Disinfect air conditioning

The high number of degrees on the thermometer persists again on hot summer days – here, air conditioning is real redemption.

For the air conditioning system to function continuously and effectively, it must be cleaned regularly and required. Effective disinfection is of central importance, as a non-disinfected air conditioning system is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, germs and mould.

These microorganisms and pathogens are blown into the face every time they are switched on without disinfection (and thus infestation). This contamination can lead to both diseases and allergic reactions. So disinfecting air conditioning is part of it if you have air conditioning.

Air conditioners require regular maintenance.

About eight to ten per cent of the filler of the air conditioners lose it to the surrounding outdoor air. In some cases, the estimates of the Federal Environment Agency in Berlin even reach as far as 15 per cent. Although there are no immediate health risks here, the environment is exposed to a significant overall and substantial burden due to the loss of the fillers.

The manufacturers of the air conditioning systems are aware of this problem but are usually concealed in the user manuals. Here, the information for refilling or cleaning the system is often missing. However, a lack of care can lead to a slow and creeping death in the air conditioning. Air conditioners must be run regularly to avoid the risk of leaks. The component of filling air conditioning and lubricants demix over time.

All air conditioners must be serviced regularly for the above reasons. These include both monoblock air conditioners and split devices. Mobile air conditioning systems should be adequately stored during the winter months. In spring, you should then disinfect the air conditioner before the operation.

Maintenance work also includes the regular change of the dust filter.

Switching prevents the air conditioning system from becoming a distributor of harmful microorganisms. With most of the mobile air conditioners, it is possible to clean the dust filter with slightly lukewarm water. The water tank, which has the task of collecting condensation from condensation in mobile air conditioning systems, must also undergo regular cleaning. When storing the mobile air conditioning systems in winter, particular care must be taken to ensure that the water tank is emptied beforehand.

If the cooling capacity decreases over time or is partially absent, this does not necessarily have to indicate a defect in the air conditioning systems but may cause not only leaking hose connections and clogged air filters but also the lack of the coolant. However, the coolant’s refilling should be entrusted to a professional expert in all circumstances, as heavy frostbite can be caused by skin contact with the coolant. For this reason, the necessary, appropriate protective clothing is worn in addition to the specialist competence when filling.

Disinfecttheair air conditioner: this way it works efficiently and easily

Disinfecttheair air conditioner: this way it works efficiently and easily

Often, dirty air conditioning is the primary cause of nasty and muff-smelling rooms. In the event that the corresponding air conditioning remains unused for a long time, a collection of condensation on the evaporator occurs and thus causes the known problems. Especially in combination with developing humidity, air conditioning systems are a true breeding ground for harmful microorganisms, such as various types of bacteria. For example, contamination with legionella can take place here, which can cause severe pneumonia. Disinfecting the air conditioner at regular intervals provides an effective remedy.

Dirty air conditioning: the result when there is no regular cleaning

Disinfection of the system with the help of special sprays

The sprays intended for disinfection disinfect the evaporator and ventilation system of the air conditioning system. This creates the basis for fresh and aseptic air. In this way, the ventilation system is both hygienically clean and consequently freed from disturbing odours.

Various manufacturers offer the right disinfection sprays at reasonable and reasonable prices. About 99.9 per cent of the harmful microorganisms (such as bacteria and mould spores) are removed by these sprays.

Disinfect air conditioning – this is how you can:

First, place some newsprint or cardboard under the air conditioner. In most cases, the cleaning and disinfection sprays are made of foam. Now remove the pollen filter from the air conditioner and spray the foam into the hose of your air conditioner.

  1. Then switch your air conditioning to the highest possible level.
  2. Wait about 15 seconds and spray again.
  3. Now repeat this process several times in a row.
  4. After spraying the disinfectant spray, leave the room and, if possible, close the door behind you.
  5. Wait about ten minutes, then open all windows for holistic ventilation of the room.
  6. After thoroughly venting of the room, the smell of the air conditioning should be completely gone.

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