Buying the Right Kitchen Appliances

has all its advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to the purchase of a kitchen. Does the question arise whether it is cheaper to buy the kitchen with all appliances completely or the kitchen appliances separately? In principle, this is a decision that should be left to everyone. However, there are already a few differences. You re-setup your kitchen and browse in catalogues and on the Internet to see if one meets your taste. Of course, the price also plays a role. Suppose you’ve found something you like, colour and price, in your mind, but the kitchen appliances aren’t what you wanted. In this case, you could improvise and install your old kitchen appliances in the new furniture. But, if new, then everything. So you can now choose to buy new kitchen appliances. There are several ways to do this:


Tips for Buying the Right Kitchen Appliances

  1. You can assemble your new kitchen furniture with separate kitchen appliances in a furniture store or kitchen outfitter. But that would be quite expensive.
  2. You buy exactly the kitchen you discovered and found to be beautiful, measure the savings for the kitchen furniture and buy the kitchen appliances later, appropriately.

complete kitchens are usually equipped with older kitchen appliances. But you would like a stove with an induction hob and a separate oven, which you can install a little higher. In your kitchen, you have chosen as kitchen appliances but only a conventional electric stove with the integrated oven to buy. That would be, for example, a situation in which action is needed. In comparison, a complete kitchen with associated kitchen appliances naturally has its advantages. However, the disadvantages should not be overlooked either. The advantages of buying a kitchen, including all kitchen appliances:

  • As it was seen in the catalogue, in the furniture store or online, it is finally at your home.
  • No annoying search for the missing kitchen appliances.
  • Priced – depending on the size – between 2000 € (only a small kitchenette) and 5500 € (for example, a kitchen over corner) (although the price still has a lot of air up).


The disadvantages of buying a kitchen, including all kitchen appliances:

  • Cheap kitchen furniture, but somewhat outdated kitchen appliances.
  • A complete kitchen with the most modern kitchen appliances cost almost as much as a new mid-size car and punches a huge hole in your household coffers or savings account. It often costs more than €13,000.
  • A luxury or designer kitchen, with all the frills, has to be expertly planned and made to measure. This is not only time-consuming but costs nerves and a lot of money.


Buy kitchen appliances

kitchen appliances

If, on the other hand, you decide on a kitchen without kitchen appliances, buy yourself a little dream.

The advantages of buying a kitchen without kitchen appliances:

  • You can put together your kitchen appliances individually to your needs.
  • You can combine everything, the furniture and the kitchen appliances.
  • You can get a real bargain with one or the other device.
  • Create your entire kitchen as you wish.
  • And if the colours of your new and modern, separately purchased kitchen appliances don’t match your new kitchen cabinets, then there are foils that can be glued quickly and by everyone. Voila – your kitchen in a new look is the ultimate highlight for amateur and professional chefs.
  • You save money.


Of course, there are a few disadvantages here too if you buy your new electrical appliances separately:

  • You must handle the meter to determine the dimensions for the refrigerator, stove, oven, extractor hood and dishwasher. If you do not do so, these kitchen appliances are often too small or too large, which does not give a good overall picture.
  • The kitchenette must be set in such a way that the kitchen appliances purchased separately can also be inserted so that they are at the respective connectors.

Nand you can ask yourself whether it is really worth buying kitchen with integrated or separate kitchen appliances? Which variant is the best for your purposes? If you are often and long on the road, professionally involved, maybe even a single, who doesn’t have much time to cook anyway and doesn’t stay long in the kitchen, then surely a kitchen with all the kitchen appliances that are integrated is enough. For this, it does not necessarily have to be the latest and most modern equipment. But do you have a family that appreciates your cooking skills and likes to cook yourself and cooks a lot? Then you really would have to consider whether you would not put together your own kitchen. The kitchen cupboards can be ordered from the “rod” to suit your taste and cooking needs. The kitchen appliances, on the other hand, you will then choose and order separately from the point of view of your wishes or buy them in a specialist shop. The advantages speak for themselves. In any case, it is clear that you will not be able to enjoy a “cheap kitchen” with all the drums and drums for very long. It can only be so cheap because savings have been made in some corners, which is also responsible for longevity. The manufacturer already reckons that if you decide on such a kitchen, you will have to buy new kitchen furniture again and again.

WIf the kitchen furniture is a little more expensive, you can assume that it is made of more robust material and is more durable. The electrical appliances of your choice, which you have chosen individually to suit the furniture and your needs, will be preserved for a long time. The fun of cooking and serving your family and friends is therefore left to you and will be fun even longer. In the end, it remains your decision and you will make the right decision! Buy kitchen appliances.

However, do not forget that the waste equipment must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Since 24.03.2005 manufacturers have had to ensure that the waste equipment is properly disposed of or recycled. So don’t let the supplier of the new appliances shrug them off, because they can take your old kitchen appliances with you. Otherwise, you will still have the free disposal at the designated collection points (waste dump, scrap dealer or bulky waste with registered e-devices).

If the old equipment still works, put them for sale or gift on one of the many online platforms so that someone else who has no money for something new can enjoy it.

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