Difference in Mixer Grinder and Food Processor?

Wouldn’t it be great to get an easy hand for preparing all your delicious dishes? Well, of course, it would be!

And certainly, nothing can be better to have advanced and technology-driven kitchen appliances for the help, isn’t it? Many of us look for such kitchen appliances as the best mixer grinder in India or the best food processor that not only are affordable but are also compact with several features for quick cooking.

Mixer grinders and food processors are two common appliances that are extremely popular in Indian kitchens for the help they offer with food preparation and cooking. However, just like many of us, many people are often seen confused between these two kitchen appliances.

To break the basic confusion, a mixer grinder and food processor are not the same. The two appliances have very similar features but still have evident distinguishing features. You just need to be aware of their differences and similarities to pick the right one.

So, what is the basic difference between a food processor and a mixer grinder? Let us look at the difference by covering all the essential parameters.

What is a Mixer Grinder?

Mixer Grinder

As the name indicates, a mixer grinder is the combination of two functionalities – mixing and grinding. The appliance can be used for both wet and dry ingredients using the various separate jars available. You can find a variety of jars with the mixer grinder that can be used as per the needs and requirements.

Moreover, you can also control the speed of the mixer grinder to get the desired consistency. A mixer grinder can usually offer you a speed of 10,000 RPM. Also, the 750W motor supports its effective working. It can be used by both large and small families.

What is Food Processor?

Food Processor

Very similar to a mixer grinder, a food processor is also a multi-usable appliance for the modern kitchen. However, very unlikely to a mixer grinder, you don’t need separate accessories for different uses. A food processor is a complete package that can handle all the kitchen needs like grinding, chopping, blending, juicing, grating, etc.

It comes with different blades that can be changed according to the purpose. Also, you get different jar sizes and disks.

Working of the Appliances:

When we are talking about mixer grinder vs food processor, one of the major things to focus on is their working. The working of both the appliances should be mentioned to understand what makes them different from one another.

Understanding the need, let us understand the working of both the appliances one at a time.

Working of a Food Processor:

Since a food processor performs various tasks, it comes accessorized with different jars, blades, cutters, and various other things. However, amidst all the available accessories, the performance of the motor, the capacity of the various jars, and the overall durability of the processor matter the most.

The motor used in this appliance is a heavy one that can provide needed stability during working. You just need to choose a suitable blade and jar to attach with the motor, everything else will be handled by the processor.

Thus, it can be understood that the main attention should be given to the type of blade and jar used with the food processor to get the desired result.

Working of Mixer Grinder:

Mixer grinder can be limited with its use as it cannot be used for more than one function just like the food processor. It can be your perfect choice if you have a small family and are looking for something to handle the basic kitchen chores.

Despite its limited use, a mixer grinder comes with various accessories such as a powerful motor, various jars of different capacities, nylon couplers, bushes, etc. You cut the ingredients into smaller pieces and then put them into the jars for blending or mixing them. You need specific jars to satisfy different kitchen purposes.

The Price Range of Both the Appliances:

The Price Range of Both the Appliances

On average, a food processor is available at a price range of INR 3,000 to INR 1,00,000. The price of the appliance varies according to its advanced features and the number of accessories available. You will be charged a higher price for a food processor designed with advanced functionalities.

No doubt, a food processor is towards the pricey side, but it can be purchased by middle-class families.

Talking about the mixer grinder, the price of this useful kitchen appliance is somewhere between INR 800 to INR 50,000. Considering the price range, it can be seen that a mixer grinder can easily be purchased by anyone who needs some additional help for kitchen work.

The Total Power Consumed by the Appliances:

Power Consumed by the Appliances

One of the main factors that affect the buying decision is the total power consumed by the appliances.

The average power consumed by the food processor is 650-1000W.

Whereas, the average power consumed by a mixer grinder is 500-750W.

Thus, it can be observed that a food processor requires more power for its work.

The Material Used in Kitchen Appliances:

The material used for the bowls and their lids of the best food processor is polycarbonate. The blades are made using high-quality stainless steel with sharp edges for instant and smooth cutting.

