How Do I Maintain and Clean the Air Conditioning in the House?

The first step is done; the hot days can come because you are equipped with your choice air conditioner. It works great; you feel comfortable in the pollen-free and intelligently cooled rooms. Like all other sensitive appliances in the house, garden or elsewhere, air conditioning must also be maintained and maintained.


Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

The Internet offers entertainment and topic-related information, which can be read or inquired in blogs or corresponding forums. A wonderful invention – don’t you think?

Ok, if you don’t want to scour the whole WWW, you will be able to find out essential details about what is essential when maintaining your air conditioning system. For example, it is different from air conditioning in the car. This should be maintained at regular intervals in a specialist workshop. The quantity of the refrigerant is checked and, if necessary, refilled, the pollen filter is changed and the respective pressure of the air output and the supply and discharge lines, are examined.

It is different from air conditioners that are located in the house. If they have been installed professionally, no refrigerants’ loss over the entire life cycle is to be expected. If the air conditioner still loses this means, a massive defect should be repaired immediately. This blog is supposed to be about the maintenance of the plants and not about the repair. So, in general,

  • to clean the filters and, if necessary, to change them. Cleaning should take place once a week during the operating months. This prevents the transmission of bacteria or pollen.
  • The filter can be removed from the device and completely rinsed with simple soapy liquor water. But don’t forget: turn off the electricity!
  • Each year, the filter can also be replaced with a new one. You can get them from the specialist dealer or directly from the manufacturer of your device.
  • The condenser and the drain hose of the condensation water should be cleaned at regular intervals. Why? Because a humid climate develops in this, which is the best breeding ground for bacteria to develop and multiply rapidly.
  • Like an exhaust air dryer, it is also necessary to empty the tank with the condensate water in the air conditioning system. In continuous operation, it can happen that more than once a day must be taught. This does not always require a specialist; you can do this yourself.
  • However, when you purchase air conditioning, you can sign a maintenance contract. Then at intervals (recommended once a year), an employee comes to perform complete maintenance, which also includes the tightness of the hoses and the operational safety).
  • In the case of air-conditioning systems operated by air-water, the water tank must be kept in mind and replenished at all times. If you forget that, the air conditioner no longer works as it should and finally completely gives up the mind. This can be expensive.

For not only cleaned, fresh, cool or warm air you can also get in retail or in various shops on the Internet fragrance gels, corresponding cleaners and products that have been specially developed for the maintenance of air conditioning systems. Easy to use and also not so expensive to purchase. The windows should always remain closed when the air conditioning (no matter what type and model) is put into operation. On the one hand, you extend your service life, and on the other hand, the system can only work properly, effectively, and in an energy-saving manner.

The better you maintain your air conditioning, the longer you enjoy it. Summer can come calmly and emit unbearable heat waves. You are equipped and don’t have to worry about overheated rooms in your home. Besides, the air conditioning will take good care of you if they take good care of the device.

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