How to Choose a Mattress For a Double Bed

When buying a sleeping surface, each person considers first of all their needs and wishes, choosing a product of a certain thickness, rigidity, and quality. No wonder they say that “there is no taste and color of comrades.” Some people prefer mattresses of medium elasticity with natural filler. In contrast, others are more convenient to sleep on a tighter bed, and for them, it does not matter the internal filling. That is why when buying a sleeping surface for two, there are unforeseen difficulties. How to choose a mattress for a double bed to correspond to the characteristics of the body of people with different physical parameters?


Expert Recommendations

To buy a sleeping surface for a couple to become a successful investment, you need to follow the following principles when choosing:

  • Purchase a mattress designed specifically for a double bed;
  • Take into account the size of the mattress and their correspondence to the size of the piece of furniture;
  • be sure to take into account the weight and height of both people who will sleep on the mattress (couples require mostly double models);
  • to take into account the habits and needs of both partners.

Another important aspect is the material used for tailoring the case. It is desirable to prefer models whose upholstery is made of natural fabric, namely cotton, jacquard, blaze, flax, wool (for the winter period). Covers of this quality well pass air so that the filler products do not accumulate moisture, its life increases, and the risk of allergy is reduced to zero.

Acquisition of a double mattress is a process that requires a careful approach and study not only the characteristics of the product but also the characteristics of the couple’s body. However, having spent time choosing a sleeping surface, you can become the owner of a handy item, which will last more than one year, providing a full and comfortable night’s rest. Let’s carefully consider all aspects of choosing a mattress for a couple.


Weight category value in a double mattress

Bodyweight is the main criterion, which is taken into account when choosing a mattress. The more weight a person sleeps, the higher and tougher the product should be. When buying a two-bedroom model, it is important to take into account the mass of both partners. If the difference in weight in a man and a woman is not significant, that is, does not exceed 30-40 kg, then problems with the choice of the sleeping surface, as a rule, do not arise. You need to agree on the choice of the desired rigidity of the mattress.

Modern orthopedic mattresses for double beds are presented in a wide range, so each couple, if desired, will be able to find the best suitable option, both in characteristics and rigidity and in cost. When choosing a mattress, it is characteristic “maximum weight per sleeper” should not exceed the weight of the heaviest person in the pair. Also, do not forget that rigidity depends on first, the rigidity of the mattress, and secondly, on the weight of the person.

For people with a small difference in weight are recommended the following models of mattresses:

  1. It’s unsalable. Products with a monolithic block consisting mainly of PPUs – foam, are available price and moderate rigidity, so they are in high demand among consumers. Of course, despite these advantages, such items have several drawbacks. In particular, we are talking about a short lifespan and rapid loss of orthopedic properties. More durable natural springless mattresses – on the fibers of a coconut palm, with natural latex or combined mattresses from these materials. Sleeping surfaces on coconut coir are quite tight to be more convenient for young people with a slight difference in weight. Filling from such material will never cause allergies or shelter for the appearance and reproduction of pathogens. Pure latex mattresses – comfortable and soft, but combined – medium-hard, and often performed with different rigidity of the sides for greater convenience and the possibility of choosing the level of elasticity of the surface.
  2. Spring mattresses with an independent unit. Representatives of this category deservedly occupy a leading position in terms of price and quality. These mattresses are comfortable enough to provide full maintenance of both spouses’ bodies during sleep and do not create unpleasant sounds (squeak) under load influence. In addition, there are two-way models of spring mattresses with an independent unit. They differ favorably from the rest of the parties with varying degrees of rigidity and climate control (winter-summer). They also contain separate springs placed in fabric covers and covered on top layers of latex and coconut copra. If the maximum weight of one of the pairs exceeds 100kg, we advise you to look towards mattresses with increased spring density – with blocks of Multipocket and Micropocket.
  3. Spring with a Block like Bonnel. Such mattresses fall into the category of economy option. Their cost is relatively low, but at the same time, the products have high strength and can last quite a long time. The downside of Bonnel’s spring mattresses is the presence of a hammock effect. Under the weight of the body, the sleeping surface sags in a place of maximum load, not providing proper orthopedic maintenance. This is because the inside of the product is a large number of metal springs connected in one block and dependent on each other. Another drawback is the creaking during the flipping, which interferes with a quiet sleep. Therefore, such mattresses win only at a price, which, in fact, makes them popular among millions of consumers with a limited budget.

Among the springless mattresses, models with coconut filler and latex layer have best established themselves. They are comfortable, practical, durable, and ensure proper maintenance of the bodies of sleeping people. From spring mattresses, it is better to choose those with an independent spring block.

Some modern double mattresses with a dependent block are more improved by adding special inserts in spring blocks and using quality material for cladding. In this way, they can withstand weights of up to 150 kg per bed. They are less prone to deformation, wear-resistant and practical, but orthopedic properties are still low.

If the bodyweight of the spouses is significantly different, the choice of a double mattress can be complicated, as the needs of partners are different, and the above options of sleeping surfaces will not be able to satisfy both. It is important to buy a product that will not create a hammock effect in such a situation. Otherwise, the partner with less weight will constantly roll down to the second side, under which the mattress will bend heavily. Accordingly, there can be no talk of a quiet and comfortable dream.

For spouses with a big difference in weight, experts recommend purchasing the following variants of double mattresses:

  1. Double-spring mattresses(spring-in-spring).
  2. Products with independent springs and different levels of rigidity.
  3. Mattresses with an independent spring block and uneven filling.

The block of models under no.1 consists of large and placed smaller springs, due to which double maintenance is performed. A partner with light bodyweight is supported by the main elements, and the heavier – also additional internal with a small diameter. Thus, it turns out a progressive characteristic of the action of the spring, the mattress evenly bends under both people, and the “hammock effect” is absent.

Options under No.2 are products with springs of different elasticity and fillers of varying degrees of rigidity – the mattress divided into two halves. For example, one-half of this surface has a hard coconut palm court layer, the second – from a softer latex. This allows the product to perform its orthopedic functions and provides convenience during sleep for both spouses. They are convenient and practical for spouses in different weight categories, but such mattresses have not been sufficiently distributed and are very rare.


Sizes of mattress for two

The standard size for a comfortable but not too large double space is 160 x 200 cm – it provides the necessary comfort in width and length. If you are cramped in the room’s space, the best choice will be a mattress size 140 x190 or 140 x200 cm – these are the most common sizes of double beds compact dimensions. If the room’s size allows you to buy a large mattress, we can recommend sizes 180 x 2000 and 200 x200 cm. However, in any case, carefully measure the free space where the bed will be located and remember that the outer dimensions of the bed give an increase of 5-15 cm in each direction depending on the model and the factory bed.



What mattress to purchase for a double bed, each determines for himself, taking into account not only the needs of their and the partner but also taking into account all the disadvantages and advantages of each particular model, as well as financial capabilities.

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