The 10 Best Trimmer Under 1000 in India 2023 for Men

Every man wants to keep a well-trimmed and groomed beard which will increase his glamour significantly. No matter how lengthy or short a beard is, maintaining the beard is no easy task to accomplish. However, long and dense beard requires more attention and details to give it the right shape using the right tools.

One of the most important tools with the help of which you will need to keep your beard clean and polished is a Beard Trimmer. Yes! We are sure that you must have heard about it and may also have used one of them previously.

But if you are looking to invest in a new beard trimmer then we have the right list for you. Since there are several such products out in the market it becomes really important that you invest your money in the right beard trimmer or else you will not be satisfied with the service.

To make your task of finding the right beard trimmer, we have jotted some of the best value for money and brilliant trimmers that you can buy in 2018 and pamper your beard.


Best Trimmer for Men Under 1000 in India 2023

Panasonic ER-GB30K Men’s Battery Operated Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GB30K Men's Battery Operated Trimmer

Panasonic is also a very popular beard trimmer producing brand who has some brilliant machines which are available at different price ranges. Are you low on budget? Do you want to spend less and get more from your product? The Panasonic ER-GB30K is the best option that you have.

The trimmer comes in brilliant black colour and simple design which enables the user to hold it perfectly. You receive excellent precision cutting with a 45° edge. It takes lesser time to fully charge when compared to other products in the market.


  • Japanese Blade Technology with stainless steel finish gives a good quality shave and trim every time you use the machine.
  • You can get seamless use without the use of any cords attached to it.
  • You can use the trimmer on both wet and dry skin surfaces which makes it easier to operate even when you are in a hurry.
  • The trimmer and all the attachments are washable and thus you can clean it easily and it comes with a length setting of 0.5 – 18 mm.

The features are brilliantly balanced and enhanced which gives the trimmer a much better way to serve the users. At a price point which is very much affordable, you cannot get a more premium and promising device than the Panasonic ER-GB30K.


Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer

Best Trimmer Under 1000

The cheapest product on our list of Best trimmers in India, the Nova NHT-1071 is a very useful and popular trimmer. But do not consider it inefficient or anything less than some of the best trimmers available in the market. Nova has included brilliant features which will give you a good and clean trimming experience.

Nova has included titanium blades to the trimmer that provides better and efficient grooming. It also does not consumes much energy and gives you the best service.


  • The trimmer has high precision titanium blades which give clean shave and trim.
  • The Nova NHT-1071 also comes with a USB cable for more flexible and comfortable charging via any source that supports USB.
  • The timmer has an adjustable trimming range of 2Mm to 18MM.
  • The detachable head can be cleaned easily using water.
  • You get about 45 minutes of usage time with 8 hours of full charge.

Brilliant features and affordable pricing makes the Nova NHT-1071 a perfect choice for those who wish to get good grooming without spending much.


Panasonic ER-GB37 Men’s Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GB37 Men's Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GB37 is one of the best beard trimmers available in the market. It has a versatile performance and quality finish blades. These blades are precise and easy to use which helps you to maintain a good quality beard. The beard trimmer has a rubber grip which will help you to hold the gadget in a good manner. Here are some of the brilliant features of this beard trimmer which is worth the money you are going to invest.


  • Precision Cutting with 45-degree edge which helps to cover all the area around the neck and cheek.
  • Smooth 0.5mm Cut which can be used when wet or also when it is dry.
  • Washable for easy & hygienic maintenance. You can clean the blades separately without any problem.
  • Quick-adjust dial for easy length setting. Therefore you can get a perfect trimming experience no matter how long your beard is.

The Panasonic trimmer comes with a good battery life which will allow you to use the trimmer for a long time. Among all the other beard trimmers present in the market this one is perfectly balanced with its features and the price it is available. So if you want to get a good beard trimmer within a comfortable budget, then you can choose to buy Panasonic ER-GB37 Men’s Trimmer from Amazon.


Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer

Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer

Braun has been producing some of the best beard trimmers consistently for many years now. The German technology and Braun precision make sure you get the best product in hand. This trimmer has a very sturdy built quality which makes it very comfortable to hold and use for a long period.

It has long-lasting and sharp blades which allow the users to get precise trimming experience with any kind of beard. The product comes with 2 years of warranty provided by the manufacturer.


  • The trimming kit includes 4 combs and 13 precision length settings from 0.5-21mm for effective trim.
  • It has an ear & nose trimmer attachment for safe shaving experience without any pulling and tugging.
  • It takes about 10 hours to charge and can last for 44 minutes on a single charge.
  • Very sharp and precise blades which help to cut and trim even the densest of beard.
  • It is very easily washable which helps you to clean it effectively without any hassles.

As you can see that these are some of the best features of the Braun MGK302 trimmer. If you are looking for a trimmer which gives you precise shaving experience and also comes with extra attachments, then this is the best option you have within a very budget-friendly price.


