Coir Mattress VS Foam Mattress: Difference Between Coir Mattress And Foam Mattress

A good quality mattress is highly essential for a sound sleep. Hence you should consider buying the best mattress for your home. Besides this, it is a worthy investment, so you have to focus on its features as well.  There is a wide range of mattress available such as spring, coir, foam, latex, and many more in the market. In between all those a coir mattress and foam mattress are quite popular.

If you are quite confused in between a coir mattress and foam mattress, then do not worry. Here we have come up with a guide on the difference between a coir mattress and foam mattress which will help you in finding out its features, advantages, and disadvantages.


Coir Mattress VS Foam Mattress

You can make a perfect choice after going through this guide.

Coir Mattress

Coir Mattress

A coir mattress is a coir foam mattress made up of natural fibre, obtained by removing coconut husk.  The primary material is coconut coir fibre and source of such fibre is a coconut shell. It is then combined with a latex solution and used as the upper and middle part of a mattress.

A coir mattress is wholly natural and hygroscopic. Hence it is suitable for ventilation and absorbing moisture. The coir mattress is quite firmer and offers much-needed support to your body.

Due to natural ventilation, it offers a cooling surface, and you can experience a good night sleep. If you are suffering from back pain, then a coir one is the best option. It also supports your spine alignment by maintaining its natural shape.

A coir mattress is not hygienic, so it can attract bed bugs and other insects quite often. Besides this, it also not much durable and sags within a short interval. Last but not least, the comfort of a coir mattress depends on the quality of the coconut fibre.


Foam Mattress

Foam Mattress

A foam mattress is widely accepted and offers more comfort as compared to the coir mattress.

You can experience enough support to your body along with your body shape retention irrespective of your sleeping style with a foam mattress. And this is not possible with a coir mattress.

A foam mattress is also known as Polyurethane foam mattresses and made of synthetic composites of various petrochemicals. The memory foam is one of the most popular variants of a foam mattress. It gets soften according to your body heat and changes its shape according to your body shape.

A foam mattress is suitable for uniform support to the sleeper and comes with zero risks of pressure points. A gel memory foam is a type of foam mattress which also maintains a cold temperature during sleep.

A foam mattress is comparatively more durable than a coir mattress and changes its shape according to the weight of the user. A foam mattress is more hygienic than a coir mattress, so there is a lower chance of bed bugs in this type of mattress. But a foam mattress is not entirely natural as it uses compounds of petrochemicals.

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As a user, you can choose the mattress according to your choice in between a coir and foam mattress. It ultimately depends on your sleeping style, budget, and the type of material you need for your bed.

Here we can suggest that if you are looking for a cost-effective, environment-friendly mattress which can provide excellent support for your back, then a coir mattress can be the best pick.

On the contrary, a foam mattress is the best for relieving your back pain, and doctors also prescribe it. It is ideal for all those users with back pain. You can also experience healthy and secure sleep due to its hygienic factors.