How to Choose Stabilizer for Refrigerator

India is in a constant state of flux, and power supply or voltages are no exception. These fluctuations in the power are pretty common in India and can cause your beloved electronic appliances some nasty permanent damage, and that’s the last thing you would want.

Plenty of organizations expresses that the most recent fridges needn’t bother with an outer stabilizer. But we cannot trust it completely, as trust these days is costly. It is our costly product so it becomes our obligation to make sure the safety of the product.

And one of the best ways to do that is by adding a stabilizer to your refrigerator. That will not only keep it secure and shielded but will also give you some rest.

So read along to find out about the how’s.


What is Stabilizer?

What is Stabilizer

As the term suggests a stabilizer is an electrical device which regulates or stabilizes the voltage before it is delivered to the supply source or connected device. Speaking of connected devices it could be anything a T.V, AC, or in this case a refrigerator.

The stabilizer provides a constant flow of voltage to the connected device irrespective of the fluctuations in the voltage. So it offers a constant output to the connected device even if the input has a perpetual flux.

Some additional names for stabilizer include Voltage Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (AVS), and in some cases Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). The fundamental motivation behind a voltage stabilizer is to secure the electronic device from the damage that is caused due to the voltage fluctuations.

There are various kinds of voltage stabilizers accessible on the lookout. Because of the competition and the awareness for the safety of the gadgets they are surging in popularity. Notwithstanding its fundamental stabilizing function, voltage stabilizers these days accompany numerous helpful extra highlights.

What you may ask? They are overload protection, voltage cutoff, auto start, manual start, voltage cut-off display, stop facility, and so on.


How does Stabilizer work?

Basically, a voltage stabilizer carries out two vital functions and they are Buck & Boost operation. These two operations or functions are nothing but to provide a steady flow of voltage during these two conditions, 1) under-voltage and 2) over-voltage. These operations can be carried out either physically by switches or with the help of some external circuits.

Now as for the under-voltage situation the boost operation increases the intensity of the voltage and provides the required amount to the connected device. Similarly, the buck function decreases the oversupply of the voltage and provides adequate voltage.

In simple words, the voltage stabilizer regulates the amount of voltage supplied to your refrigerator. If the voltage is too low then the stabilizer will increase it to the correct level needed by your refrigerator. The other way around goes for the overvoltage situation, so if the voltage supply is too high, it will reduce the voltage to an adequate level.

Generally, a voltage stabilizer recognizes the voltage vacillation and afterwards remedies it according to the prerequisites of your refrigerator.


What is the Importance of Stabilizer for Refrigerator?

Refrigerators have a broad voltage range, yet they are unprotected from voltage floods. Consequently, a voltage stabilizer is constantly required for the proper functioning and long-lasting life span of your refrigerator.

Traditionally, all refrigerators not just refrigerators but all electronic gadgets, in general, have a nominal voltage i.e they are manufactured to work with proficiency with a specific supply of voltage. So if there is a disturbance or flux in the supply of nominal or ostensible voltage then the device is prone to damage and some may prove to be permanent.

A large number of refrigerators relies upon the nature of the provided electric energy. This is particularly valid for present-day models that are in a real sense stuffed with electronics. The compressors specifically are more susceptible to power floods, they can easily disable it.

The constant fluctuations can lead to the refrigerator to work with less efficiency and in some cases may stop working altogether. Keep in mind, nothing is more significant for a refrigerator than a constant, intact flow of voltage. This is crucial for refrigerators to work in the most optimal way.

And you’ve guessed it, the only way it is possible is by the help of voltage stabilizer. Their primary function is to provide an undisturbed flow of voltage to the connected device no matter what. So if you are looking at longevity as another additional factor for your refrigerator then a stabilizer is a must.

Given that we all live in India that has and is experiencing so many voltage fluctuations a stabilizer becomes imperative. As a matter of fact, some rural areas in India face a ton of problems regarding the power fluctuations and if you happen to live in those areas then there is nothing better than having a voltage stabilizer to take care of the rest.


Advantages of Stabilizers for Refrigerators

For your precious refrigerator, a stabilizer is like a god saving device. It ensures that your refrigerator gets the necessary power for ideal working. It is the only device for your refrigerator that has a superior reaction to voltage variances. The absence of a voltage stabilizer at home can cause overvoltage that may bring about perpetual harm to your refrigerator with some different issues like overheatin   g, inefficiency, and so forth.

Electricity is an incredible need. A voltage stabilizer makes sure that your refrigerator is safe and healthy for legitimate working at any cost.

  • Better Productivity:- One of the biggest advantages that come with a stabilizer for a refrigerator is better efficacy under heavy or adverse conditions. During high or low voltage conditions many problems can occur to your refrigerator. So for smooth and constant flow as well as better functioning for your refrigerator a stabilizer is needed.
  • Increased Lifespan:- For better longevity of your refrigerator, a stabilizer will work wonders. It acts as a shield while decreasing the chances of malfunctioning. Add this to the overall durability of your product, it inevitably increases the lifespan. So installing a voltage stabilizer is critical for expensive electronic devices.
  • Forestall Permanent Damage:- Now that you are acclimatized with the term nominal voltage you know its importance for all the electronic devices, and refrigerator is not an exception. Frequent disturbance in the voltage can cause some nasty damages to your refrigerators that cannot be repaired, thus it is always better to be extra sure than extra sorry.


