Best vacuum cleaner in India 2021

Here we have reviewed the Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners available in India 2020 at affordable price range.

Dyson DC50 Vacuum Cleaner

The smallest upright vacuum from Dyson is the DC50. It weighs 5.4kg so you can lug it up and down the stairs without needing the build of Channing Tatum. Meanwhile the two-tier radial cyclone system sucks up dirt like it’s going out of fashion. The lack of a bag to worry about and the Dyson ball all help it stand out. Five-year guarantee included.


Karcher MV4Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher make some powerful vacuums and the MV4 is no different. Get past the industrial vibe and you get a gigantic 20-litre dirt capacity, 1,600w motor and impressive build quality. This is a serious bit of kit that can handle vacuuming the garage, whether dry or wet.


Dyson DC44 AnimalVacuum Cleaner

Not the newest vacuum in the list, but still a firm favourite because of its compact nature, powerful cleaning abilities, lack of a bag and 20-minute battery life. It can be used as a handheld (it weighs a mere 1.33kg) or for the floors with the motorised brush attachment in tow. Meanwhile the charger lets you get back to vacuuming in a jiffy.


GTech AirRamVacuum Cleaner

Another cordless offering. This time we have the GTech AirRAM, which is a lawn mower-esque contraption that is said to be very energy efficient. Weight and size is kept to a minimum because the motor is hidden within the head of the vacuum, which is also where the dirt is stored. Expect a 40-minutes of use per charge and a two-year guarantee.


Bosch GS50 Power Silence 2Vacuum Cleaner

Got to vacuum but worried about making a racket? The Bosch GS50 Power Silence 2 lives up to its name by taking care of dirt and hair in relative quiet. A 3.6-litre capacity means it won’t need to be emptied too often, while the small footprint makes it easier to hide away. Not the most powerful, but if silence is a key factor there is little else to touch it.


Sebo Felix RossoVacuum Cleaner

Probably the least vacuum-looking vacuum in the list, thanks to a ruby red design with a mosaic pattern on the 3.5-litre collection area. It has a 1,300 watt suction motor and a telescopic handle so you can reach those nooks and crevices you would be unable to reach otherwise. Comes with a five-year guarantee.


Miele S8390 Silence Ecoline PlusVacuum Cleaner

While not totally silent, the Miele Silence Ecoline Plus is quiet, with noise reduced to just 69dB. It comes with an AirTeQ floorhead, allowing this vacuum cleaner to replicate the performance of a 2000W vacuum cleaner whilst only using a maximum of 700W. The floorhead has a 10% higher dust pickup than the standard Miele one and the device also features an 11m operating radius.


Numatic HenryVacuum Cleaner

Henry has become a family favourite and is still one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market. It has a powerful motor that does its thing relentlessly, while a 9-litre capacity means less time emptying it. Messier families can look toward the larger, more powerful models.


Miele S6220 Cat & DogVacuum Cleaner

Compact, lightweight and powerful enough to clean up after a cat and dog. The Miele S6220 Cat & Dog has a bag indicator so you know when to make a change, 10-metre long cable, specific engineering to deal with pet debris and – for an extra £50 – a ten-year guarantee.


Vax Air CordlessVacuum Cleaner

Tired of plugging your vacuum in? The Vax Air Cordless is the answer. It’s powerful enough to replace a normal vacuum, yet smaller and easier to manoeuvre. All the important bits are made from clear plastic so it’s easy to maintain, too. Two lithium ion batteries (included) last 50 minutes apiece. A six-year guarantee completes the package.

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