10 Common AC Problems And Their Solutions (Trouble shooting)

Summers in India are too sunny, and you need Air conditioners everywhere you go. But while we are all staying in for most of the time now, we just want to make sure our home AC’s never stop working, giving us excellent and cold summers.

No, it’s not too much to ask for, but they can mess up too since they are machines.

While it will often depend on the air conditioner’s usage, its age as well can be a factor in its working capacity.

Since air conditioners can have various issues, we got most of the common problems right below.

So you won’t need to go out and look what’s wrong, just read on to know what all you can do to solve them on your own and to know when you need to consult a technician.

We have mentioned all the common issues, their causes, and solutions so you can be well prepared in case of any mishap.


Common AC Problems, Causes, and Solutions

Problem: 1 Noisy Air Conditioner

Noisy Air Conditioner

Sound sleep is one of the essential health requirements.

And a noisy air conditioner can just be a hindrance to that. It could be due to various reasons that suggest it needs your attention.

There are different reasons why an air conditioner starts making a humming noise. This is one of the most common issues that can be solved with ease.


This usually occurs when there are electrical issues. The composer is unable to start despite you switching on the AC.

Humming sound also indicates an issue with the motor, caused due to loose wiring inside it.


If your cooling isn’t affected despite the humming sound, you can install a sound blanket that will absorb the noise.

If cooling is affected, there might be a power issue or loose wiring, for which you need to consult a technician.

If the noise gradually increases, you simply should switch off the AC until an electrician comes and fixes the issue.


Problem: 2 Taking too long to cool

Taking too long to cool

Sometimes the cooling takes longer, while other times, your AC just doesn’t start even after you switch it on.

This is one of the most common issues faced by the user where cooling takes way longer.

A properly functioning AC would typically take 30 to 45 mins approximately to take down the temperature at least by 2 degrees. If it takes longer than that, there might be an issue.

Ignoring this issue can lead to a high electricity bill, and we know you don’t want that.


The causes for this issue can be various. Even a higher temperature outside can delay cooling inside the room. Also, if your room is not completely locked it may affect the cooling.

Apart from this, problems in the fan or blower motor can restrict fast cooling. Loose wiring can also lead to cooling issues.


So check if the room is appropriately locked and there is no outside air entering the room. This could delay the cooling.

If that is not the issue, it could be due to technical faults in the machine. And to solve this, you will need to consult an AC repairer.

If your AC is under warranty period consulting the manufacturer will solve the issue.


Problem: 3 Refrigirator Leak

Refrigirator Leak

Leakage in the AC refrigerator can lead to further issues you likely don’t want to deal with.

Refrigerator leakage will result in slower cooling, and the temperature might vary as well. This also affects the unit’s overall functioning, so it is mandatory to fix the issue before the new one arises.


This usually happens due to erosion of the metal over time, generally due to formic acid. This results in small holes as the acid eats away the metal, which causes leakage. It happens when the AC is older.

If you just got a new one and still notice a leakage in the refrigerator, it is a factory defect that needs to fix.


If it’s a minor leakage, you can top up the refrigerator and apply the minor fix. But if it’s too large to handle within pipes, you have to change the overall network.

Also, make sure while recharging the refrigerant, do not undercharge or overcharge it. Both can affect your AC performance.

If you have a new AC, make sure to consult a manufacturer as the issue could be due to factory defects. You won’t need to pay for it.


Problem: 4 Too much water leakage outside

Too much water leakage outside

Stepping out of the house, you notice a bucketful of water right under the AC compressor. Well, this might seems normal, but trust us, it is not.

The issue needs to be fixed as if not, it can lead to further problems.


There can be various reasons for it. This includes a dry air filter, broken condensate pan, improper AC installation, bad AC seal, low refrigerant levels, and many more.

This all leads to lower AC system pressure, which can lead to iced-up evaporator coils. When these coils freeze up, the drain pan overflows, and the compressor starts leaking.


To solve this issue, you can call a professional or you can do it yourself as well.

First of all, switch off the Air conditioner and also disconnect the power supply. Then examine if it is due to frozen evaporator coils, overflowing drain pan, or clogged drain line.

Get a water sealant and apply it to the leakage. This will temporarily solve the issue. But if you have a clogged drain line or it is due to a frozen evaporator coil, we recommend you read further.


Problem: 5 Water Leakage inside

Water Leakage inside

When your AC starts leaking water indoors, the mess can just be too much to deal with. And this makes it essential to fix it soonish.

When you are not careful with the regular ACmaintainence, this issue can rise up. It is also one of the most common issues, especially in summers, but we will surely help you deal with it with ease.


