how to remove fridge smell

How to remove fridge smell

How do I get the smell out of the fridge? Sometimes leaving too long a dish in sauce or fish, cheese, melon, a bad smell emerges throughout the fridge. So cleaning the refrigerator is not enough. It is necessary to remove the odours from the fridge so that …

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How to Clean a Refrigerator - The Home Depot

How to Clean a Refrigerator

The refrigerator and freezer are the household appliances that are most commonly used in the kitchen. Washing these devices, first, is important for your health, and, secondly, ensures the correct work and long life of the equipment. Let’s start with …

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Cool rooms in summer

Cool rooms in summer

Soon it is time again: the summer is coming, and again it will be unbearably warming many apartments, especially when the thermometer rises to over 30 degrees. People are particularly hard hit by the heat that lives or works in the city …

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Malnutrition in Children

Malnutrition in Children

Childhood is considered a transcendental stage in man’s evolutionary process, characterized by two phenomena: growth and development, for which adequate nutrition is essential. According to Unicef by malnutrition in childhood is the most regretted by society, since at this stage …

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best dishwasher in India

best dishwasher in India 2021

The best dishwasher is naturally “the best one you can afford and fit in your kitchen.” From our testing, the Bosch Serie 8 SMS88TW02G offers the best blend of features, cleaning power and price.   If you’re after something altogether more serious, and …

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