Geysers Power Consumption | How to Reduce Geyser Electricity Consumption?

Increased electricity bills are not uncommon during winters. The most significant reason for your rising bills is the usage of geysers. These are designed to heat water almost instantly, and for this reason, they consume a lot of power, thereby contributing a share of about forty to sixty per cent to your electricity bills.

The high power consumption of geysers is what makes people look for ways in which they can save energy and lower their electricity bills. In our article, we have shed some light on the same topic. Let’s discuss all the factors that affect the power consumption of your geyser and some effective ways in which you reduce it and save some valuable amount of money.


Factors Affecting the Power Consumption of Your Geyser

The power consumption of a geyser is not a standard unit, being the same for every geyser. It depends on a few factors, which can vary from one family to another. Let’s have a look at some of the most crucial factors determining the amount of electricity consumed by your geyser.

Brand, Model, and Present Condition of Your Geyser

Brand, Model, and Present Condition of Your Geyser

One of the most significant factors that affects your geyser’s power consumption is actually the brand, model type, and its current condition. Also, it is one of the most ignored factors. When buying a geyser, it is essential that you pay attention to the brand as different brands use different technologies.

Therefore, it is better to go with the one that will meet all your needs and requirements. In general, if power consumption is the only concern, you must always opt for geysers with higher star ratings. A five star rating is the most preferred, but you can also opt for the one with four stars, depending on your budget.

Also, if your geyser is old. In that case, it will again consume more energy to heat water as the time required would increase. Therefore, it is advised to get your geyser serviced from time to time so that it stays in the best working condition for a long time. If your geyser is extremely old, it is better to replace it with a new one.


The Usage Frequency of Your Geyser

The Usage Frequency of Your Geyser

This one is a no-brainer. If you are someone who frequently uses a geyser throughout the day, it goes without saying that your power consumption will be more and electricity bills will be higher. Therefore, it is always better to use geysers judiciously and time your usage to save power.


Amount of Hot Water Consumed

Amount of Hot Water Consumed

The amount of hot water consumed throughout the day again determines the power consumed by your geyser. The rule of thumb says that the higher the amount of hot water consumed, the higher will be the geyser usage. As your frequency of using geyser goes up, so will be the electricity consumption. Cutting down on useless hot water consumption will go a long way in reducing mindless geyser usage.


Ways to Reduce the Power Consumption of Your Geyser

Now that we have discussed the factors that affect the power consumption of your geyser, it is essential to know about the ways in which you can reduce it too. You will be surprised to know that even small changes can save huge amounts of electricity. Let’s discuss some of the most effective ways below.


Select the Correct Size of the Geyser

Select the Correct Size of the Geyser

Merely choosing the correct size of the geyser can do wonders when it comes to saving electricity. The size of the geyser majorly depends on the size of your family and your hot water consumption habits. An over-sized geyser will unnecessarily heat more water, thereby increasing your energy consumption. In contrast, an under-sized geyser will not heat enough water at one point, again requiring more energy. Therefore, it is always beneficial to opt for the size that meets all your requirements in order to prevent any energy wastage.


Keep the Quantity of Hot Water Low

This one goes without saying that when you keep your hot water consumption low, you will automatically reduce the power consumption of your geyser. The best way in which you can do the same is by taking quick showers instead of long hot baths. Also, if you are someone who uses water buckets instead of showers, make sure that you fill it only to the required level.

In the same way, one can do batch washing of utensils instead of washing a single item every time you cook or eat something. Washing clothes with cold water is another effective way to reduce your hot water consumption, thereby requiring less energy.


Insulate the Geyser

Heat loss due to poor insulation is one of the most common issues with electric geysers.     Heat loss mainly means gradual cooling of your geyser. Though the cooling is not very high, it still keeps the thermostat activated to maintain the temperature of the geyser. This constant activation of the thermostat leads to more energy consumption throughout the day.

To avoid this, one can make use of geyser blankets, which will prevent heat loss by keeping the geyser warm. Another way to avoid any heat loss is by using pipe lagging or insulating the water pipes of your electric geyser. A combination of both geyser blankets and insulating pipes will save you up to twenty percent of the power required to reheat the stored water.


Choose Geysers with Higher Star Rating

Choose Geysers with Higher Star Rating

Star rating or energy efficiency rating is one of the most reliable criteria to determine the power saving capacity of an electrical device. The higher the rating, the more will be the power-saving capacity of your geyser. A five star rated geyser will not only take less energy to heat a given quantity of water but will also reduce heat loss in geysers. This will lead to lower electricity bills and more savings every month.


Switching Off the Geyser Doesn’t Work

One tactic that everyone follows to lower the power consumption of the geyser is to switch it off. However, it’s time to burst that balloon as switching off doesn’t help much. It only works when the geyser is switched off for a long time or days at a stretch.

The argument is that when the geyser is switched on constantly, the temperature will remain hot at all points, and heat loss will be insignificant. Whereas, when you switch off the geyser and cold water is let in, the geyser again has to heat it to a higher temperature, thereby requiring more energy. Therefore, many times it is a better idea to let your geyser stay on at a low temperature and with good insulation.


Choose the Ideal Geyser Temperature

One of the most forgotten and effective ways to keep the geyser’s power consumption in check is to choose an ideal geyser temperature. Generally, geysers have a water heating temperature range of about forty to seventy-five degrees Celsius. Most geysers have their thermostat set to either the highest or a higher temperature, which consumes more electricity as a high temperature has to be maintained.

We recommend setting your thermostat at fifty to fifty-five degrees Celsius for effective water heating and the best power savings. One can also opt for solar water heaters in addition to the electrical ones in order to reduce electricity consumption.


Go for a Geyser Timer

Go for a Geyser Timer

A geyser timer is yet another efficient way to control your geyser’s power consumption. Once you keep the geyser on, the geyser timer will automatically switch on and off depending on the set temperature. This means that if the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the geyser timer will switch the device on and will switch it off again once the temperature is reached.

This way, you can rest assured that no extra energy is being consumed and your electricity bills are lowered.


Pay Attention to the Shower Head

Shower Head

Want to save electricity by up to twenty-four percent? What better way than investing in an energy-efficient showerhead. Yes, your showerhead makes a whole lot of difference. The correct showerhead will not only offer you a calming bath session but will also reduce your monthly electricity bills tremendously. In addition to saving energy, an appropriate showerhead will also prevent any water wastage.



Now that we know some of the most effective ways that will help you reduce your geyser’s power consumption, it is best to adopt these habits. When used in conjunction, the overall effect will be worthwhile. However, if the tips mentioned above do not work, we advise purchasing a new geyser for your home.

Which of the tips worked for you? Please let us know in the comments section below. We would love to read about your experience.

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