Canon Pixma G3000 Review

Canon being the topmost well-known printer brand has produced some of the finest printers leading the industry. The brand has targeted their specific audiences with their printers for homes use. The brand has something or the other amazing product for every of your specific needs. Here, we are talking about one of the top models of the brand – G3000 which has impressed each of its users with its brilliant and outstanding performance. Let us get an in-depth analysis of the model.  


Performance of Canon G3000:

Performance of Canon G3000: The Canon G3000 is multi-functional to cater to all the needs of homes and offices very efficiently. The printer is 445mm wide and 163mm in its height. It also comes with an in-built scanner and photocopy feature that makes it a complete package for the users.


Design and looks:

Design and looks The printer is very similar to any other multipurpose inkjet printer with its flatbed design. Then what makes it different from the other inkjet printers available? Well, the Canon G3000 is designed with an in-built ink tank that is capable of holding more amount of ink than any other traditionally designed inkjet printer.

Another interesting asset in its design is that the ink tank is placed within the printer that maintains its size for easy and convenient storage. The inserted ink tank is transparent so that the users get a clear idea of the ink levels for use.

For refilling the tank, you simply have to open the top cover of the printer followed by the opening of the ink tank. The available paper tray is adjustable and can hold up to 100 sheets. Thanks to the high-capacity ink tanks, there isn’t any need for frequent refilling. Also, the unique design of the ink tanks ensures that the ink doesn’t spill during refills preventing any mess.

What doesn’t impress us in its design? Well, the paper tray inclines backward when open. This calls for the need for some additional space behind the printer ensuring its proper and uninterrupted working.


Printing options:

Printing anything using the Canon G3000 is super convenient. The device is compatible with all kinds of Wi-Fi connectivity allowing the users to take prints from all kinds of devices – smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. You can rely on your smartphones to take quality prints even when not sharing the same network.

The printer lacks an Ethernet port but it is made compatible with Canon Selphy App. Using the app, the printer sets up a private network wirelessly for connecting with the smartphone. In addition to this, the printer is enabled with an auto-sleep mode. Whenever the printer is not operational, it automatically shuts down. It resumes its working with the print command. Thus, it can be said that the printer is made compatible with multiple printing options.  

The exceptionally high-quality page yield:

For any printer, one of the major attractions is its high-quality and high page yield and the Canon G3000 doesn’t seem to lack behind in any of these parameters. The printer is capable to take black/white and colored prints along with printing photos on standard A4 sheets.

It comes with a maximum of 4800 X 1200dpi print resolution. The printer also supports duplex printing that assures printing on both sides of the paper. It comes with brilliant printing speed which makes it truly impressive. It takes 2 minutes and 20 seconds to print a photo on glossy A4 paper which is pretty impressive as compared to the traditional printing speed. Other than this, it takes 25 seconds to take a colored print whereas it needs 8 seconds for a black/white print.

The printer is not just about its printing speed but it comprises many other impressive features. The printer is enabled with an editing tool known as – My Image Garden. Thanks to this tool, you can easily enhance the quality of the print by adjusting its sharpness, softness, contrast, brightness, or by simply adding filters to it.

You can take 6,000 prints with a fully filled black ink tank and a total of 7,000 colored prints. Moreover, every new color comes at an affordable price of INR 500 which makes it an easy buy for everyone.


  • Printing cost is less than other similar printers
  • Unique concept and design of the ink tanks to prevent spilling during refills
  • High-quality printing
  • Can be accessed using the simple-to-use Canon Selphy App


  • Doesn’t support an Ethernet port
  • The control panel lacks a display


Final Verdict: Canon G3000 is a complete package that supports all the modern-times printing needs. The price though seems to be on the expensive side but that is completely justified. The minimal printing cost balances the higher initial cost that makes it an affordable buy for the long run.

The printer is also stylish and compact demanding less storage space. The page yield is also impressive making it a worthy buy in all aspects. What are your thoughts about the Canon G3000 printer? Let us know by commenting your opinions in the comment section.  

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