How To Choose a Wifi Router

How To Choose a Wifi Router?

This time, we will try to tell you how to choose a WiFi router and what criteria you need to pay attention to. To do this, we will listen to the expert opinion, consider different types of equipment, the importance of individual characteristics, including the broadcast range, standards, types of antennas. In addition, let’s talk … Read more

Best Compact Camera in India

5 Best Compact Camera in India 2021

See our pick of the best pint-sized cameras that capture stunning pics and fit snug inside your pocket 1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 PERFORMANCE: The best blend of power and portability currently available, with the Leica lens and ISO up to 1600 meaning excellent pics in all conditions LOVE: Splendid Leica lens. Sharp, colourful images. Solid … Read more

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India 2021

Wi-Fi, wireless and (often) multi-room speakers are quite literally the current big thing in audio. Here, we’re dealing with premium Wi-Fi speakers, from INR 20000 to about INR 1,00,000. I’ve spent the last year trialling all the big hitters in my gracious home, long-term.  During that time I’ve formed strong opinions on which has the … Read more

Best Bluetooth Headphones in India

Best Bluetooth Headphones in India 2021

Travel a lot with work? Got a long commute? Have annoyingly chatty colleagues? You need noise cancelling headphones and you need them now. They’ll stop you having your music, podcasts and audiobooks ruined by the outside world and let you concentrate on you. A few years back, noise cancellers were wired affairs with big batteries, … Read more

Best Smart TV in India


WHY YOU SHOULD UPGRADE YOUR TV NOW Now is the best time in years to get a new television. The world of telly tech has certainly never been more exciting. The shift from 1080p HD to 2160p 4K not only introduced a massive upturn in resolution, but heralded a shift to Wide Colour Gamut panels … Read more