Havells Water Purifier Review (By Experts)

Havells is amongst the fastest-growing and globally popular brand names that can be relied on. The brand stepped in and introduced its first water purifier in the year 2017 and since then have not looked back.

As the water pollutant sources are increasing on daily basis; it is important to have a water purifier like Havells. These purifiers are trusted by many users to get complete freedom from contaminations.

Since the brand serves its customers with the best, wouldn’t it be exciting to know a lot more about the brand? We are here with our detailed research about the brand along with its top 6 water purifier that you can buy.


About Havells brand

Havells needs no introduction in the water purifier industry. The brand has successfully established its presence for making one of the best water purifiers in india and thus is one of the trusted names amongst the users. But, do you know, Havells also had to invest its share of efforts and hard work to reach this height of success?

Let us walk you through the rise of the Havells brand by talking about its history and other essential aspects.

Havells started its journey in the year 1983 by registering as “Havells Pvt. Ltd.” On 8th August. Later, in the year 1992, the brand shifted from being a private company to the public domain and was then known as Havells India Limited. The company was founded and promoted with the sincere efforts of Mr. Qimat Rai Gupta.

Interestingly, the brand which is now known for its global performance and high revenue was actually started with a total investment of INR 10,000. The brand is operational in its 23 branches and offers a wide range of products in the best quality. Some of the products that are manufactured under the brand are as follow:

  • Home and kitchen appliances
  • Domestic, industrial, and commercial products
  • LED lights, fans, modular switches, and wire accessories
  • Water purifiers and water heaters, etc.

With its consistent and continuous efforts and dedication, Havells has successfully secured a distinguished position in the market. Each of its products has its unique quality which helps the product to stand out from the rest.

Over time, the brand has introduced many advanced technological advancements in its products which were gradually accepted by the users. The brand focuses on serving the best customer-oriented products designed with transparency and innovative ideas. You can see their dedication and vision clarity in their uniquely developed and designed water purifiers.

Considering the creative approach and sincerity of the brand, it won’t be wrong to say that the brand will continue to be one popular and trending name in the Indian market in the coming future.


What do people like about Havells brand?

Havells water purifiers are designed with a wide range of benefits that act as major attractions for the buyers. To specify some, we have:

  • They offer 100% RO and UV water purification
  • The purifiers work towards balancing the desired amount of minerals using its Minerals Fortification
  • Havells purifiers are designed with iProtect purification monitoring
  • The Havells water purifiers also offer customer-oriented alerts for maximum convenience and auto water cut-off benefits
  • Also, these purifiers come with their appealing and refreshing design to be the centre of attraction
  • They are also kept compact and lightweight for ensuring easy maintenance for the users


What do people don’t like about the Havells brand?

Though, all the Havells purifiers are amazing with their features and design but they need maintenance. The one major issue that most of the users have with the Havells water purifiers is that they are expensive to maintain. The users may have to spend a lot more on the maintenance of the product for some of the Havells water purifiers.

Apart from this, there wouldn’t be any complaints or issues with the performance and reliability of the brand’s water purifiers.


What Havells offers apart from other water purifier brands?

Havells is one popular and well-known brand name in the Indian market and it has all the reasons for that.

Havells ensures to design all its water purifiers with innovative, latest, and advance technology to offer the maximum convenience to the users. Amidst the many other brands, Havells offer features like:

  • Soft-touch faucet
  • Corner installation
  • Smart user-interface, etc.

The brand revolves its products around the varying needs of the users so that each and every loyal customer of the brand can get their desired product with an effective and satisfactory performance without causing any hassles or inconvenience.


Top 6 Havells water purifiers 2023

Havells Digiplus Alkaline – RO and UV Water Purifier

Havells Digiplus Alkaline – RO and UV Water Purifier


  • Purification technology: RO and UV]
  • Storage capacity: 7L
  • Stages of purification: 8-stages
  • Electricity needed: yes
  • TDS controller: yes
  • Warranty: 1-year

The first name that we have mentioned on our list is Havells Digiplus Alkaline – RO and UV Water Purifier. It is a great product offered by the brand which comes with unique and attractive features.

To begin with, the purifier is designed with a maximum capacity of 7L. With this capacity, it can be an ideal product for small families that can supply a continuous flow of safe drinking water.

To offer the maximum purification, the water passes through 8-stages of purification to remove all the available impurities and contaminations. Along with this, the purifier also relies on the combined benefits of RO and UV to even remove all the dissolved germs, dust, dirt, etc. from the water.

One of the best benefits of this water purifier is its protected purification monitoring. Thanks to this feature, the purifier automatically cuts off the water when it is not safe for drinking. This ensures the users that they will always be served with purified and healthy water.

This purifier not only focuses on purifying water but it also takes care of maintaining its quality. It combines the benefits of alkaline taste enhancer and revitalizer for improving the quality and pH level of the water. With the use of Mineralz feature, these Havells attractions add the required minerals in the water for delivering maximum health benefits.

Another important quality of this purifier is its maintenance alerts which keep the users updated about all required maintenance needs. The users are also given the maximum warranty time of 1-year with this product.

