Folding Mattress | Pros and Cons

Folding mattresses will provide a comfortable rest when you need to take guests overnight. A variety of models allows you to choose an option on individual wishes.

Folding mattresses appeared on the Indian market relatively recently. Still, their comfort has already been appreciated by supporters of an active lifestyle, as well as those who like to receive guests. So today, more and more manufacturers offer such models in Moscow.


What a folding mattress looks like

As a rule, folding mattresses are a structure consisting of several elements connected by a cloth. In each block, there is a filler, so in the decomposed form, it forms a flat surface, almost identical to a thin mattress or topper. To store all the product items easily added up in a stack and cleaned in a special case. Some models have belts that allow you to fix them in folded form.

A key feature of folding models is their functionality – such products can be used in different situations:

  • Guest option. If the house does not have beds for friends or relatives, such a mattress can be laid on the floor. The right height and size of the model will provide a comfortable enough rest, and in the morning, it can be quickly folded and removed in the pantry.
  • Correction of the bedroom at home. Choosing a folding mattress for the sofa, suitable for the degree of rigidity, you can level its surface and relax with great convenience. Some models have an orthopedic effect, so they can temporarily solve problems with the spine, even on the bed.


Benefits of folding mattresses

Benefits of folding mattresses

In addition to a reasonable price, you can note other advantages of folding mattresses:

  • compactness. The small weight and folding design allow you to easily store the product at home and carry it even in a car.
  • Practicality. These models use long-lasting and easy-to-care materials that involve frequent use of the product in different conditions, and therefore they can last from 7 years or more without losing their properties.
  • A variety of options. In-store catalogs, you can find products of different sizes and degrees of rigidity, with current elastic and soft fillers.

Another advantage of such products can be called versatility – in addition to the above methods of use, a folding mattress can act as a mat for children’s games or fitness classes at home.


Types of folding mattresses

Today, manufacturers produce different varieties of folding models:

  • Classic folding models. Externally look like ordinary mattresses, divided into several elements. In content, they are also not different from traditional sleeping accessories. They can contain spring blocks, as well as layers of soft and hard materials.
  • Inflatable folding mattresses. Products with a flat coating are pleasant to the touch, withstand significant loads, and, if necessary, deflated to the minimum size and can store even in a small closet.
  • The futons. A folding topper option, which is most commonly used for a sofa or bed. It differs in moderation with a soft filler and the same cover, and therefore in a folded state, can play the role of poof.

Also, in the shops, you can see mattresses-transformers – designer models that can turn into chairs and even sofas. They are exclusive options, and therefore to buy them is quite difficult and expensive, but it is transformers able to give the living room a stylish look and do not require storage space.


How to choose?

Picking up a folding mattress for sleeping on the sofa, do not focus solely on the cost. A variety of models allows you to find an option in which all factors – from price to comfort and safety – are perfectly combined. The key criteria for buying a folding model are:

  • The size. Today, manufacturers offer mattresses of various dimensions – from compact to full-fledged double. Those who plan to use the model for sleep for a long time should choose a fully appropriate product to the size of a sofa or bed. On the other hand, if you are supposed to buy a mattress for guests, a compact single model will suffice.
  • The design. On sale, you can find springless models and with blocks of dependent or independent springs. The second option is typical for expensive models and infrequently occurs, besides it involves use for a long time. If the mattress is folded and laid out regularly, a model without springs will be the best solution.
  • The materials. The same formulations can be used as fillers of folding mattresses as for classic mattresses – latex, coconut coir, foam, and viscose orthopedic foams.

Purchasing a folding mattress, it is also important to take care of a quality mattress. The protective cover will make the sleeper even more comfortable and will protect it from dust and moisture.


What should be the rigidity?

If you plan to use a folding mattress as a sleeper for a long time, you need to choose a model for rigidity. Experts recommend using the same recommendations as to when buying traditional products:

  • In the absence of health problems, medium-hard mattresses are selected – springless and spring with combined fillers.
  • Over the age of 50, people with low weight advise folding models with latex or orthopedic foams or more budget options based on foam.
  • Doctors most often prescribe sleep on hard mattresses – spring or springless with a layer of coconut cobra If sleeping overweight.

To purchase a mattress should be approached with all the attention. Today in stores, you can study the model’s design, composition, and documentation, read reviews, and even lie on the mattress to assess their feelings. With this approach, the operation of sleeping accessories will bring only positive emotions.

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