Difference between hood chimney and straight line chimney; Which one is better?

If you have already made up your mind to go with a kitchen chimney, the next question that might be troubling you is what chimney design to choose for your best kitchen. Whether to go for a hood chimney or a straight line one? Well, the preference for a particular type depends on a few factors, which we will discuss in our article below. But first, let us see what the two types are and how different a hood chimney is from a straight line chimney.


What is a Hood Chimney?

Hood Chimney

As the name suggests, a hood chimney is one that comes with a chimney hood or a canopy. A chimney hood is nothing but a protective cover over a chimney head. It also adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen chimney.

A hood chimney is more of the contemporary type, which includes different styles of hoods, ranging from a wall-mounted chimney to a hanging island chimney. These are designed to perform all your chimney functions in a more effective manner as compared to the straight line chimneys. In addition to the functional advantage, these also enhance your kitchen interiors as they are available in numerous designs, colours, and sizes.

Also, the material used in the making of a hood chimney is primarily stainless steel, toughened glass, etc., which makes it more durable and long-lasting. However, these don’t come without their own share of downsides as well. Being higher on the price scale, these can cost you more than a straight line chimney. Also, more space is required while installing a hood chimney, which might not be suitable for small kitchens.

What we like

  • Enhances kitchen interiors
  • More durable
  • More efficient performance


  • Expensive
  • More space is required for installation


What is Straight Line Chimney?

Straight Line Chimney

A straight line chimney is one that comes without a chimney hood and has a straight-line design. If you are looking for space optimization and do not want to overtly showcase your kitchen chimney. In that case, a straight line chimney is the best pick. These are more of the conventional types, focusing more on the performance instead of aesthetics.

A straight line chimney can perform all your chimney functions, including removal of grease, odours, ventilating air, etc., without costing you much. Today, straight-line chimneys are also equipped with new-age technology like bi-rotational technology, intelligent controls, and safety measures, which enhance chimney performance. However, these come with fewer design options, which might not suit your kitchen interiors.

In all, straight-line chimneys are best suited when you are looking for basic chimneys with satisfactory cleaning performance.

What we like

  • Less expensive
  • Suitable for small kitchens


  • Design options are less


Hood Chimney VS Straight Line Chimney

Hood Chimney VS Straight Line Chimney

CriteriaHood ChimneyStraight Line Chimney
PerformanceMore EfficientLess Efficient
Design OptionsMoreLess

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hood or a Straight Line Chimney

Now that we know what hood chimneys and straight-line chimneys, it’s time to know certain factors that must be considered before buying either of the two options.

Kitchen Space

One of the deciding factors between a hood chimney and a straight line chimney is the space of your kitchen. For a smaller kitchen, we recommend opting for a straight line chimney as it won’t clutter your kitchen space like a hood chimney. But for larger spaces, a hood chimney serves a better purpose as it occupies more space and covers more area.

Kitchen Interiors

Another factor that makes a whole lot of difference while selecting between a hood and a straight line chimney is your kitchen interiors. Nowadays, when people pay a lot of attention to the design of their kitchen, a stylish hood chimney can add significantly to the aesthetics. Therefore, if your purpose is to enhance your kitchen space, a hood chimney is your best bet. It gives you more options in design, colour, finish, etc., which might be missing in a straight line chimney.


When buying any electronic device, your budget plays an essential role. In case, budget is the only concern, we recommend opting for a straight line chimney. The prices of these chimneys usually range between 5,000 to 15,000 rupees. In contrast, a decent hood chimney can cost you anywhere between 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. Whereas, you can get a fantastic straight line chimney in under 15,000 rupees, which allows you to save money without compromising on the performance.


Both hood chimney and a straight line chimney are a suitable option for the Indian style of cooking. You can choose either of the two types, depending on your needs and requirements. However, it is also essential that you pay attention to the brand and its performance history for a more effective purchase.

A hood chimney or a straight line chimney, what was your pick? You can let us know in the comments below. We would love to read about your experience.

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