Talking about its design, it is made compact and lightweight. It can be easily be installed anywhere needed without any hassles or troubles. This Havells water purifier would surely be one piece of attraction for your place.


  • Available in an elegant and attractive design
  • Automatically cuts off impure water delivery
  • Enabled with timely maintenance alerts
  • 8-stages of purification for thorough cleaning and purification
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Retain and maintains a balanced amount of minerals and pH level


  • Maintenance is required frequently


Havells Fab Alkaline RO+UV with Immuno Shield Technology, 7LWater Purifier

Havells Fab Alkaline RO+UV with Immuno Shield Technology, 7LWater Purifier


  • Purification technology: RO and UV with Immuno shield
  • Storage capacity: 7L
  • Stages of purification: 7-stages
  • Electricity needed: yes
  • TDS controller: yes
  • Warranty: 1-year

Havells is a well-known name in the Indian market and this water purifier can simply justify the reasons for the brand’s popularity. This Havells product is simply the perfect and balanced combination of excellent features and appealing looks. It has been designed to offer great value of money to the users with its terrific performance.

It is one reliable water purifier for small Indian families with its tank capacity of 7L. It uses 7-stage purification for getting rid of the impurities and germs available in the water. The combined action of RO and UV further enhances the quality of the water by not only removing the dissolved contaminations but also disinfecting the water.

Its distinguishing feature involves the Immuno Shield technology which maintains the right pH level of the purified water. This brings several health benefits to users. To further enhance the quality of the water, this Havells purifier lowers the Oxidation-reduction potential.

Along with this, with the use of a revitalizer feature, this Havells water purifier can retain and add all the required minerals in the water. Thanks to the iProtect purification, the purifier only delivers healthy water and automatically cuts off the impure water supply.

Thanks to the smart user interface, the users are alerted of the maintenance and access needs for the purifier. The users can get the maximum convenience to use all the available features of this purifier without any hassles.

Overall, this water purifier from the brand maintains the proper balance between health and hygiene. Havells also offers a 1-year warranty time with this product to effectively handle any kind of adverse working situations.


  • Uses 7-stages of purification for thoroughly removing water impurities
  • Attractive body with minimalistic design
  • Easier to use and maintain
  • Maintains a balanced pH level of the water
  • Enhances the water taste and quality


  • The water flow rate becomes slower with continuous use


Havells Max Alkaline 7L RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells Max Alkaline 7L RO+UV Water Purifier


  • Purification technology: RO and UV
  • Storage capacity: 7L
  • Stages of purification: 7-stages
  • Electricity needed: yes
  • TDS controller: no
  • Warranty: 1-year

If you are looking for a reliable Havells water purifier that can be an excellent and efficient choice for its features and design, then you should put your hands on the Havells Max Alkaline 7L RO+UV Water Purifier.

This water purifier comes with a total tank capacity of 7L for being a desirable choice for small Indian families. This product can be relied on for getting a continuous supply of pure and healthy water without any hassles.

Talking about its purification technology, it uses the very effective 7-stages of purification to get rid of all the possible water impurities and pollutants. The water is also treated with the combined benefits of RO and UV to ensure that the water is completely disinfected.

Once the water is purified against all the germs and dust, the mineral fortification feature comes into action. Thanks to this, the purifier provides the needed alkaline to the water and improves its taste. Besides this, the purifier also makes the best use of Mineralz technology to maintain the right pH level of the water along with adding the desired minerals.

The one thing that stands out in this Havells product is its attractive and appealing design which will certainly impress you. The purifier is enabled with all the necessary alerts to ensure the perfect maintenance as and when needed. The users can also get the required space to keep their glass to get purified water.

This Havells product is designed to be lightweight and compact. Thus, the users can easily and conveniently place it anywhere needed. The availability of a 1-year warranty completes the total offered benefits to the users.


  • Ensures an easy maintenance
  • Designed with elegance for an attractive impression
  • 7-stages of purification with RO and UV
  • Adds and retains the needed minerals to improve the overall water quality
  • Enhances the taste and flavors of water


  • TDS filter is not available


Havells Delite DX 100% RO+UV pH Balanced SS Tank Water Purifier

Havells water purifiers


  • Purification technology: RO and UV with SS tank using UV LED
  • Storage capacity: 6.5L
  • Stages of purification: 8-stages
  • Electricity needed: yes
  • TDS controller: yes
  • Warranty: 1-year

If you are tired of trying all the possible ways to purify your water but still couldn’t get the desired results, then you should definitely buy this Havells Delite DX 100% RO+UV pH Balanced SS Tank Water Purifier. Coming from the reliable Havells brand, it goes without saying that the water purifier leaves no stone unturned to purify the water to the extreme.

The water purifier is available with a 6.5L capacity and thus makes the perfect fit for individual users or small Indian families. Thanks to its lesser capacity, it can be easily used in offices or homes with minimal storage space. Its lightweight and compact design further ensure easy storage.

