Best Washing Machine in India 2021

One of the few necessary things in life is ensuring that you are clean and presentable to face the world, part of which involves making sure you have clean clothes to see you through the day. But handwashing is inefficient, and it’s a pain to have to go to the laundrette all the time, so you might be better off investing in a washing machine of your own.

There are a lot of them out there, and it might be tough distinguishing between the brilliant machines and the ones that are more trouble than they’re worth. Here are a few options to look into.

A lot of the big names are here, including the likes of Samsung, Panasonic, and Bosch. Prices range from the more affordable 10000 rupees up to 30000 rupees so there’s something here that will suit your needs and budget.


Panasonic NA-168VG4WGB: Best Washing Machine in India

Washing machines have the potential to use a lot of energy and water, which can be expensive. That’s why Panasonic has developed this washing machine with efficiency in mind, aiming to save as much water and energy without sacrificing the end result. That’s achieved by using a 3D sensor to sense exactly how many clothes are in the machine, five multi-directional showers that save water and improve cycle speed, and a 15° temperature option. On top of that, it also has a ‘Sazanami drum’ which is a lot gentler on your clothes than a conventional washing machine drum and runs thanks to a sound-absorbing design quietly.


Beko WMB91242LC Washing Machine

If you’ve got a large household, or you need to wash big things like duvets regularly, then you’re in luck because the Beko WMB91242LC has a 9kg drum. Efficiency is the key to this machine, but not just water and energy because Beko’s Aquafusion technology promises to use 25% less detergent per wash. Water is saved thanks to load detection systems automatically, and a high spin speed makes sure that more of it’s removed for easy drying. If that wasn’t enough, the WMB91242LC also has an easy-to-use interactive LCD display, and a child lock to stop them (or particularly rude housemates) from messing with the controls when you’re not looking.


Samsung WW10H9600EW Washing Machine

This is one for those of you who are hell-bent on having more than just a standard washing machine because this is one of Samsung’s most technologically advanced washing machines to date. There’s a lot of focus on efficiency and low cost of running, but it’s the features that make it really stand out. Rather than having the usual detergent draw, the WW10H9600EW has a built-in dispenser for detergent and fabric softener that automatically dispenses based on how much you’re washing and how dirty your clothes are. It will also remember your favourite cycles, four custom washes, a touchscreen interface, and built-in Wi-Fi so you can control the machine from your smartphone. Plus there’s a 10kg drum, so there’s plenty of room for everything.


John Lewis JLWM1205 Washing Machine

In the face of expensive technologically advanced washing machines, it’s nice to get back to the more affordable everyday machines. The JLWM1205 is a great affordable model that’s going to offer excellent wash performance and keep your clothes nice and clean. It’s a very basic machine without any fancy features, but it does have 14 different cycles to match whatever you’re putting in – including a 20-minute quick wash cycle for when you’re in a rush. It also has a 7kg capacity, so you should be fine getting most of your stuff done in a single load.


LG F14U1TBS2 Washing Machine

The main feature of this one is LG’s Turbowash feature, which is a setting that promises to help you save water, time, and energy by washing your clothes faster with internal jet sprays. The internal drive motor doesn’t use a belt and pulley either, and that helps to save energy, increases the machine’s durability, and reduces the amount of noise it makes. It also has steaming functions, which have a multitude of uses. For starters, it helps eliminate allergens and sterilise any bacteria hiding away in your clothes, as well as being useful for softening your clothes and ‘refreshing’ them to eliminate creases. The F14U1TBS2 has some nice modern features too, including a touchscreen interface and NFC-enabled smartphone control.


WMR 560 WPS Washing Machine

This is fairly advanced machine for those of you who want some extra convenience when it comes to washing your things, though it does come with the price to match. Rather than using the standard detergent trays, the WMR 560 WPS automatically dispenses detergent capsules to provide the right amount to get your clothes clean. An interesting feature is that it can handle washing multiple garment types in the same wash, and all you have to do is select them all from a list and let the machine do its job. It also has a steam function for removing creases from your clothes, and internal LEDs to help you make sure you have left any stray socks inside when you’re done.


Samsung WW80H7410EW Washing Machine

If you’re looking for something with a modern feel, with incredible efficiency, then this is the washing machine for you. The WW80H7410EW uses Samsung’s ecobubble technology, which generates bubbles that help to dissolve the detergent so that it penetrates your clothes and removes the dirt and stains more easily. A combination of touchscreen and dials control all the different programs, including a super eco mode and silent wash cycle. Unfortunately it doesn’t have smartphone control, but you can sync the two together and troubleshoot any problems that might arise. They shouldn’t be too much to worry about, though, because Samsung is offering a 10-year guarantee on the WW80H7410EW.


Bosch WIS28441GB Washing Machine

If you’re looking for a machine with a nice all-round set of features, this is definitely one to look into. The Bosch WIS28441GB comes with measures to help you save water, gently treat your clothes when they’re in the drum, and quiet running so you can go off and do other things without being disturbed by the constant racket of your clothes being cleaned. The WIS28441GB’s ActiveWater technology adjusts how much water is used based on the fabric and how much you’re washing, to avoid unnecessary wastage. Inflow is optimised to be gentle, thereby soaking faster and more evenly into your clothes.


Zanussi ZWI71201WA Washing Machine

Another good all-rounder, the Zanussi ZWI71201WA is a machine that offers efficiency in a more affordably priced machine. The main thing to note is that this machine has an incredible 21 different washing programs, which should be more than enough to deal with anything your clothes can throw at it. In terms of efficiency, this machine has ‘fuzzy logic’ technology is another system that detects the size of the wash load, so that it doesn’t use any excess water, and is cold fill only, which means that energy isn’t wasted heating up water that won’t be used in the wash.

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