Buy used air conditioning

On hot days, mobile air conditioning is really a win. You can cool any room to a pleasant temperature because, indoors, the heat is sometimes unbearable. Mobile air conditioners are easy to transport and, if necessary, the device can be easily pushed into another room.

Buy a used mobile portable air conditioning 

On many internet portals, used mobile air conditioning systems are now also offered because a new device has its price. But is it really a good idea to buy the mobile air conditioning smoked?

The question is easy to answer: NO! Because often these devices are outdated and don’t bring the cooling performance you expect. You must also take into account the energy efficiency class because mobile air conditioning must not consume too much electricity. There is also no guarantee for used devices, and no one knows whether the mobile air conditioning system will give up the ghost after a short time. Although a new mobile air conditioning system is relatively expensive, you have to reckon with around 400 euros. However, you can be sure that the mobile air conditioning meets your requirements and that it consumes little energy. So think carefully about whether used mobile air conditioners really save money.

It is better to do without one or the other additional function with a new device because the equipment determines the price.

The function of  portable air conditioning systems

Mobile air conditioners actually work quite simply. The heat is removed from the room and transported outdoors via an exhaust air hose. At the same time, cold air is blown into the room. The Watt number always indicates the cooling power, but if you buy used mobile air conditioners, you can’t rely on full power. The watt number can vary significantly from actual power. Also, the power consumption does not have to correspond to the specifications of the manufacturers; you will quickly notice this on your wallet. It’s better to buy a new device because here you can rely on correct cooling performance. As a rule, 60 watts per square meter are calculated.

The hose for the exhaust air

An exhaust air hose for mobile air conditioning is absolutely necessary. The warm air has to be transported outside, only so the device works really efficiently and you are satisfied with the performance. If the heated air remains in the room, it cannot be cooled. So any mobile air conditioner should have an exhaust air hose. Nevertheless, there are many devices on the market that are supposed to work without a hose. The cooling capacity can be strongly doubted here because if the warm air is blown back into the room, air conditioning is not possible at all. For mobile air conditioning systems with exhaust air hose, the hose can also be extended, but you should still refrain from extending it. Because you always have to keep in mind, the shorter the hose, the better the cooling performance.

These questions need to be answered.

Although you can buy a used mobile air conditioner, the following questions must provide satisfactory answers here as well.

  • What is the volume of the air conditioning system?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • What is the weight of the device?
  • How much electricity can the air conditioner consume?
  • Is the cooling capacity generated with water or air?
  • What design is desired?
  • What additional functions should the mobile air conditioning system have?


These questions are important, but used mobile air conditioners may not satisfy all your needs. New devices are considerably better; entry-level models are available for as much as 400euros. Of course, there are no limits to the top; good devices cost 1,500 euros and more. At this price, however, a luxury model with all sophistication is available.

However, you should not do without mobile air conditioning systems; you can use them to bring any room to a pleasant temperature. They also do good services in the commercial sector, and the equipment should be available in offices or factory halls. Mobile air conditioning is practically a must; the areas of application are virtually unlimited. A new mobile air conditioning system is, of course, preferable, models for beginners are not expensive at all, but have exactly the equipment you want.


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