Cool Gel Mattress: What Is It And How Does It Work

Tired of your traditional mattresses? Never mind, because here we have presented an article about the ‘cool gel mattress’. This article will help you know every particular detail about the cool gel mattress.


What Is A Cool Gel Mattress?

What Is A Cool Gel Mattress

Cool Gel Mattresses are commonly known for their cooling feature. Cool gel mattresses are similar to traditional mattresses but the only difference is these mattresses have gel beads pockets.

In a cool gel mattress, the gel beads of the mattress absorb the outer air of the surrounding, resulting in the release of heat from our body. This heat is absorbed and the gel of the mattress makes our bodies cool.


Is Cool Gel Mattresses Comfortable?

Universally speaking, YES, a cool gel mattress is comfortable. But it is more comfortable for back or stomach sleepers.

For back or stomach sleepers, cool gel mattresses show their best results. Sometimes, few people with serious back pain may have a feeling of uncomfortableness.


Advantages Of Cool Gel Mattresses

Advantages Of Cool Gel Mattresses

The most important and common advantages of cool gel mattresses are:

Unique Comfort

During the months of hot summer days, sleeping on cool gel mattresses may give you the best feeling. Also, the pushing feature of the mattress will just provide you with the exact comfort one might need after a long tiring day.


Balanced Support

Cool Gel Mattresses give you a soft, smooth sleeping surface with an additional cooling effect. The cool gel mattress shapes according to your body and avoids sinking into your mattress.


Better Air Circulation

Cool Gel Mattress has better air circulation. The cool gel bead absorbs all your body heat and allows you to enjoy the cool sleeping surface.


Pressure Relief For Backaches

Sleeping on smooth and cool mattresses often removes your backaches. The old traditional mattresses had a hard surface which resulted in severe back pains.


Disadvantages Of Cool Gel Mattresses

Disadvantages Of Cool Gel Mattresses

Longevity Of The Cooling Effect

In most cases, the cooling effect of the mattress does not last for a long time. Using t regularly may damage the cooling effect even faster.

Cooling Gel Mattresses Can Be Expensive

Compared to any other mattresses, cool gel mattresses are very expensive. Because of their cost, everyone can’t get hold of it.

Cooling Gel Mattresses Can Be Uncomfortable For Some

Sometimes, because of too much smoothness, it may cause neck and spinal pain. Also because of the cooling effect, one might feel too cool and can fall ill.


Maintenance Of Cool Gel Mattresses

The following tips will help you maintain your cooling gel mattress.

Remove dirt, hair, contaminating particles with a vacuum cleaner.

A cooling gel mattress should be cleaned every day with a vacuum to remove the external dirt particles.

Use vinegar solution for removing stains.

A vinegar solution can be used for removing any kind of stain. The vinegar solution will remove stains very easily from your cooling gel mattress without any additional damage.

Clean out the urine with a solution of white vinegar and baking soda

Houses with babies mat face this problem regularly. To clean their urine from the cooling gel mattress, a solution of white vinegar and baking soda should be used.


The Difference Between A Cooling Gel Mattress And A Memory Foam Mattress

  • The main and basic difference between a cooling gel mattress and a memory foam mattress is its heat reservation.
  • Sleeping on a cooling gel mattress will not let you sweat at midnight whereas memory foam mattresses release heat which might make you sweaty at midnight.
  • Since the advantages of a cooling gel mattress are more than a memory foam mattress, the price of a cooling gel mattress is much higher than a memory foam mattress.
  • Memory foam mattresses can be harmful because of it is made of polyurethane. For a cooling gel mattress, it is less harmful.


Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Will this mattress always keep you cool?

Ans: YES, a cooling gel mattress will always keep you cool as it absorbs all your body heat.

Will cooling gel mattresses take a long time to cool?

Ans: No, cooling gel mattresses do not take a long time to cool but can start functioning within a minute.

Are cooling gel beds the best?

Ans: Yes, cooling gel beds can be tagged as the best mattress.

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