Blender VS Mixer; Which one is right for you?

Gone are the days where food was prepared manually from scratch. With the advent of technology, newer and updated kitchen appliances have made themselves home in every other household. Such kitchen appliances include a blender and a mixer.

Both the apparatuses are known for their versatility and efficiency. They make it easier for people to prepare food without rubbing their elbow greases. Are you planning on buying one of them but are confused about the final decision? You need not worry as we have completed thorough research about both- blenders and mixers, for you to make an informed decision. Read ahead and learn the difference between the two.


How does a Blender work?


As compared to the other modern appliances, a blender is still a newer trend and invention. It was invented by a man named Stephen Poplawski in 1922 when he decided to place a spinning blade at the surface of a container. This was used to make soda fountain drinks.

Generally, a blender is used to make smoothies, slushy drinks, pureed soups, etc. It is used to mix, purée, crush, or emulsify solid food substances into liquid. It has a jar that consists of rotating blades at its base. An electric motor is connected to run the blades.

Immersion blenders are new to the market that have the motors at the top. These are highly portable and easy to use.


How does a Mixer work?


The mixer was invented by Herbert Johnson in 1908. He was an engineer for Hobart Manufacturing Company. He got the idea for an electric standing mixer by observing a baker mixing his bread dough with the help of a metal spoon.

Apart from the regular kitchen and cooking work, mixers are extensively used in the baking field. It is used to mix, fold, and beat the food ingredients.

There are two types of mixers: stand mixers and hand mixers. You can choose any as per your requirements.


Difference Between a Blender and a Mixer

Even though both- blenders and mixers are important kitchen appliances, certain differences can change their functionality, like the following:


As the name suggests, a blender is used to blend all the ingredients together. Therefore, it is used to make smoothies, milkshakes, etc.

On the other hand, a mixer is used to mix the ingredients together. Hence, it is used to make the cake batter, whipping eggs, etc.

We can also say that a blender can only be used after the ingredients are liquefied. However, a mixer can be used to slide and chop solid food ingredients as well.



A blender has the following major parts: a motor, blades, and a container. The electric motor is secured to prevent or lessen the vibration. The shaft goes through the housing and assembles with the blade.

There are two types of mixers: stand mixers and handheld mixers.

They could either rotate vertically or rotate the entire container.



There is a vast difference when it comes to the prices of blenders and mixers. It is seen that mixers stand on the pricier end when compared to blenders.

As mixers perform more number and types of tasks than a blender, the price is justified.



After considering all the factors and understanding the technicalities, we can conclude that if you are looking for an all-purpose kitchen appliance, nothing will surpass a qualitative mixer. Not only will it help you crush solid foods, but it will also mix all the ingredients in question effortlessly.

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