How To Choose A Mattress For Senior Citizens

How to pick up a mattress for a person of retirement age? Age-related changes harm sleep. People over 50 have a more empathetic, more difficulty sleeping after accidentally waking up in the middle of the night. Changes and the requirements for the comfort of a bed – a bed that used to arrange everything suddenly turn into an uncomfortable bed. Orthopedic diseases also make themselves felt: there are pains and unpleasant sensations in the back and limbs. All these factors have a bad effect on the quality of sleep.

The right mattress will reduce the pain in the back, help to relax, and make sleep really healthy and pleasant.

Which mattresses are best for the elderly? Could you read about it in our article?


Doctors’ recommendations

Doctors' recommendations

Experts on what should be a bed of a man in years. Gerontologists agree that the sleeper of an older adult should be as convenient as possible for the user. The fact that people after 50 years reduced the stage of deep sleep – the main phase of night rest during which the body rests most effectively. Sleep becomes intermittent, the frequency of awakenings increases, and sleep duration does not change. This leads to drowsiness during the day. On a comfortable bed, it is much easier to relax and fall asleep, so it is better not to save at the comfort level of a bed.

In addition, it is important to pick up a bed with hypoallergenic fillers. Allergy such as itching or nasal congestion will have a bad impact on the quality of sleep.

Age-related changes make it difficult to ventilate, so the air in the bedroom must be clean. Therefore, another important characteristic of a bed is breathability. Air should circulate freely through the bed. Only in this case, dust and moisture will not accumulate inside the mattress – the main reasons for the reproduction of bacteria and dust mites on the bed. They not only cause allergic reactions but exacerbate respiratory diseases.


How to decide on rigidity

These are the qualities that a person of retirement age should have.

Older people are better off choosing softer mattresses for sleep. And here’s why:

  • They are more comfortable for soft tissues. On a comfortable bed, it is much easier!
  • These models are better suited for physiological reasons. In addition, they better unload joints that lose muscle support with age.
  • With age, the heat exchange deteriorates, the elderly are more likely to freeze. On anatomical mattresses, the area of contact of the body with the bed’s surface is higher, which means sleeping on such a bed will be warmer.

Is it possible for older people to sleep on hard mattresses?

Tough or moderately rigid models for the elderly are usually chosen only on the recommendation of a doctor. Sleeping hard for some diseases helps relieve pain. If there are no special indications, it is better to choose a soft mattress for the reasons described above.

Bilateral models with different rigidity (for example, on the one hand, it is soft, and on the other – rigid) are suitable for people who periodically have exacerbations of orthopedic diseases. When there are pains, you can sleep hard, and after aggravation, you can turn over the mattress and rest again on a soft bed.


Tips for choosing a mattress based on age

There is no single mattress suitable for all older people over 50 years of age. After all, in addition to age characteristics, it is necessary to consider such parameters as weight, personal preferences, presence or absence of orthopedic problems, and habits developed with age. That is why there is no universal answer as to pick up a mattress for an older adult. But we can still point to general recommendations to help you make a choice. What to pay attention to, in addition to the level of rigidity:

  1. One of the main criteria is anatomicalness: suitable spring or spring-free mattresses with elastic fillers. It is better to pay attention to modern independent blocks of the spring variants, which have at least 500 springs per square meter. Independent springs accurately repeat the contours of posture, which with age requires an even more individual approach. The thickness of the floor layers on top of the springs should be at least 3 cm. Choosing unsectionless products, you should pay attention to models of elastic materials with a height of not less than 10 cm (usually, the higher the layer of filler, the better).
  2. An equally important criterion is price. There are many low-cost models on the market, but it is better to refuse to buy budget sleeping accessories. The cheapest models do not provide increased requirements for mattresses for the elderly.
  3. The covers of mattresses with a voluminous stitch further soften the surface. They help to relax faster and prevent the limbs from leaking or numbing due to soft tissue compression. Volume layers of fillers create good insulation and do not let the cold in the sleeper, which is important for the elderly. In cold seasons, you can use winter/summer waxes for an additional warming effect.
  4. Medical evidence. With age, orthopedic diseases are increasingly becoming felt, reducing the quality of sleep. There are several general recommendations for each disease. More on this is written in another of our articles.
  5. Mattresses with zonal spring blocks, containing springs of varying degrees of elasticity for different areas of the body, will help people with rheumatism, hypertension and regulate the position of different parts of the spine. They are better suited to overweight users.
  6. The size. They should be the same as the size of the bed provided in the bed.
  7. It is necessary to choose hardy, strong models because older people spend more time in a static position of reclining, for example, when reading books.
  8. The appropriate height of the mattress is about 20 cm. High models are more convenient to get up in the morning.
  9. For couples. In old age, it is more difficult to compromise when choosing a comfortable bed for two, so it is better to buy specialized models with different rigidity of halves—for example, products from the little Art-Duo series.


