Using air conditioning systems for heating as well as cooling

Using air conditioning systems for heating as well as cooling

Most modern air conditioners not only cool but also have a heating function. This makes sense, especially in cold seasons. You will learn how heating works with air conditioners, the advantages and disadvantages of it and how you can even save money with air conditioner heating. THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS AT A GLANCE: With efficient air conditioning, you can … Read more

Best tumble dryer in India

Best tumble dryer in India 2021

Miele T 8164 WP Load: 7kg | Type: Condenser | Size: H 850 x W 595 x D 596 | Energy efficiency: A+ Like many premium-priced dryers, the A+ rated Miele uses a heat pump to reheat the air that’s circulating within the dryer. During the clothes drying process, moist hot air passes through a filter where it is cooled, turning it … Read more

Best Smart TV in India

Best Smart TV in India 2021

In the TV market, large 4K screens, many boasting HDR compatibility, are now the order of the day. In my role as the UK’s leading expert on televisions, I’ve been scouring the trade shows, and wrestling with people in the shopping aisles on Black Friday, only to find the best affordable television for you personally, … Read more

Best Iron in India 2021

If you atre looking for Best iron in India then read complete article, Our choice is the Philips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator (scroll down for full review). This doesn’t exactly make ironing ‘fun’, but it does take most of the hassle out of it, with no temperature gauge, the removal of even the slightest possibility … Read more

Best 4k Tv in India

Best 4k TV in India 2021

With an almost unprecedentedly sporty summer of sport underway, a person’s thoughts turn to getting a new TV. But can you get a great 4k TV? You’ll be pleased to know, the answer is, ‘Yes. There are some quite orgasmic tellies for a grand and up, boasting 4K UHD resolution, advanced HDR and wide colour … Read more

Best vacuum cleaner in India 2021

Here we have reviewed the Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners available in India 2021 at affordable price range. Dyson DC50 Vacuum Cleaner The smallest upright vacuum from Dyson is the DC50. It weighs 5.4kg so you can lug it up and down the stairs without needing the build of Channing Tatum. Meanwhile the two-tier radial … Read more