Remington Pg6025 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

Remington Pg6025 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

If you love to buy premium and high-quality products then nothing can beat the quality and excellency of Remington beard trimmers. They provide the best premium varieties of grooming kit to the users which can last for years if taken good care of.

This particular beard trimmer is one of the best in our whole list not only because it has an unmatched versatility but also because it offers all-around grooming service. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery which has a very good life cycle and will last for a long period of time.


  • Fully charges in 4 hours and offers 65 minutes of non-stop trimming experience.
  • It has stainless self-sharpening, steel blades for long-lasting durability and sharp finish.
  • All the parts are washable which makes them very easy to maintain and clean.
  • It does not require any cord to function and is fully operational cordless which makes it even more easy and safe to use.
  • 8 length settings which give precise trim to the beard of any length and density.

So as you can see that this Remington beard trimmer is worth the money you are going to invest in. A very premium product at within an affordable price, this is trimmer provides all-around trimming services to you in a brilliant manner without any fail.


Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer for Men BT7206/15

Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer for Men BT7206 15

Philips has some of the best beard trimmers available under their name. But this particular beard trimmer has gained brilliant popularity due to the various features it comes with within an affordable price point.

This trimmer has an integrated vacuum system which makes it much easier for you to shave without messing the nearby areas. The trimmer can be used as a cordless and also corded variant as per your preferences and comfort. Here are some of the brilliant features which helps it to stand out.


  • Integrated vacuum system helps you to get a clean shave without messing the surroundings.
  • DuraPower Technology helps to provide long-lasting and powerful trimming experience.
  • With only 1 hour of charging, you can use the trimmer for 50-60 minutes cordless without attaching it to the cord.
  • The blades and other attachments can be very easily washed in water without any fear of damage.
  • It has a brilliant 20 lock-in length settings from 0.5 – 10mm with 0.5mm precision for trimming beards of all kind that you can probably have.
  • The trimmer also comes with a battery notification light which helps to notify when you run out of it.

As you can see that this Philips trimmer comes with a plethora of features which are really beneficial. Available on different online shopping websites, you can find this trimmer at a very affordable price as well. Buy it if you are in for a long-lasting and powerful trimmer.


Philips Norelco One blade Hybrid Electric Trimmer

Philips Norelco One blade Hybrid Electric Trimmer

Phillips has released different kinds of beard trimmers over the years. They have products belonging to different budgets which include both premium and affordable products for everyone. This trimmer is for those who want to try their hands on a much premium and top-notch product which comes with a whole set of different features that makes it one of the most interesting of the lot.

Phillips Norelco One blade has a sober colour and looks very much different from what most of the trimmers look like. Trim your facial styles, beards, or stubble perfectly with the help of this brilliant product.


  • Rechargeable OneBlade Technology will help you trim, edge or shave any kind of beard regardless of the length of the hair.
  • The very comfortable grip which makes it possible to use the trimmer for a continuous period of time.
  • The blades do not come in direct contact with your skin which keeps it safe from cuts and bruises.
  • Dual-sided blade helps to get precise edging for providing any kind of style that you want. The blades are also easily washable.
  • The one blade can easily last up to 4 months after regular shaving or trimming.
  • Takes 8 hours to charge and can provide 45 minutes of continuous shaving time.

The features are really worth the money that you will need to pay for the product. It is one of the highest-rated beard trimmers that you can find anywhere produced by Philips. So if you have a flexible budget then this can easily be your perfect trimming gadget.


Wahl 09854-624 Lithium Ion All in One Grooming Kit

Wahl 09854-624 Lithium Ion All in One Grooming Kit

When you want to are investing money to buy a beard trimmer, you will expect a good and satisfactory service from the product, right? Wahl makes sure that you do get such a product for the price you pay.

This beard trimmer set includes all the different kinds of grooming items and materials which will help you get an all-round shaving experience. Made out of a stainless steel body, the Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer is first of it’s kind with a brilliant battery. It provides advanced rechargeable technology which increases the user benefits and abilities.


  • Rust-proof and Stainless steel surgical blades give a sharp and precise finish to your beard.
  • It comes with protective gear and covers which makes the equipment safe to use while travelling.
  • All the blades and attachments are fully washable which allows you to clean them easily.
  • Dual Shaver makes it possible to clean the hairs without coming in contact with the skin which keeps it safe and easy on the surface.
  • Operates on one AA battery and the Lithium-Ion technology will give you the best service.
  • The trimmer comes with a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

It is of no doubt that why innumerable people use Wahl beard trimmers. The features which the company provides are some of the best that you can get in today’s market. A very premium product which you should buy if you do not want to compromise on quality.


Philips 13-in -1 Face, Hair and Body Trimmer

Best Trimmer Under 1000

Another Philips product on the list which can be your perfect all-rounder trimming product. This trimmer not only helps you to trim and maintain your beard but also allows you to shave and trim your hair and body parts as well. Not only the beard but you can also trim your body hair with this machine without any problem.