Mattress fillers

The mattress on which the older adult will sleep should be made of anatomical soft materials in the upper layers so that there are no obstacles to the movement of blood and lymph and to minimize pressure on the internal organs. This does not mean that hard materials can not be composed. They should be under a layer of flexible fillers. Fillers should be breathable and hypoallergenic. Here’s what’s best for the following materials.

  • Foam with memory effect of memorial-phom. The foam is highly anatomical. It expands under pressure and temperature from the body, exactly repeating its every bend. This provides maximum comfort during the rest. Sleeping man will not have to toss long in search of a comfortable pose – the mattress itself adapts to the body’s position—another advantage of the material in the absence of reverse pressure on soft tissues. Many compare rest on a mattress with a memorial with a flight in weightlessness. Because of this, mattresses with memorial recommend to those who have to stay in a horizontal position for a long time.
  • PPUs (other names: foam, foam, artificial latex) – a fairly soft material, approximate in properties to natural latex. Artificial foam is elastic and elastic. Mattresses, which are entirely consisting of PPUs, cope well with body support. They are anatomical and comfortable. A significant plus for the elderly is the low price. Models of foam are significantly cheaper than models from memory foams and natural latex.
  • Natural latex is a luxury material. It adjusts to body shapes and withstands heavy loads while providing the highest degree of comfort. Unlike the memory foam, it is not so anatomical – latex from hevey juice feels more elastic. It’s something between soft and medium stiffness.
  • Soy foam. New material based on natural soy oil. It has high durability. There are several types of soy foam. Older people are best suited to Soya Foam with a memory effect because it is the softest and anatomical. Convenient products from soy foam are produced under the brand“Mr. Mattress.”
  • Tempur. Foam with the effect of memory of the Danish manufacturer of mattresses and sleeping accessories. Previously, this material was only used in NASA spacecraft to help astronauts withstand overload. Brand specialists took this technology into service and became the first to develop the material to be used in mattresses and pillows. Over the years, they have achieved perfection in comfort. Their foam is one of the most anatomical and comfortable materials on the market. The “Tempur” brand produces premium luxury products.


To make it easier to choose a mattress, we have collected a rating of the 10 best models. The top presents both quite affordable models and premium luxury products for the most demanding to comfort buyers.


Agree with A Clean Jenny

Affordable mattress made of artificial foam of medium rigidity. One side has a mesh surface. It creates a micro-massage effect that delicately stimulates circulation. Sleeping on such a mattress helps to relax and fall asleep quickly. The model is great for sleeping on the back and side.

Relief softcover, simple on artificial foam, reduces pressure on soft tissues, which also has a beneficial effect on circulation.

This model is perfect for both one person and a couple.


DreamLine Single Sleep 2 TFK

The soft model with a flooring layer of natural latex. The secret lies in the design – it is a one-sided model. From the underside of the spring block, TFC is covered with felt. It is impossible to sleep on it.

2 cm of latex is enough for the material to reveal its unique properties. Sleeping on Single Sleep 2 TFK is comfortable and pleasant. The voluminous hypoallergenic fiber inside the jacquard case makes the mattress even more comfortable to rest. The relief of the case gives a light micro-massage effect and reduces the pressure on soft tissues.


BeautyRoll Foam 18 Latex

The unsupipleated model, which can withstand a large weight – up to 130 kg. On the top side, it is supplemented with a slab of natural latex. 1 cm of material is enough to give the product a softness. For more pronounced back support, you can choose the medium stiffness side, for example, during aggravation of back pain.

