Best tumble dryer in India 2023

Miele T 8164 WP

Load: 7kg | Type: Condenser | Size: H 850 x W 595 x D 596 | Energy efficiency: A+

Like many premium-priced dryers, the A+ rated Miele uses a heat pump to reheat the air that’s circulating within the dryer. During the clothes drying process, moist hot air passes through a filter where it is cooled, turning it into condensation. This condensed water is then deposited into the removable water tank.

The cooled dry air, meanwhile, is re-heated by the heat pump and re-circulated back into the drum. This method can dramatically reduce running costs in the long term. The same honeycomb structure Miele uses for its washing machine drums is also employed here.

In this instance the 7kg drum’s large hexagonal dimples ensure that the laundry sort of hovers as if on a cushion of air. As with most Miele products, build quality is second to none. Tumbling nice.


Samsung DV8000 (DV90H8000HW/EU)

Load: 9kg | Type: Condenser | Size: H 850 x W 598 x D 645 | Energy efficiency: A++

There’s no such thing as a beauty contest in the bland land of domestic appliances but if there were this one would walk it. The DV8000 looks so good with that enormous crystal blue portal you might even consider installing it in the sitting room.

Ok, maybe not. This tumble dryer has an energy rating of A++ and comes equipped with a dazzling array of features including heat pump technology that saves a few bob on the energy bill, a handy indicator to let you know when it’s time to empty the water reservoir, two-way tumbling for tangle-free clothes and, much like the LG Gentle & Cozy, the wherewithal to diagnose up to 28 technical problems using the unit’s dedicated smartphone app.


LG Gentle & Cozy (RC7066A2Z)

Load: 7kg | Type: Condenser | Size: H 850 x W 600 x D 640 | Energy efficiency: B

With current online prices as low as £375, this handsome feature-filled model is a steal. Sensor Dry tumblers are always worth a punt since they’re able to measure the amount of moisture in the clothing and switch off automatically. This way you protect your delicate garments from being toasted and save money in the process.

The LG also comes with a handy shoe rack that slots easily into the drum and prevents shoes from banging about and disturbing the peace. The control panel is really well thought out and is comprised of just one big selection knob and a start button. Just how we like it.

And fear not should something awry occur because the machine connects to a smartphone app for easy troubleshooting. Highly recommended.


Bosch WTW87560GB

Load: 9kg | Type: Condenser | Size: H 842 x W 598 x D 652 | Energy efficiency: A++

If you’re an allergy sufferer, consider this cheap-to-run tumble dryer from the house of Bosch; the appliance’s Allergy+ cycle is said to remove 99% of allergens like animal hair and pollen. The Bosch dries clothes very well and often before the predicted time suggests.

What’s more, most fabrics come out of the machine so lightly fluffed that they can be worn pretty much straight from the dryer without having to reach for the iron. It’s not the quietest tumbler in the pack but given that it’ll likely be tucked away in a utility room, chances are you’ll never hear it. The Bosch porthole has a decent sized opening and the door opens very wide for easy access. We also love the bright interior light that switches on for the first few seconds of the cycle.

The appliance comes with the usual range of cycle options including woollens, mixed load, towels, Sportswear, Down, Super Quick 40, shirts and blouses, and timed programmes for both warm and cold tumbling. Its 9kg drum is huge and consequently ideal for large families. But it’s a deep machine so bear that in mind when locating it.


Siemens iQ700 (WT48Y890GB)

Load: 9kg | Type: Condenser | Size: H 842 x W 598 x D 634 | Energy efficiency: A+++

Siemens’ iQ700 series encompasses a number of different home appliances. This is the tumble dryer version. The iQ700 has very deep dimensions so careful siting is paramount, especially if you’re considering locating it in amongst the kitchen cabinets.

Energy consumption is calculated at around 175.0 kWh per year, based on 160 drying cycles and that’s good. So, what clever tech do we have here then? Let’s start with the softDry drum… This unique 9kg cylinder is comprised of wave-like paddles that stir the warm air like a chef would a soufflé. Nice.

The self-cleaning condenser is another handy feature that avoids the messy task of having to clean all that fluff away yourself. And finally there’s the handy wool basket. Hang it on the provided hook and your favourite woolly jumper will remain stationary while being gently massaged by a waft of warm air. This unit uses a heat pump so expect lower leccy bills, too.


Zanussi LINDO300 (ZDC8202P)

Load: 8kg | Type: Condenser | Size: H 850 x W 600 x D 600 | Energy efficiency: B

This Italian unit ticks many boxes, not least price. Yes, it’s only rated a B on the energy efficiency scale but the machine is cheap enough to outweigh the extra cost in electricity use.

The Lindo300 is a condensing dryer so you’ll need to regularly empty the large 5.28-litre water container – mind, then that’s the norm with all condenser dryers. For a machine at this price, the Zanussi is equipped with a very large drum. It’s also very good at collecting moisture and porting it to the container instead of all over the utility room’s walls.

The machine will dry a full load in 80 minutes flat and that’s impressive for an 8kg machine. A smart budget choice.


Indesit IDV 75 S

Load: 7kg | Type: Vented | Size: H 850 x W 595 x D 584 | Energy efficiency: B

Sometimes you just want a cheap clothes dryer that doesn’t come with a million features and a price tag to match. This budget vented tumbler is marginally more economical than the similarly-priced Hotpoint FETV60CP (see review) and a little prettier to look at. It’s also incredibly easy to use. Simply select a time frame and heat temperature and hit the button.

However, one should be mindful of choosing the correct heat setting when drying delicates because the last thing you want is a woolly that now only fits your daughter’s Barbie doll (a 30 minute run on low heat will suffice here). Also, remember that this is a vented unit so make sure you have a hole in the wall.

The Indesit is a great budget option that does the job without fuss. It’s also an excellent choice for landlords because a) it’s cheap and b) it’s easy enough to master by even the daftest of tenants.


Hotpoint FETV60CP

Load: 6kg | Type: Vented | Size: H 850 x W 595 x D 550 | Energy efficiency: C

Despite the poor energy rating and lack of a delay start timer to take advantage of cheaper night tariffs, the general consensus with users is that this super budget-priced, no-frills tumbler performs admirably well. Which? even gave it a Best Buy.

Speed is its forté, due, no doubt, to the terrific heat it generates. But take note that this machine is vented – with an outlet hose – so make sure you have a way of porting the hot air out of the home or the laundry room will end up with the atmosphere a tropical jungle.

The small-capacity Hotpoint is one of the easiest tumblers to operate. There is just one dial. Turn it to the required time span and hit the start button. That’s it. Clothes dry in a thrice.

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