Emma Original Mattress Review

The Emma Original mattress was one of Germany’s first models to embody the American one-fit-all principle at sales in 2015.

The Emma had to be equally suitable for all people and sleeping positions. The Emma mattress is therefore only available in one version and with one degree of hardness.

Emma mattresses are now among the most popular mattresses in the Netherlands, thanks to the original marketing. Emma is especially popular with younger audiences.

Customer service is a top priority at Emma Matrassen. Delivery is free. You get a 100-day trial to try out the Emma.

If the mattress does not convince you completely during this period, you can have it picked up for free. In this review, you will find our experiences with the Emma mattress!

Product features Emma Original mattress

Product features Emma Original mattress


  • Particularly pleasant for side sleepers and light to medium-heavy people.
  • Soft, flexible lying down feeling
  • High body adjustment and point elasticity
  • A high density of a foam
  • Top for couples – slight downsizing
  • In principle good climate regulation, thanks to the open-pored airgocell
  • Beautiful design
  • The long 100-day trial period, free delivery, and collection


  • Less suitable for people who like to lie firmly.
  • Handles tear easily under heavy load.
  • For heavy side sleepers and sheer belly and back sleepers, the Emma can be too soft.

Structure / zones

The Emma is a foam mattress whose core consists of a combination of different types of foam. The Emma consists of three mattress layers: Airgocell foam, memory foam, and cold foam.

In this combination, the foam layers ensure good adaptation to the body, pressure reduction and stability, and good support. Furthermore, the average density of 57 kg/m³ ensures that you will be able to enjoy your Emma mattress for many years.

Each layer of the Emma mattress has been tested for harmful substances and complies with the OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 certificate, which is the highest standard. So Emma is safe for babies, too.


The cover of the Emma mattress consists of a robust grey side cover and a white, fine-meshed top cover. Both covers are largely made of polyester (top: 98% polyester, 2% spandex / side covering: 100% polyester).

We really liked the top cover of the Emma mattress. It feels extremely soft and can easily be used without bedding.

In addition, it has an open-pored knit. This improves ventilation, especially in summer. Finally, the top cover can be removed and washed at 60 degrees. And this is certainly not only appreciated by allergy sufferers.

The side cover of the Emma is robust and grey. However, we really liked the top cover of the Emma mattress. It feels very soft and has an open porous knit to improve climate control.

The Emma has four sideways carrying handles. This makes transport easier. But it would help if you did not pull the handles too hard, because in our case, one of the handles during transport is slightly torn. But we had to carry our Emma mattress up a steep flight of stairs.

Hardness and feeling of sleep

Our experience with the Emma mattress was good. We rate the Emma as a soft to a moderately firm mattress. So the mattress gets 4 out of 10 points on our hardness scale.

Our team members describe the feeling of lying on the Emma mattress as “pleasantly soft.” The two upper comfort layers of Airgocell and memory foam ensure slightly softer lying comfort. In addition, both types of foam are very flexible and relieve pressure.

We found the Emma mattress particularly comfortable in the side position. In addition, the Emma mattress offers side sleepers a delightful depth due to its less hardness.

This keeps the spine in a healthy position and reduces back pain. In addition, the ergonomic effect is supported by an integrated shoulder area.

Even with our heavier test sleeper (90 kg), the spine on the Emma mattress remained in an ergonomically correct position. However, for heavy side sleepers from about 100 kg and real belly and back sleepers, the Emma mattress can be a little too soft.

These groups of people often need a little more support, especially in the hip and pelvic areas. Therefore, it is advisable to use the 100-day test phase and test whether the Emma suits you if you belong to this group.

Emma mattresses are especially recommended for light and medium-heavy side sleepers and people who feel the need to lie down.

We recommend sturdy models with a minimum hardness of 6 on our hardness scale if you are a heavier side sleeper.

Consumers’ Association about the Emma Original

The Dutch Consumers’ Association carries out a large mattress test every year, testing, comparing, extensively testing, and ranking all available mattresses based on comfort, price-quality ratio, and durability. The Emma Original was also subjected to an extensive review.

The Emma Original has also been tested by the Consumers’ Association and scores quite well. The mattress was tested in 2018.

That test showed that the combination of different types of foam provides a very stable and supportive sleeping surface, regardless of the sleeping position or weight.

The materials used in the Emma Original last a long time and are durable, as our review also shows.

According to the Consumers’ Association, the Emma Original is not the cheapest mattress, but it still offers good value for money.

Attention: Emma is selling a new mattress, the Emma O2, which came out on top in 2020.