The product is almost 20 cm high, and it will be convenient to get up in the morning.

Like the BeautySon Promo Lux 3 S1200, this mattress is delivered all over Russia. The gift you’re buying is The BeautySon Hypoallergenic Pillow.


Dimax Mega Light Basis

A popular two-way model, which will appeal to those who, from time to time, need to sleep on the hard. Moderately stiff side with Balance Foam foam and coconut cobra will be a reliable support for the upper spine, which needs especially pronounced support for some orthopedic diseases. The lower side is made only of elastic foam. It is more anatomical. It’s easier to relax to get to sleep fast. The base of the mattress is a modern spring block S1000 recommended for the elderly.

This hardy model withstands an impressive 150 kg without loss of orthopedic qualities.


BeautySon Promo Lux 3 S1200

A spring model on the S1000 block with 500 elements per square meter. The anatomical foam “AirFoam” is used as a flooring layer. Comfort mattress adds a comfortable soft case, which is simple on the same foam “AirFoam” and synthpop. The design is assembled completely without glue, which eliminates allergies to any of the glue components and positively affects the product’s breathability. Dry glue will not prevent air circulation inside the product.


Shontelle Sante Roll Memory with 2 comfort levels

A springless two-way mattress with different comfort levels. Despite the same rigidity, they give different sensations from sleep. The upper side is more elastic. It has a micro-massage effect that relaxes and stimulates circulation. The solid foam base “Eco Foam” responds well to the load, elastic supporting the body in the right position. This is necessary to unload the back and relieve tension from the body.

The sturdy case of the model is impregnated with composition with aloe vera for greater hygiene.


The Comfort Line Double Latex2 Eco Roll

Another inexpensive model with natural latex. Natural latex provides anatomicalness and comfort, and the base of the bus is responsible for orthopedic support.

The mattress withstands impressive loads without loss of properties – up to 130 kg. It is perfect and as a mattress for spouses because it does not transmit vibrations from the partner’s movements in sleep. You will not wake up at night, even if your spouse will actively toss or periodically get out of bed.


SkySleep Start Soft S1000

Spring model on the advanced block “Multipack” with 1000 springs per bed (in the double version of them will be already 2000!). This amount is enough to provide the quality body support needed for people of any age. For comfort for soft tissues are responsible for flooring layers from artificial latex.

From this mattress, it will be convenient to get up in the morning. Unlike mattresses on blocks of the outdated Bonnel system, the metal parts of the structure will not be unpleasantly enabled into the legs. All thanks to the box from the PPU, which is located on the perimeter of the spring block.


Italian MaterLux Cortina Bis

A premium product from Italy, which is designed everything literally to make sleep pleasant and healthy. The base of elastic foam acts as reliable support for the spine. For comfort is responsible for a lush case (300 grams of bulk fiber per sq. m.) and a slab of foam memory height of 5 cm. This mattress will gently repeat each contour of the sleeping person and carefully support it during the rest.

When buying a mattress – a pillow as a gift. The orthopedic model MaterLux Anna 1 is also made of foam with the effect of memory. Sleep on this pillow will avoid swelling and will have a beneficial effect on the skin. All thanks to the above-mentioned property of this foam. It will not press on the soft tissues of the face, which means the skin will remain clean and fresh.

Why orthopedic models are better for older people to read in the article“How to choose a pillow for an elderly person.”


Mr.Mattress ProLive Soya of Spanish foam

Mr.Mattress ProLive Soya for 44,286 ₽ for 80×200, 84,700 ₽ for 140×200

Premium model for those who prefer to sleep only on natural materials. The top layer is made of Soya Foam. It has a memory effect and has the same advantages as a memorial, but only it is made of natural raw materials. At the heart of the design is a denser and more resilient Solid Foam, which acts as a mainstay of the design.

The foams are made in Spain. They are made according to EU regulations and are very durable. The warranty on this mattress is an impressive 5 years.

The best mattress for an older person is a model of hypoallergenic materials with or without springs no higher than average. If a person has an orthopedic disease, before buying a mattress, it is better to consult with the doctor; he can recommend a suitable bed rigidity.

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