Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2023 in india

If chocolates and flowers aren’t going to cut the mustard this year, or you fancy spoiling your better half (or yourself), there’s a host of techie treats out there that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

Instead of a soppy cuddly toy, why not opt for a red hot speaker, steamy coffee machine or even a romantic Italian car to get pulses racing? We’ve rounded up some great ideas to buy you some brownie points in the year ahead, or to cheer you up if you loathe the 14th of February.

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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts in India 2023


Smeg ECF01 Coffee Machine

While a bad romance can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, few of us can resist the rich aroma of coffee in the morning. Smeg’s ECF01 may not have a particularly romantic name, but it does come in cherry red – perfect for Valentine’s day. With its retro design, the espresso machine boasts some appealing curves and can make espresso, cappuccino, latte or latte macchiato, saving you a trip to Starbucks. 

Despite being compact in size, the machine packs a punch with a 1350W pump and allows users to choose between ground coffee or paper pods for convenience. The ECF01 can switch quickly between coffee and steam functions, reaching the ideal temperature for coffee brewing quickly and has a user-friendly control panel for those of us who aren’t too sharp first thing in the morning. If red’s not your colour, it also comes in blue, cream and black.


Apple Watch

One for romantic technofiles. The Apple Watch makes for a great customisable gift, whether your other half if sporty or design conscious (and a handy gift to yourself too). As well as a number of editions and straps to choose from, the watch has an often-overlooked romantic function. 

It allows users to check their heart rate using the Heart Rate app using uses green LED lights paired with lightsensitive photodiodes to detect the amount of blood flowing through their wrist at any given moment. 

While this can be handy when exercising – or fun when watching a horror film – loved-up users can send their heartbeat to a special someone (who owns an Apple Watch or iPhone) as a type of personal message. When the recipient ‘opens’ the message they get some haptic feedback so they can feel the heart. 

Cute or vomit-inducing? You decide.


Nvidia Shield TV

The current state of the art in game and video streaming, the updated Shield will make the pixel-shunter in your life coo with delight.

The live, HD, lag-free streaming of games including Witcher III via GeForce Now (a sort of Netflix for games) is little short of a tech miracle. 

There’s also 4K streaming of games and video from your PC, as well as access to iPlayer, Amazon Video, Netflix and more, plus a wealth of Android apps and games.

Result: your partner will be on the Shield TV for the entire evening, when he/she (well, let’s face it, probably he) should be cooking you a romantic meal for two. Typical!


Pixel Heart Print

#love is the most popular tag on Instagram, with almost one billion photographs labelled with the photographic hashtag. Now you can collate your favourite pictures, including cheesy couple selfies, into a heart-shaped photo montage. Users can choose 55 snaps from their Instagram account from which the Pixel Heart Print is composed, allowing them to display their memories, tell a story or earn serious brownie points this Valentine’s Day. The picture, which measures 42cm x 62cm comes framed or unframed.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Give someone a gift that promises to take them away for hours filled with romance – well, romantic literature at least. Tick the thoughtful box by filling an eReader with all the great love stories – Wuthering Heights, Pride & Prejudice and, erm, 50 Shades of Grey – for a personalised but tech gift. Users intent on impressing early on in an relationship can dazzle their date with their literary knowledge, while those in more ‘comfortable’ relationships can prove they’ve listened over the years by stocking it with their other half’s favourites.

The latest Amazon Kindle Paperlight has twice as many pixels as the previous generation, now matching the quality of print with a 300ppi resolution. It is also thinner than a pencil and lighter than a paperback. But if your partner wants to turn up the romance even more, by delving into a good book in a candle lit bath, you might want to look at Kobo’s new Aura H20, which is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 1 metre of water.


Suck USB Mix Tape

The forgotten classic of Valentine’s gifts, the mixtape, is back. But now in a more reliable digital format. The Suck USB Mix Tape is a 1GB USB stick that comes packaged to look like C900 cassette tape. You can load the memory with up to 900 hours of crisp MP3s and then write your own title and playlist on the cover, just like the good old days. The aim of the game is to show off how great your taste in music is, but be warned, your date is bound to read into your choices – include Chris de Burgh at your peril!