The Sleeping Climate

Also, the experience with the sleeping climate of the mattress is convincing. The Airgocell layer and the fine porous top cover significantly reduce heat storage here.

This is also necessary because Visco foam mattresses basically sleep warmer. We didn’t transpire during our test! And that even though we slept on the Emma mattress with a summer temperature of 25° Celsius.

Our thermal image shows that Emma only stores the heat in our test sleeper places. The rest of the mattress remains at a pleasant temperature. If you change positions, the spots also cool down due to good breathability.

The post-oscillation behavior of the Emma mattress

The post-oscillation behavior (singing the mattress due to movements of the sleeper) on the Emma Original is also good. You don’t feel your partner’s movements at all, which has really impressed us. This is due to the foam layers that absorb the movements.

We simulated situations with our test sleeper (60 kg) with a partner who rotates from one side to another. As you can see, the measuring device is not turned off at all—an excellent result.

Figure 1: Movement of a heavy side sleeper (90 kg)

Here we simulated a change of sleep position with our heavier test sleeper. He turned from the abdominal position to the side position. The measuring device emits bad light, which shows how good the post-oscillation on the Emma mattress is. The movements are excellently absorbed by the Airgocell and Visco foam so that the mattress remains ‘calm.’

Figure 2: Test sleeper gets into bed

We also wanted to see how the Emma mattress behaves when someone gets into the bed. Our test sleeper (60 kg) first sits on the mattress and then lies down in a side position. Again, the mattress has absorbed the movements well so that the measuring device hardly shows any reaction.

Conclusion: Post-oscillation behavior on the Emma Original mattress is excellent.

The tests we have carried out show how good the movement transfer on the Emma Original mattress is. Thanks to a sophisticated design and high-quality foam layers, the mattress can absorb the movements so that another person does not notice. This way, you don’t wake up unnecessarily when your partner moves. Great, isn’t it?

Zinc depths on the Emma Original

Zinc depths on the Emma Original

We see that the degree of sinking in the mattress looks good for all test sleepers. We have already seen such values in other mattresses that we have tested.

But above all, you can see that the lightest test sleeper sinks just right into the mattress. In no sleeping position does it sink too deep or too little. So the Emma mattress is just right for her. The values also look good with our medium-weight test sleeper.

This, in turn, shows that Emma is a softer model. Only our heavier test sleeper sinks deeper into the mattress. Especially lying on his side, he drops quite deep, 7.5 cm, in the shoulder area in the Emma mattress.

However, it is also well supported at the abdomen and hips in this position, promoting healthy alignment of the spine. Still, the Emma mattress might be too soft for him. Therefore, sleepers in this weight class have to decide how lying on Emma feels to them.

Person A (1.65m, 62kg)Person B (1.79m, 70kg)Person C (1.95m, 85kg)
back position 5 cm6 cm6.5 cm
side position5.5 cm6 cm7.5 cm
abdominal position 5 cm6 cm7 cm
Sitting on the edge7.5 cm8 cm9 cm
Standing in the middle12 cm12,5 cm16 cm

We determined the hardness of the mattress based on the ‘zinc depth’ in different test sleepers with different body types (height and weight).

This clarifies which types sink too much into the Emma mattress and which are exactly right, so the spine is ergonomically correctly aligned, and the lying feeling is pleasant.

Delivery and customer service

The Emma mattress will be delivered to you within 2-4 working days, rolled up in plastic in a compact box. All according to the comfortable “Bed-in-the-Box” principle.

Your 100-day testing phase starts with delivery. If the Emma mattress does not convince you during this period, you can return it without any problems.

All you have to do is contact Emma customer service. They organize the return shipment, paid for by the manufacturer—all very simple.

We didn’t have any negative customer service experience. Our questions were politely and satisfactorily answered.

Conclusion review: Emma Original

The Emma mattress is a high-quality mattress. It consists of high-density foam. We also liked the combination of the foam and the cover in this review.

Based on our experience, we recommend the Emma mattress, especially for light and medium-weight people. Side sleepers also make a perfect choice with the Emma mattress.

Also, the Emma mattress is not a problem for couples because the adjustable foam largely absorbs the partner’s movements. As a result, Emma is one of the best when it comes to post-oscillation behavior.

Emma can be a little too soft in the hip and pelvic area for heavy side sleepers and sheer abdominal and back sleepers. People who prefer a slightly firmer sleeping surface can also use the risk-free testing phase.

Sometimes people prefer to sleep on a harder surface. Thanks to a long trial period, you can test the mattress yourself at home and then decide if you are not yet convinced after this review.

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