The brilliantly crafted blades have been modified so that they can be used to trim hairs from different body areas. The timmer has been equipped with DualCut technology that allows a much better and refined shaving to the user.


  • You can get different cuts and style your beard in any way you want with the 13 tools provided.
  • 8 combs have been included which provides for the trimming your face, hair and body areas.
  • One a single hour of charge it can run up to 120 minutes without any hassles.
  • The rubberized grip allows you to hold the trimmer comfortably without any slip.
  • The trimmer and all the attachments are showerproof which makes it easier for you to use in the shower and for wet shaving.

A very premium product which comes with a brilliant 2 years of warranty provided by the company. If you want a very good and efficient cordless trimming experience for not only your beard but also other body areas, then the Philips 13 in 1 trimmer is the best option that you can have.


Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4005/15

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4005 15

If you are low on budget and do not want to invest in a premium and high priced beard trimmer, then this is one of the best product that Philips has brought for you. A simple and no-nonsense product which provides brilliant trimming experience to those who are in for a simple but effective choice for their grooming needs.

A cordless variant and self-sharpening blades make sure you get a comfortable and seamless shave every day. It is equipped with stainless steel blades which do not rust and thus is always safe for use. Here are some of the features which you can get with this gadget.


  • The blades have Skin-friendly rounded tips for which provides for a smooth and easy shave without any irritation on the skin.
  • Better and efficient long-lasting performance because of DuraPower technology.
  • You can get up to 45 minutes of cordless trimming usage after a full 10 hours of charging.
  • The 0.5 -10mm lock length settings allow for trimming for different occasions.
  • The trimmer can be easily detached which will allow you to clean it easily.
  • You will get 2 years of warranty along with an additional 1 year of it if you register with Philips Website.

A budget-friendly and easy to use beard trimmer which you can carry with you as well. Regardless of the price, it gives you a clean and sophisticated shave without facing any hassles. Make sure you buy and register on the website if you want an additional 1-year warranty on your product.


Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4001/15

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4001 15

Another budget-friendly product on the list by Philips, the Phillips QT4001 is a cordless beard trimmer which comes with an ergonomic design and modern features. The trimmer has a simple and sober black design that reflects versatility. Optimized with Dura power technology, the trimmer can last you 4 times longer than any other ordinary beard trimmer available in the market.

The trimmer provides a skin-friendly performance which does not affect or irritates your skin. The zoom wheel provided on the trimmer gives an effortless length adjustment when you are using the gadget.


  • DuraPower Technology gives a long-lasting and durable performance which is 4 times the ordinary trimmers available.
  • You get about 45 minutes of cordless power trimming after 10 hours of charging it.
  • the rounded tips for smooth and skin-friendly trimming protect the skin from cursed and bruises.
  • There are 10 lock-in length settings and 1 – 10mm with 1mm for better precision.
  • The Self-sharpening stainless steel blades give better efficiency even in the trickiest of corners.

With an ergonomic design and superior built quality, the Philips QT4001/15 is a very good budget-friendly beard trimmer that you can choose to buy. It is suitable for men of all age and does it’s easy to use features there is no risk of any kind of accident or damage.


Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded For Men QT4011/15

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded For Men QT4011 15

Are you interested in buying a trimmer within the two thousand rupees mark? Then you should have to take a lot at the Philips Beard Trimmer QT4011/15. It can easily be a budget-friendly option for the people who are running low on it but regardless the price, Philips has made sure that it receives all the necessary features which give it a premium feel and look.

With a simple but ergonomic design, you will have no issues in using the trimmer for long period. It comes with a notification light also that indicates if you are running low on charge. Here are some of the other features.


  • DuraPower technology gives better and durable performance for the longer term.
  • You can get 90 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of full charge.
  • The blades have skin-friendly rounded edges for smooth and safe trimming.
  • The trimmer has 27 lock-in length settings which range from 0.5 – 10mm with 0.5mm precision.
  • You get titanium blades for a seamless shave and trim even if you have a dense beard.

The features provided with this trimmer are very beneficial and important as well. It will help you get the cleanest of shaves and trim when you are in a hurry or travelling. So make sure to have a look at this product which also comes with 2 years of warranty.



Final Verdict:

If you have read the article until this point then you are now aware of the best beard trimmers which you can buy in India. All the products mentioned on this list have been updated and described only after considering their features and the kind of value for money they provide the users with. But, out of all the products that you read in this list we think Panasonic ER-GB30K is the best among all the others.

The Panasonic ER-GB30K has all the necessary modern features which you will need to get a good grooming experience and is available at a price that is affordable as well. The trimmer has a comfortable grip, ergonomic design, notification light, very sharp blades with a precise edge. A very premium and high-end device which will surely give you the best value for money service for a long time to come.

We hope that this article will help you to choose the best trimmer according to your preferences. If you have a beard then it is a high time that you buy a good trimmer and start grooming it the right way. A trimmer will be an all-around solution to all your grooming needs and will also give you beard the proper shape and style which will surely increase your glamour and manliness.

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