Under Armour UA HealthBox

Couples that train together, stay together, so we’ve got his and hers fitness trackers for you. 

For him (or for her, if she likes black, functional things): Under Armour’s HealthBox, powered by HTC.

Designed to monitor and boost multiple aspects of your health and fitness, this wellness-clinic-in-a-box comprises a UA fitness band, body monitor scales and a chest-strap heart-rate monitor, all feeding into an app. 

NB: if your partner is sensitive about their weight, move on immediately. 

The band measures your resting and active heart rate, sleep, steps and ‘work out intensity’, while the body monitor tracks body weight, body fat percentage and progress towards a chosen goal for up to eight users. 

The cardio chest strap is for measuring your heart rate when you’re really pushing it – wrist-mounted HR tracking doesn’t quite cut the mustard when you’re gymming or pavement pounding. Letting you know how hard you’re working out, and assisting in cardio zone training.


Fitbit Charge 2 

For her (or for him, if he likes pink and rose gold things – hey, why not?): this Fitbit Charge 2 SE in lavender and 22k rose gold plate.

The Charge 2 is currently sitting pretty atop our best fitness trackers list.This special edition sits even prettier, being as it’s all pink and gold and that. It’s feminine but not offensively girly.

Providing competent heart-rate tracking at the gym, as well as daily updates on your resting heart rate, steps, sleep time and quality and overall fitness levels, Charge 2 ticks all imaginable fitness tracker boxes.

Pair it with your phone and it can even track your runs, hikes and bike rides via GPS.

Perhaps best of all, its app both tracks all manner of health and fitness-related stats, it also allows you to compete with friends in long- and short-term ‘step offs’. The result is the most motivating fitness band you can buy.

And frankly, nothing says ‘I love you’, like a device designed to encourage its wearer to spend more time at the gym and on lengthy walks.


Wacom Bamboo Folio

The days of receiving a romantic love letter may be gone, but a smart notebook can let you or your lover pen hand written notes that can be safely stored in the cloud. The Bamboo Folio is intended for creative types as well as avid note makers who enjoy the feeling of writing with a pen, but enjoy the convenience of seeing and storing their work on a computer or online. It comprises a smart pen and pad that with the push of a button lets users convert their handwriting into ‘living’ digital files. Using the Wacom Inkspace app, they can then organise, edit and share their musings and sketches with the world, or a significant other.


UE Boom 2

If music be the food of love, play on – preferably on a romantic red speaker. Shakespeare might have had to make do with a lute (and silver tongue) to woo his lady, but now-a-days a Bluetooth speaker might just do the trick. UE BOOM 2 is the 360-degree wireless Bluetooth speaker that blasts out loudly with a powerful bass – if you want. It boasts Siri and Google Now voice integration so users can command it to play a seductive song by uttering a command having pressed the Bluetooth button on the speaker. It can also recognise motion controls and is available in ‘cherrybomb’ red and pink – perfect for Valentine’s Day.


PNY AD5200 PowerPack

If your other half is always promising to keep in touch, but their phone conveniently runs out of juice, this could be the perfect present for both of you. The PNY AD5200 PowerPack portable charger provides up to two charges for a smartphone and comes with a simple and easy to use digital power indicator display, so there’s no excuse for forgetting to charge it either. Available in charcoal black, rose gold and red, there’s an option for men and women, with no need to utter the annoying apology ‘sorry my phone ran out of battery’ ever again.


Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

The Italians are known for being romantic and a new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is sure to please your partner (or boost your pulling power). The car is said to be the most powerful Alfa Romeo sports car ever created for road use. It scooped the top prize in Top Gear’s first ever public vote for ‘Car of 2016’ and is powered by a new 510hp, 600Nm Bi-Turbo V6 petrol engine and capable of 0 to 62mph in just 3.9 seconds. But if that’s a bit much for the school run, there’s a more practical version too. The standard Giulia saloon has a 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine, 16-inch alloy wheels, cruise control climate control and touchscreen infotainment system so you can drive around in the lap of luxury.

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