Similar to the cause of AC leakage from the compressor, this isn’t an exception.

The condensate drain of the system is often clogged due to the accumulation of fungi or algae. This leads to water back-up in the pipe, which directly comes into the room.

Also, sometimes it could be due to a broken condensate pump.


You can do this as well by yourself, or consult a technician for the same. The clogged pipes can be cleaned with ease by using a wet or dry vacuum cleaner.

You can also use vinegar to do that. Adding vinegar to the drain line will kill accumulated algae and fungi.

If this all does not work, consult a technician for the same.


Problem: 6 Failed Electric Control

Failed Electric Control

Usually, we are so busy using the Air conditioner that we forget it’s a machine that will run out someday.

This could result in electric control failure. This includes issues in the compressor, condenser motor, and even blower motor as they are connected to start the unit.


Switching your AC on and off more frequently can lead to failure in electric control. It often happens due to the corrosion of wires or the compressor motor.

This eventually leads to functioning issues, which we know you want to get done with as soon as you can.


Since it could be due to various issues, you will first need to figure out what exactly went terrible.

So switch off the AC as well as the power supply, and examine the issue. But we do recommend seeking professional help as it will be less time-consuming and hassle-free.


Problem: 7 AC suddenly stopped working

AC suddenly stopped working

Summers have become so intense that we cannot really think of a room full of people without AC. And if that ever stops, we know what a mess it can be inside.

With or without people, a room without AC is not something we all want to sleep in. So it is essential to solve the issue as soon as we can.


It may be because of the frozen evaporator coil. If your Air conditioner does not receive the necessary amount of air needed for functionality, your AC can suddenly stop working.

This means your AC just froze up and won’t be able to work.


You can fix this issue with ease. Turn off the air conditioner, and let your frozen evaporator coil thaw out.

You can do this by simply shutting off the unit at the circuit breaker. This will take around a day or two. So just make sure you do not switch on the AC for a while.

The unit will defrost by now, and so will be the coil before it starts functioning well. If your AC still does not start, you might need to consult a technician for the same.


Problem: 8  Fan issues

Fan issues

This means issues in the outside unit. The compressor throws out indoor heat through the fan.

And when the fan does not perform its function correctly, you will likely experience delayed cooling or just no cooling at all.

The compressor also overheats if the fan does not work or might even trip the safety load.

So if the fan in your compressor has issues, they need to be fixed.


This usually happens when the switch of the compressor has issues.

The capacitor might not work, or even due to power issues at times. Sometimes even a burnt motor can stop the fan from working.

So basically, loose wiring can affect the working of the AC fan.


First, begin with removing the outer casing of the compressor and look at the possible reason. But do not forget to turn off the main power supply before you start.

If you are unable to figure out the issue, call a technician as they have a better idea.

But if it’s a loose connection, you will have to replace the switch button or fix the loose wiring.


Problem: 9 Thermostat Issues

Thermostat Issues

Air conditioners have a thermostat sensor just above the evaporator coil.

Issues in the thermostat can lead to shorter cycles and when the AC runs non-stop.

You might also notice lower cooling, and it may take too long to get the desired temperature. That’s when you know there’s a thermostat issue.


There is no particular cause of issues in the thermostats. But it usually seems to be problematic when the AC is not serviced regularly, or it is too old.

If your AC has an older dial-type thermostat, it could not be sending accurate instructions from the control system.


Thermostats can’t usually be repaired. However, you can check the manual and try to fix the issues if you can, as every model’s issue might be different.

So you will have to replace or either recalibrate the thermostats.


Problem: 10 Drain Line issues

Drain Line issues

Drain line issues can easily be predicted when you notice a musky smell near your indoor unit or from the air vents.

Due to issues in the drain, your AC might not cool your home and will either frequently shut down or turn on.


These issues usually arise when the moisture mixes with the dust particles and bacterias in the AC system. This develops thick sludge, often clogging the drain line.

It also can get blogged if not dealt with on time, eventually resulting in severe further problems.


The clogged drain lines can be cleaned as mentioned above, but you will need to consult a technician if there is a blockage. They have specific devices that will quickly remove the blockage.



So yes, these were the 10 most common air conditioner issues you will face. However, regular maintenance of the problems can likely prevent most of the air conditioner issues.

Also, be a bit attentive while sketching your AC on and Off. Sometimes even a tiny mistake can lead to severe issues we know you want to avoid.

Have happily chilled summers in the comfort of your home since you know almost all the ways to avoid AC issues and to solve them if they arise.

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