What is Foam Mattress: Types of Foam Mattress?

Whenever it is about selecting a mattress for your bed, there is always a puzzlement on the type of mattress. It comes to your mind every time: whether to buy a foam or spring mattress for your better sleep.

The choice of a mattress indeed varies according to sleeping manners and requirement. Still, comfort is the most crucial aspect of choosing the best mattress. Here we are going to discuss on foam mattress which is widely accessible and popular all over the world.


Foam Mattress

A foam mattress is made of rubber or plastic and reinforced with lightweight cellular mass. The aerated substances of foam mattress offer much-needed support and strength.


Types of Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are mainly of three types, such as memory foam, polyurethane foam, and latex foam. You can also categorize such mattress like support foam, transition foam, and hybrid foam.

The main feature of a foam mattress is its supportive layers which offer a proper adjustment to your body during sleep. Every foam mattress comes with a base layer of foam, and it is quite common for your back support.

Here we will have an illustrative insight on the above mattress which will provide a good idea for selecting the best mattress for good night sleep.

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1. Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is made of polyurethane and completely visco-elastic. It comprises of different thicknesses of foams. It comes with better resistance and supports your pressure points.

A memory foam furnishes gel and other permeated substances that offer additional cooling. Such a mattress is good for the users whoever experiences back pain.  There are mainly two types of memory foams available in the market, such as traditional memory foam, open-cell memory foam, and gel memory foam.

The traditional memory foam increases the air circulation and lessens the stress on your joints while sleeping, whereas the open cell memory foam regulates the heat by responding to your body temperature. On the other hand, a gel memory foam minimizes the pressure points as well as motion transfer during your sleep.


2. Latex Foam

Latex Foam is simply for better comfort and cooling. You can adjust your changes according to your position with latex foam. Such mattress is quick to respond and provide you much needed support.

There are mainly two types of latex foam such as aerated latex foams and traditional latex foams. Latex foam furnishes better breathability, and the responsiveness is also quick as compared to the other mattresses available in the market.


3. Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is just like memory foam but without viscosity. For such a feature, it provides more elasticity and softness. Polyurethane foam is quite lightweight.

The initiation of polyurethane foam was in the year 1950, and as of now, it is one of the most popular mattresses. Initially, such foams were used as a secondary part of the mattresses, but today it is used as the main element.

Polyurethane foam is quite fast for responding pressure, and mainly, there are three types of polyurethane foam. They are regular grade, high resiliency, and high density.

For complete polyurethane mattress, a high resiliency is essential whereas, with regular as well as high-density poly foam, you can only make layers of any foam mattress.

In general, polyurethane foams are solid, and it comes with a combination of all three types for good comfort and better support. It remains on the expensive side as compared to the other mattresses.


4. Hybrid Foam Mattress

These type of mattresses are usually a combination of coils and foam. It offers the users better support and relief the back pressure in an extended way. On the other hand, this type of mattress is suitable for them who likes the features of a coil and wish for the comfort of foam.

A hybrid mattress houses a pocketed coil and covered with a thick layer of foam. The spring part offers better relief, whereas the foam layer minimizes the noise and bounce.


5. Support Foam

A support foam is a high-density foundation layer, and it is highly breathable and regulates the absorption of excessive heat.

It is also free from sagging and provides better compression support. Support foam is good for cooling as well.


6. Transition Foam

A transitional foam is good for heavyweight sleepers and provides extra support to the support layer. It also offers deep compression support, and you can say it is a part of polyurethane foam or memory foam.


7. Reflex Foam

If you are in a fixed budget and unable to afford memory foam, then this is the best option for you. Reflex foam is just the alternative to memory foam and quite cheaper.

A reflex foam houses bubbles instead of holes which adapts your body and offer proper support for sleeping.


8. Convoluted Foam

Such mattresses offer enhanced support during sleep, and it looks like an egg crate. For this reason, it is also known as egg crate foam. It comes with a low price tag, and the making of such mattress is quite simple.

It encourages a high degree of weight distribution and suitable for spinal alignment and assists in recovering various pressure sores.


9. Evlon Foam

Evlon foam is one of the cheapest foam mattress available in the market. It comes with a weight around 2.2 lbs with a tensile strength of 17.19 lb. These type of mattresses are used in high-end sofas for better support.


Pros and Cons of Foam Mattress

A foam mattress is quite suitable for good night sleep and for eliminating health complications as compared to a spring mattress. A foam mattress is better for adapting your body shape.

Due to the absence of resistance technique like a spring mattress, a foam mattress guarantees much more contentment. On the other hand, a spring mattress is not good for blood circulation, but a foam mattress is quite solid and good for supporting your weight and adjusting your sleeping style.


Bottom Line

The type of mattress is completely dependent on your body requirement, sleeping style, and budget. In this regard, a foam mattress offers more flexibility and support as compared to the coiled ones.

Here in this article, we have discussed on a various foam mattress and its advantages which can provide you a good understanding of choosing the best one for yourself.