Can We Apply Oil After Hair Smoothening?

How many times have you wished for those gorgeous, smooth, and shiny hair? Well, let’s admit, the countless number of times, we all have desired that glamorous hair.

Many of us try different remedies to enhance the beauty and health of our hair. One of the most popular and tried ways is to opt for hair smoothening. Despite its wonderful results, hair smoothening still comes along with a lot of many doubts. Not many people are aware of the dos and don’ts after hair smoothening.

“Can we apply oil after hair smoothening?” We all are looking for its relevant and accurate answer which can be completely trusted to avoid any complications. If this is something that is bothering you as well, then let us get inside the details to find if it’s really beneficial to apply oil after hair smoothening.


Should You Apply Oil After Hair Smoothening?

Should You Apply Oil After Hair Smoothening

Many myths come along with hair smoothening. However, a deep study considering all the facts can help to jump on to a specific conclusion. So, without getting into any further delay, let us talk about this very common concern that most of us have.

Applying oil after hair smoothening is a strict NO. Many studies indicate that one should apply air after hair smoothening for at least 2-weeks. If you apply oil on your hair or scalp after smoothening, then there are high chances that your hair will start losing its shine and texture very soon.

It is also advised to avoid applying any kind of oil-based products on your hair for about a month as it can damage the quality of your hair. Moreover, you should also avoid going for oil-based spa treatments once you are done with your hair smoothening.


Can Serum Be Applied?

Can Serum Be Applied

Well, most people often confuse hair serum with hair oil as well. However, the two are completely different things.

Some experts suggest that one can apply hair serum after hair smoothening in very less quantity. Hair serum can be applied after a week of hair smoothening but make sure not to choose an oil-based hair serum.

A single drop of hair serum equals nearly 3 drops of oil. Therefore, you should be very particular while applying hair serum to your hair. You can apply hair serum after a week of hair smoothening but applying oil is not an option.

Now, when it is clear that applying hair oil should not be on your list of hair care, you should look for some other better ways to take care of your hair. So, what are they? Would you be interested in knowing?

Let us look at some simple care tips you should follow to make sure that your smooth hair never gets out of fashion due to damage.


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Care Tips For Hair After Hair Smoothening:

Care Tips For Hair After Hair Smoothening

You shouldn’t be applying oil immediately after doing hair smoothening. You should start oiling your hair after 10-12 days of the treatment. Simply massage in circular motions on your scalp and hair and leave overnight. Use an Ayurvedic shampoo for washing your hair.

Other than this, you can try some other hair care tips to ensure flaunting your gorgeous hair.

What should you do during the initial 48-hours of hair smoothening?

The first 48-hours after your hair smoothening is very important and thus, special care should be taken during that time. You should avoid any kind of water usage on your hair during the initial 48-hours of hair smoothening.

Any kind of water application on your hair can damage the quality and smoothness of your hair.


What should be your steps after the initial 48-hours?

After the initial 48-hours are done, you should start taking more care of your hair. Hair smoothening is done using a lot of chemicals which demands extra care. Thus, after 2-days of hair smoothening, you should try and handle your hair really well.

After 2-3 days, you should wash your hair using a mild shampoo. Post that, try and use a suitable conditioner on your hair; leaving it for a little extra than before to give your hair the care they need. Use warm water for removing excess conditioner from your hair.

You can also use a leave-in cream on your hair to lock the necessary moisture on the hair and make them frizz-free.


How to detangle your hair after washing?

Once you have washed your hair, the next step comes of detangling your hair. You should be very gentle and careful while detangling your hair to avoid any damages or hair fall.

Avoid using any hairbrush for detangling your hair. Rather use a wide mouth comb.


How should you handle your hair after 15-days of your treatment?

After 15-days, your hair has successfully adapted to the smoothening and even your scalp has adjusted to the changes. But that doesn’t mean you stop caring for your hair. In fact, this is the time when you should more concerned with your hair’s health.

Make sure to eat healthy food, include more dairy products in your diet, consume more water, avoid applying too much heat on your hair/scalp, etc. Use only recommended hair care products to get desired results with your hair.

Also, you shouldn’t be applying any hair color or hair highlighting as it will completely damage the quality and health of your hair. Anything relating to the hair should be done after 6-months of the treatment.


Which Oil Should Be Applied After Hair Smoothening?

While you are planning to apply oil on your hair, you should be sure of what oil be applied to the hair. You need such oil that can maintain your hair’s health without reducing the smoothening quality.

You can try applying a mixture of almond oil and olive oil or a mixture of avocado oil and argan oil on your hair and scalp. Keep the oil overnight and then wash with an Ayurvedic shampoo for best results.


Final Thoughts:

Hair smoothening is a proper treatment that needs constant and proper care. You should be very particular about when to apply oil and when to do other things to keep your glamorous hair shiny and attractive without any damages.

We hope all this information will be of great help to you all. Let us know your thoughts about the same in the comments.

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