Even though the tank capacity is a little limited but the purification is never compromised. The water is passed through 8-stages of purification to get rid of the available contaminations and impurities from the water. Apart from this, the water quality is also improved with the use of RO and UV purification along with the UV LED used in its stainless steel tank.

Besides giving full protection against viruses, bacteria, and germs, this Havells product is also a masterpiece with its design. It is designed using a high-quality stainless steel tank which minimizes the growth of toxins, harmful chemicals, and other impurities. The UV LED available in the tank thoroughly disinfects the water to avoid the regeneration of any harmful pollutants.

This purifier maintains the desired balance of essential minerals and pH in the water by improving its overall quality. Lastly, to ensure that the users only get healthy and safe water, the purifier makes use of its iProtect feature and automatically cuts off the supply of dirty contaminated water.


  • Automatic cut-off the supply of dirty water
  • Attractive yet minimalistic design
  • 8-stage thorough purification
  • Adds and retains the desired pH and minerals in the water


  • Limited storage capacity


Havells UV Plus 8L UF Water Purifier

Havells water purifiers


  • Purification technology: UV and UF
  • Storage capacity: 8L
  • Stages of purification: 5-stages
  • Electricity needed: yes
  • TDS controller: yes
  • Warranty: 1-year

Last but not least, we have Havells UV Plus 8L UF Water Purifier on our list of the best Havells water purifier. The purifier is designed to ensure offering the maximum convenience to the users for getting the best quality of purified water.

To begin with, this water purifier comes with a maximum capacity of 8L to be a perfect choice for medium-sized Indian families. It can easily cater to the needs of 3-4 users with a continuous supply of healthy purified water.

Talking about purification, it makes use of 5-stages for removing the dissolved contamination from the water. The water also passes through a UV filter and then through the available UF filtration to ensure that all the dissolved impurities, germs, dirt, dust, viruses, and bacteria are removed.

Thanks to the available revitalizer, the delivered healthy water contains the right pH value. Also, with the use of Mineralz technology, the purifier maintains the right amount of needed minerals in the water.

Other than its features, it is its design that attracts all the eyes. One of the major attractions of this water purifier is its zero-splash faucet which ensures zero wastage of water during use. Along with this, the users can make the best use of the available adjustable knob to control the flow of water according to their needs and requirements.

The users can also conveniently install this water purifier as and where they want; all thanks to its flexible mounting. Its compact design further helps in its easy storage and maintenance. Lastly, with the available warranty of 1-year, Havells ensures smooth working of this purifier without being bothered with any adverse working situations or conditions.


  • Enabled with revitalizer for maintaining the pH level and minerals in the water
  • Designed with a futuristic design with convenience features
  • Available with flexible mounting and installation
  • Ensures easy usage and convenient maintenance


  • Lesser purification stages than the other mentioned names


Havells Pro 8L RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells Pro 8L RO+UV Water Purifier


  • Purification technology: RO and UV technology
  • Storage capacity: 8L
  • Stages of purification: 6-stages
  • Electricity needed: yes
  • TDS controller: yes
  • Warranty: 1-year

With its futuristic design and advanced purification technology, this Havells Pro 8L RO+UV Water Purifier is the next entry on our list. This purifier is not only amazing with its design but also comes with some convenient features that offer efficient working without any hassles.

The purifier comes with a high storage tank capacity of 8L which makes it suitable for the needs of small to medium Indian families. For delivering thorough purification of contaminated water, the purifier relies on its 6-stage purification system. The polluted water passes through various filters to ensure the delivery of safe, pure, and healthy water.

The users can be sure of getting only purified water with the combined purification of the RO and UV membrane. The purifier is also enabled with iProtect purification monitoring to ensure the delivery of only purified and pure water. It automatically discontinues the supply in case of dirty water detection.

This Havells purifier also takes good care to maintain the right pH level and the desired amount of minerals. It also works in favor of maintaining the overall quality and taste of the water so that the users always get the best that they deserve.

Moving forward to the design of this Havells water purifier, then it is nowhere less than the available convenience features. It is designed with easy accessibility along with a dedicated space to keep and fill the glass. Its compact design makes it really convenient for the users to store and install it at any desired place without any hassles.

Lastly, it is available in a compact and lightweight design that can easily be stored and installed anywhere needed. The users are also given the maximum warranty time of 1-year with this purifier.

At an affordable price, this Havells water purifier can offer you all the benefits, features, and convenience that you desire from your water purifier.


  • iProtect purification detection
  • 6-stages of water purification with RO and UV technology
  • Attractive and convenient design
  • Easy and convenient use with maintenance


  • Motor sometimes make noise when in use


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The powerful purification of Havells water purifier ensures to help the brand stand out amongst the crowd. All the mentioned Havells purifiers are superb, however, we would like to recommend the use of Havells Digiplus Alkaline – RO and UV Water Purifier.

What makes this purifier stand out is its perfect balance of amazing features and its appealing looks. This can be seen as a complete product to get healthy and safe drinking water along with the convenience of use and accessibility.

If you are still confused and need more details, then please do connect with us by commenting below. We are happy to assist our readers in making their best and suitable buy.

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