Vacuum Cleaner Bag

It’s a good idea to read this, dear vacuum cleaner owner.

A good vacuum cleaner:

  • Collects the dirt and holds it in place.
  • Connect seamlessly to each other so that no air leaks past. This prevents dirt from entering the inside area of the vacuum cleaner and blowing too much dust out of the vacuum cleaner. It is, therefore, the first filter of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Has the right size for the interior. A bag that is too small can cause impact and leakage, too much distribution of dirt into uneven parts, which can have consequences for the suction capacity – and the capacity is not fully utilized.
  • It is made of sturdy material, which prevents it from tearing easily.
  • It has a sturdy, suitable insert that is easy to close without coming into contact with the dust.


Types of vacuum cleaner bags

Original vacuum cleaner bags have been specially developed for the specific type of vacuum

cleaner. Prices range from €1.00 to €3.50 per bag. A brand often has different types of dust bags. Nowadays, also with claims like solid, odourless, anti-allergic. To find the right dust bag, look at the type number of the vacuum cleaner.

All vacuum cleaners from our test have been tested with the original.

Bags. The vacuum cleaner comparator contains the manufacturer’s information about the type and price of the vacuum cleaner bag. We also measure the capacity of the dust bag.

Alternative dust bags

Alternative bags are also sold for most vacuum cleaners.

These are often suitable for multiple brands and numerous type numbers, which are printed on the packaging.

An earlier test for alternative bags showed that almost all bags store dust.

Well. However, there are differences between the different alternative bags in terms of price, ease of use and durability of the material.

Universal vacuum cleaner bags

A universal dust bag fits in all vacuum cleaners because you use the insert of the original vacuum cleaner

bag. You stick it (sometimes with a spacer) on the universal bag. At the end of 2010, our Belgian colleagues examined the universal dust bags. They did not find universal bags useful. The original insert was not created for reuse. The question is how long this will take, and an original bag is still needed. The risk of leakage is higher, for example, if you do not stick properly or if you release the glue. Moreover, changing is a dusty job.

Close the dust bag

A vacuum cleaner bag consists of a hard plate with a sturdy bag attached to

it. You slide the hard part into the holder. This part determines the difference in ease of use of the bag. Some pockets can be closed in a certain way:

  • Automatic: The bag closes when you remove it from the vacuum cleaner, such as Miele’s original bag (see original photo bags).
  • With a valve: for example, the bags for Miele of the brand Handy.
  • Piece of cardboard: to slide in front of the opening, for example, the original Philips bag.

Original or alternative?

Alternative bags are generally cheaper than original

bags. But that’s not always the case. For example, an S-bag from Philips and AEG is as expensive as many alternatives.

With an original bag, you know that it fits well in the vacuum cleaner and thus achieves the optimal result and optimal capacity.

There is a chance that an alternative bag does not fit properly, causing dust to leak along with the bag and end up in the interior of the vacuum cleaner.

Using an original bag can make it easier to detect the defect of a vacuum cleaner.

Does an alternative vacuum cleaner bag lose the warranty?

Failure to use the original bags may void the manufacturer’s warranty on the vacuum

cleaner. The seller is the point of contact for the legal warranty and must repair or replace or have a defective vacuum cleaner repaired or replaced during the period that you can reasonably expect the appliance to last. The seller may not refuse the repair in advance because you are using alternative bags. This is only allowed if he can prove that such a bag is the cause of the defect. So pay close attention to the inside of the vacuum cleaner when using alternative bags.

The Bosch G-All costs only €8.95 and is very highly rated. He also retains his suction power when it becomes fuller.

Replacing vacuum cleaner bags

We recommend buying six vacuum cleaner bags: Do not replace the vacuum cleaner bag until it is almost

full. Vacuuming with a full dust bag requires a lot from the engine and can cause damage to the engine. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on when to replace your vacuum cleaner bag. Some vacuum cleaners indicate when the bag is full.

Finding the right bag

It’s not always easy to find the right bag for your vacuum

cleaner. Here are a few useful tips:

  • Copy the type number of the nameplate on the vacuum cleaner or take a photo with your mobile phone.
  • Store the tear-off strip with the code for packing the vacuum cleaner bags.
  • Keep the packaging or cut out the relevant information.
  • Store multiple packages at once.
  • Don’t you want any type-number stuff? Try a universal bag.
  • Don’t you want any hassle with a vacuum cleaner bag? Then choose a vacuum cleaner without a bag.

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