Cool rooms in summer

Soon it is time again: the summer is coming, and again it will be unbearably warming many apartments, especially when the thermometer rises to over 30 degrees.

People are particularly hard hit by the heat that lives or works in the city because the streets and walls of houses store the heat particularly well in their stones and release it only slowly at night. In the countryside, on the other hand, temperatures drop faster because natural soil is not as good a heat store as stones.

So how do I cool my room in summer so you can stand it there? Our guide can help you survive the hot summer. You can also cool yourself down, and we’ll show you what options are available.

Rooms cool without air conditioning.

Who doesn’t know? During the day in summer, the apartment and the rooms heat up. Apartments in the attic are particularly hard hit. It is hard to think of a pleasant sleep in the heat. Furthermore, the concentration decreases when working. But there is a remedy for how best to cool your rooms in summer.

  1. Bright exterior protection: this is most effective and holds up to 75% of the sun’s irradiation. Guests can use a blind or shutters. These reflect most of the light and heat.
  2. Airing You will be through the rooms early in the morning because in the morning it is still cool. This way, cool air comes into all rooms, which is the best prerequisite for a hot day. Then close the windows, shutters or their curtains. This prevents the sun from heating up the rooms. In the evening, when it is cooler again, ventilate again so that the air is exchanged and fresh oxygen enters the apartment. Tip: also open the cabinets, which also store heat.
  3. Window on! If you don’t have a busy road in front of the door, sleep at night with a wide-open window. If it’s too noisy, use Ohropax.
  4. Wet wipes. Hang your windows with damp and light wipes. Use thick towels or bath towels. Do not take dark cloths, as they attract the heat of the sun. When the cloths dry, heat is removed from the air. The surrounding area is cooled down, and there is talk of the evaporative cold, which cools the room in summer.
  5. Coldwater: Rooms can also be kept cool by placing hot tubs and bowls of cold water in the rooms. In the bathroom and kitchen, you can fill the bathtub and sink/sink with cold water.
  6. Air conditioners. Use this very effective method to keep the room air cool. You can use air conditioning or air coolers. For valve gates, be careful not to be blown directly, as the draught can cause a cold.
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  1. Tip: If you are not at home, run the devices with a timer. If the devices are too noisy for you, use headphones if the music doesn’t stop you from working.
  1. Switch off electrical appliances. Use as few devices as possible that generate heat. For example, leave out the stove and make yourself a fresh cool salad. Or use energy-saving lamps instead of incandescent lamps. Furthermore, you can also skip the tumble dryer because the laundry dries quite quickly with the heat anyway. Appliances that get warm: hair dryer, stove, TV, dishwasher, computer.
  2. Sunscreen. These are available for window surfaces to buy, and you absorb not only the heat but also UV radiation. In this way, furniture is protected from premature fading. The films are often transparent and absorb a high proportion of heat irradiation. (can also be made by yourself from cardboard and aluminium foil, which is hung/glued into the windows)
  3. Trees and shrubs should be planted by homeowners. They ward off sun rays before they hit the wall of the house.

Cool water in the sink or bathtub can help keep rooms cool.

Cool yourself in summer

Cool yourself in summer

On the one hand, you should cool the room. On the other hand, your body. This way, you can achieve optimal freshness in summer and avoid the heat.

  1. Showers They are lukewarm but not cold. This only causes your body to try to replace the cold with heat. The result: your body produces heat. Above all, let lukewarm water run over your wrist on your pulse.
  2. Drinking They lukewarm drinks, such as tea. This means that the body does not have to use energy to heat or cool the drinks. Even if it’s hard to drink lukewarm drinks, you’ll see it helps.
  3. Hot water bottle with cold water: these can be used for falling asleep. Place them on your body, for example, on your legs or thighs. Your bloodstream then distributes the coolness throughout the body. Once you have fallen asleep, you will not notice the heat anyway.
  4. Nightwear or bedsheets in the refrigerator. A rather strange method, but it helps you to fall asleep.

Conclusion: Keeping rooms, cool works!

Cool rooms in summer? There are many ways to keep your room and keep yourself cool in summer. Over time, you will get more and more used to the heat. Most of the time, it only takes a few days, and it gets more bearable.

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