How to Care for an Orthopedic Mattress

Do you know how to care for your favorite orthopedic mattress properly? Did sellers tell you how different care is depending on the design, type, and model? For the long operation of the orthopedic mattress is very important to follow the instructions in which the manufacturer points out the main points.


The basics of the right approach to using the mattress

Regardless of the country of production and brand, each type of mattress has an approximate limit on the duration of the operating period:

  1. Spring mattresses on dependent and independent spring blocks usually withstand 7 to 15 years of intensive operation;
  2. Owners of models with independent high-density spring blocks can expect 10-16 years of use;
  3. spring-free mattresses made of foam do not lose their properties for 5-9 years;
  4. monolithic or puff mattresses, which do not have springs and are made of natural materials, can delight you up to 12-17 years.

If you comply with simple operation points, the product’s life will increase by at least 3-5 additional years, which, you will agree, is a lot.

Pay attention to the simplest tips to help keep the quality of your product longer:

  • Selection by the size of the base will save from the appearance of folds, deformations, slip, and erasure;
  • A well-chosen base is a key to keeping the mattress in a presentable and easy-to-use form;
  • Ground slats are desirable to choose from wood;
  • there should be a certain gap between the plates to improve ventilation and the anatomical characteristics of the base.

In the process of use, do not forget about the following tips:

  1. turning the mattress should be subject to the following algorithm: once a month for the first six months, followed by once every 6 months;
  2. The change concerns not only the sides but also the direction of the head-foot;
  3. regular airing or stable ventilation of the room.

To ventilate the mattress, you need to remove it from the bed and set it in a horizontal position with the condition of air access on all sides. If you have a good lag base with air access under it, such an operation is unnecessary. It is usually enough to ventilate a few hours, but if possible – leave the mattress in this state for a day. Do not expose the surface to direct UV rays.

Importantly! New mattresses may have a specific smell. This is not to be put off; this situation is normal when the mattress is removed from the airtight packaging. To weather its weather, the purchase should be taken out on the street, balcony, or left in a room with free air access, having previously completely rid the product of the package.


Cover function

To prevent dirt and dust from entering the mattress, manufacturers offer to buy protective hygiene cases. There are mattresses impregnated with antistatic, which does not allow to accumulate static electricity, or antibacterial substance – to protect the product from bacteria, pathogens, and just from dirt.

The vago-repellent properties are characteristic of cases with appropriate waterproof impregnation. Families often purchase such goods with young children, pets, owners of apartments and houses observed with high humidity. Such mattresses are also widely used for medical purposes.

Customers can order an additional mattress for the kit to be purchased, an additional mattress. This approach will allow you to carry out the change and washing of covers without hindrance. The benefit of buying an additional removable mattress is that the company offers a perfect case to the directly ordered mattress. The problem of the appearance of the mattress is solved easily, beautifully, and inexpensively.

Remember! To clean and wash the case from all sorts of pollution prepared rules, the buyer should adhere. Please find out about them from the manufacturer on the website or from the accompanying instructions.


How to clean a mattress

clean a mattress

Examine the side of your mattress to determine what type of case is applied by the manufacturer – being zipped or non-removable.

1 – If the case is removed, it can be washed in the washing machine with the specified type of washing (hand, delicate), temperature, type of powder. This can be done only if the manufacturer directly indicates the possibility of washing the case. Otherwise, it can sit down, and then the case will be irretrievably spoiled!

2 – Cleaning the non-removable case manually removes the contaminated contaminants with a warm soap solution, neatly washed off with clean water.

Remember! When stains are removed, it is convenient to divide the surface into separate areas for separate treatment. Try all cleaning chemicals first in small areas hidden from view. After the cleaning procedure, be sure to dry the mattress, its case, and filling the case. Humidity should not be. Otherwise, the filling can begin to sniffy and exude a musty smell.


What you can’t do with a mattress

Remember what actions are not allowed when using an orthopedic mattress:

  • It’s forbidden to bend! Bends on mattresses with built-in spring blocks and coconut filler should not be allowed. The springs will be deformed when bending, and the coconut slab will collapse. This means that the product will not be able to provide the expected effect. Mattresses from PPus, from latex, or purchased in the form of a roll can be rolled up with the preservation of the orthopedic effect.
  • The vertical position is forbidden! Orthopedic mattresses can be stored, ventilated, operated only at horizontal locations. The vertical placement has a devastating effect on products and soft layers of filling.
  • Forget knocking out! Models with orthopedic effects are forbidden to beat. Occasionally, you can clean with a vacuum cleaner using a soft nozzle. It is allowed to shake the product lightly or brush on the surface to get rid of dust.
  • Jumping is forbidden! In some cases, manufacturers responsibly declare that their products are ready to withstand the active games of children. However, if you want to extend the model’s life, tell the kids about the ban on jumping on the mattress. This is especially true for mattresses with independent spring blocks.

It is undesirable to store any things under the mattress. Manufacturers strongly recommend ensuring a flat surface of the base for laying an orthopedic model. If you keep things under the base, make sure they do not prop up the grille and mattress.

If you follow the advice on careful care of mattresses with orthopedic effects, the lifespan will be significantly increased.

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