How to choose the right water purifier?

Water is one such basic necessity of life that cannot be compromised at any cost. But are you sure, your drinking water is safe? Are you using suitable water purifier?

The water purifier is one of the basic necessities of the present time to get quality water. Even a simple mistake in the selection can degrade the water quality and risk the life of your loved ones.

It may seem easy to choose a water purifier but it is one of the most important decisions to make. Therefore, you should be sure of the important factors to consider for making an apt selection.

Now, are you aware of any of the essential factors? Well, if not, don’t worry; we have mentioned some of the essential ones for you.


Factors to consider for buying the best and right water purifier:

If you are planning to buy a high-quality water purifier, these essential factors would be a great help. Let us quickly have a look at some of the important factors to consider when choosing the right water purifier:


1. Water Quality:

One of the most important and the main criteria for the selection of the best water purifier should be based on the quality of the water.

Your chosen water purifier should be so that it can easily and conveniently remove all the impurities present in it to make the water suitable for drinking. For instant, if the water in your area has a high TDS level, then you should opt for an RO water purifier to enhance its quality for drinking.


2. Types of Water Purifiers:

After the water quality, the next factor which needs your attention is the type of water purifiers available in the market. The different types of water purifiers available in the market can make the choice really difficult and confusing.

Here are some of the most popular types of water purifiers available:

  • RO water purifiers – these water purifiers are suitable for those areas which have high TDS levels. It can remove all the dissolved impurities from the water and also enhances the quality of the water
  • UV water purifiers – these purifiers are the best to purify tap or municipal corporation water. It uses a UV lamp to remove the impurities and contaminations from water
  • Gravity-based water purifier – these types of purifiers are budget-friendly and operate without any power. These purifiers make the best choice for areas with low TDS levels.

All the 3 water purifiers can effectively remove the impurities from the water, considering you have made the right choice.


3. Storage Capacity:

Other than the working scenario of the water purifier, you should also be concerned with the storage capacity offered by it.

You certainly don’t want to end up buying a water purifier that cannot provide clean and safe water throughout the day; isn’t it?

Therefore, to avoid the hassles of filling the water purifier, again and again, you should choose the one that offers decent storage capacity for your family.

  • for the large families – you can choose a water purifier with a 10-liters capacity of purified water and 20-liters per hour purification capacity
  • for the average and small families – you can choose a water purifier with 5-7 liters capacity of purified water and 10-12 liters per hour purification capacity


4. Budget:

There are endless water purifier options in the market and you can get immense varieties of several products to choose from. But, not all the water purifiers may fit in your budget. Also, not all the good water purifiers are pricey; all you need is a keen eye to judge.

To avoid getting distracted in the pool of vast water purifier options, it is better to fix a comfortable budget for your purchase. This will not only avoid confusion bit will also reduce the risks of spending unnecessarily on the water purifier purchase.


5. Certifications:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a water purifier that signifies its authenticity and reliability? Well, you don’t need to confirm the same from the seller but you can judge it yourself by considering the certifications received by the brands.

Check the certifications received by the brand that can make it trustworthy and authentic to buy. The possible certifications to look for are:

  • NSF
  • WQA
  • ISI
  • CE

These certifications assure the buyers that they are investing in the right product to get high-quality drinking water which is also safe and pure.


6. Installation and Usage:

Some people may not consider this as an important factor to consider but the installation of the water purifier is certainly something that needs your attention.

Who would prefer a water purifier that requires hassled and complicated installation and usage?

Your chosen water purifier should work as simple as possible, without any complicated system. Along with this, it should offer handy support and assistance for its installation for the maximum convenience of its users.


7. Maintenance and After-Sale Services:

Last but not least, your chosen water purifier should offer you the best and flexible after-sales services along with demanding very little maintenance. A water purifier that demands frequent maintenance is not a worthy investment to make. In addition, you should be sure that the chosen name can be trusted to offer desired after-sale services for any problem faced.


8. User’s Reviews and Ratings:

Besides these mentioned factors, you should also keep the other user’s reviews and ratings for the product in mind, once you have chosen a name. This will reduce the risk of choosing a faulty or non-performing water purifier.


Our Thoughts:

With the increasing risks of water pollutants, water purifiers are a must-have in every home. But, every house is different and so should be its water purifier to get the best quality of drinking water.

These essential factors for selecting the right water purifier is all you need to make the perfect decision. Keep the health of your loved ones safe and strong by gifting them purest water from an authentic and right water purifier.

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