you eat 25-30 grams of protein in each meal that you take.

Many Americans consume a lot more protein at dinner than they do during their breakfast. So if you want to distribute your protein intake ideally, you should drink more whey protein at breakfast.


4. Exercise performance and recovery:

At times this happens with athletes who ponder when they should consume their whey protein for best efficiency.

Combining your protein supplement with little carbohydrates either during or after your training can reduce the after-workout soreness. It will also help in boosting performance and recovery.

According to a study, compared to placebo, cyclists who consumed whey protein and carbohydrates showed better results.

However, if you include carbohydrates in your diet or not, whey protein can give you effective results in performance and recovery either way.

Although, people don’t have to schedule when they consume their whey protein. What is essential is ingesting enough protein that is desired by their bodies.

However, athletes benefit more if they consume protein right before or after their workout.


5. Crushing cravings: 

During your sleep, certain amino acids help in boosting your metabolism. However, consuming whey protein will stimulate an extra dose of amino acids into your body. 

So even if you’re not working out, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) helps in promoting lean muscle structure and assist you in burning calories and fat.

When you take whey protein in the morning, it’ll also curb your hunger and keep you from eating junk food throughout the day.


6. Post-workout recovery:

After your workout is the most crucial time to consume whey protein, you beat your muscles and tissues well while working out. When you consume protein directly after your workout, it will help recover your muscles faster.

Soon after your workout or training session, the body builds muscles and speeds recovery. So as soon as you finish working out, try to consume at least 20-30 grams of whey protein. 

This will provide your body with enough amino acids to repair the muscles.

Try mixing your whey protein in a milkshake low in sugar content. 

You can conveniently carry it to the gym, and it doesn’t take long to make. Consuming it after your workout will get the recovery process started.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can you take whey protein on an empty stomach?

Many people enjoy drinking whey protein shakes on an empty stomach as a source of personal convenience. Before an exercise, drink a protein shake to get a solid energy supply without the pain of an overfull or bloated stomach.


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The Bottom Line

If you can’t decide when to consume your whey protein, make sure that you consume enough protein required by your body to function. By doing that, you are giving your body enough nutrients to get ready for the next day.

We hope that this article helped you realize the optimum time of whey protein consumption as per your needs.

In the comment section below, let us know how whey protein has helped you reach your goals.

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