On the other hand, a mixer grinder comprises 3 different jars, 2 out of which are made using high-quality stainless steel material, and the 1 juicer jar is made using polycarbonate material. The top lids of the jars are designed using rubberized material. All the blades used in the mixer grinder are of stainless steel material.

The Potential Pros and Cons of Both the Kitchen Appliances:

The Potential Pros and Cons of Both the Kitchen Appliances

What we like about a Food Processor:

  • A food processor can effortlessly save your time and efforts to prepare your favorite dishes
  • This single device can be relied on for performing all the major kitchen chores as it can be used for dicing, shredding, and mashing all the ingredients
  • All the work done with a food processor is safe as there are minimal chances of any cutting or hurting oneself. It also avoids creating any mess during its working
  • It is a suitable choice for people following a strict diet and a healthy lifestyle
  • The sizes of the bowls are bigger than that available with a mixer grinder
  • It can be used for large families

Our concerns about a Food Processor:

  • Food processor needs sufficient space for its storage
  • Its working can be loud and noisy at times
  • It also consumes more electricity for its working

What we like about a Mixer Grinder:

  • It can be used to even grind tough ingredients like black pepper, nuts, cloves, etc. Along with this, it can be used for a wide variety of food items
  • You can easily control the working speed of the grinder to get the desired final consistency
  • The operation, maintenance, and cleaning of a mixer grinder is relatively easier and convenient for the users
  • It is cheaper and inexpensive than a food processor
  • It can easily be adjusted in the kitchen as it doesn’t need much storage space

Our concerns about a Mixer Grinder:

  • It can get overheated when used for longer hours
  • It is difficult to remove all the food from the jar as its blades consume maximum space
  • Its stability is also compromised at times and you need to hold the jar during its working

Which One Would Make the Best Choice?

Now, let us move to the main concerning questions of which amongst the mixer grinder and food processor is best to choose. Honestly, the choice mainly depends upon the choices and needs of the user.

If you are fond of cooking and trying delicious dishes, then a food processor would make a more suitable choice. This one appliance is enough to handle various kitchen tasks – slicing, grinding, chopping, blending, etc. which otherwise would take a lot of your time.

The mixer grinder is suitable if your cooking is limited to juicing and grinding as you cannot use it for performing other tasks.

Can a food processor be used to grind spices?

No, it is not advised to use a food processor to grind spices. This is because of the fact that the blades available in the food processor are relatively thin and thus are not suitable to grind the hard spices. You can use the blades to slice your food instead.

Can a mixer grinder be used in place of a food processor?

After all the discussion, the one thing that is for sure is the fact that both the kitchen appliances are designed for specific functions. It is, therefore, suggested to use them mainly for what they are designed for and not to interchange their working.

In this way, you will get the desired result without any hassles or complications. Thus, it can be said that using a mixer grinder in place of a food processor is not at all recommended.

To Sum the Available Information:

To get a better understanding, let us have a look at some of the basic distinguishing features and characteristics of both appliances.

Food ProcessorMixer Grinder
Works using a high-speed performing motorWorks using a good performance motor
Can be used as mixer grinder, juicer, chopper, etc.Designed to be used for only specific functions
Slightly on the expensive sideAvailable within affordable price range
Requires sufficient storage and usage space in the kitchenDesigned for an easy and convenient storage and usage space
Needs more power for its workingNeeds comparatively less power for its working
Comes with many accessories of different capacitiesAccessories of different sizes are available but in limited number

Final Thoughts:

To conclude the discussion, it won’t be wrong to say that both the appliances are pretty amazing and helpful. However, both the appliances are meant to fulfil different purposes and to deliver different results. Therefore, you should be particular when choosing in between a suitable food processor and the best mixer grinder in India.

Before choosing between mixer grinder vs food processor, be sure of your kitchen needs and cooking habits.

Let us know in the comment section which amongst these two useful kitchen appliances is your favorite. Also, we are available for any of your doubts or thoughts concerning food processor vs mixer grinder.

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