How to Choose Stabilizer for Refrigerator

Now that you are aware of all the necessary reasons to get a stabilizer, it’s time to look at how you can get one for yourself. Speaking of which, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind when making your purchase; these imperative factors are discussed in a bit but before that there’s something that you should know about stabilizers in general.

Here’s a little tip to remember, make sure to note down the voltage and power rating of your devices which you will generally find on the specification sticker of your device. The next thing is to look for a stabilizer that offers a bit more voltage than the mentioned voltage on your refrigerator.

For example, if you found that the total voltage of the devices connected to the stabilizer is around 500 V then look for a stabilizer that offers 520 V. This rule will come in handy if you are looking for any stabilizers.

Coming to the features, here are some key things to look for in a stabilizer for your refrigerator.




Usually, for every stabilizer the features are common and the functioning remains the same. However, for a stabilizer that is used for refrigerators, they are measured by the capacity of your refrigerator. This capacity lies from 300L to 1000L and as you can see is always mentioned in litres.

So according to the capacity of your refrigerator opt for the stabilizer that is optimal, it is mentioned on the voltage stabilizer. For instance, if the capacity of your fridge is 400L then the stabilizer that mentions it can support up to 500 litres or 400 litres is the most optimal for this case. That said do make sure to check the compatibility before making the purchase.


The voltage of Your Area

The voltage of Your Area

You will have to find the input voltage of your specific area, now generally the standard voltage for Indian cities is of 230V. The better idea you get about how high the voltage can go, the better you can make a purchase. This way you will get the idea or range in which you’ll have to find a stabilizer.

For instance, if you find a voltage stabilizer that has a range of 200 V to 300 V then it would mean it can deal with the voltage variance between those two values.




The measure of voltage provided to the refrigerator is displayed by indicators. So they have a significant role and thus make sure to choose one that has some sort of indicators. Current models of voltage stabilizers have LED indicators. They display the amount of voltage regulated to maintain a stable supply to your refrigerator.



Well, this may sound redundant but the number of doors is one more factor you need to give exceptional consideration to. The stabilizers have specifications according to the doors of the refrigerator. Mostly, refrigerators are available in single, double, and triple door features.


Time Delay


During short circuits, the flow of voltage is disturbed and it causes the motor to deploy more current and becomes overheated. This in turn leads to the motor burning out and damages the compressor. In some cases, it may damage the whole device itself.

The time delay feature addresses this issue very well and forestalls any such problems. This is a must feature in a stabilizer as it ensures the time where the compressor can maintain the flow of voltage during short power cuts.


Overload Protection

Indeed, even the best stabilizers will fail if they are pushed beyond their capacity or range. This range is the maximum voltage on which they can operate, and beyond that, they will have to withstand more electricity which can cause overheating and that is the last thing you’d want.

To resolve these types of issues, overload protection is a must. Now what this feature does is, it turns off the output of the stabilizer totally so that any burn-related problems can be prevented.


Cabinet Material

Cabinet Material

The next thing to consider is the material of the stabilizer. A strong and durable material of the stabilizer will add to the longevity of the product. One such good plastic a stabilizer can be made of is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS. It is strong, durable, has high-tensile strength, resistance toward corrosion as well as physical impacts and has a low melting point.




Now, a decent stabilizer is going to cost you some money, so it is better to invest in it with some back-up. And back-up, in this case, is the warranty, make sure to get at least a year warranty with your stabilizer. So that even if things go the wrong way, you’ll have something to rely on.


Should I purchase an External Stabilizer If My Refrigerator has Already a Built-in One?

Thanks to the ever-growing modern technology the electronic devices that are currently manufactured have a ton of features that ceased to exist before. One such feature in your refrigerator could be a built-in stabilizer.

Now, if you happen to purchase a refrigerator with such a feature then it depends on where you are living, what power your refrigerator consumes, and how much the stabilizer can provide to your refrigerator.

In case if you are living in areas where there are no frequent fluctuations and the power your refrigerator consumes is adequate to the supply the stabilizer provides then there is no need for purchasing an external stabilizer.

That being said, getting an extra stabilizer will not do any harm and it is always advisable. Since the built-in stabilizer works between a small specified voltage if the fluctuations go beyond that then you might need a stabilizer.

Personally, we would recommend getting an external stabilizer for utmost safety. It is always better to be on a safer side and you would not want anything happening to your precious expensive refrigerator. So spending a few bucks will bring you more good than harm.


Closing Thoughts

Electronic devices such as refrigerators work best under a constant unhindered supply of voltage, this is the domain of a voltage stabilizer. It protects the refrigerator from powerful spikes in voltage and prevents any sort of malfunctioning. Thus adding more lifespan to the refrigerator.

Long story short, inculcating a stabilizer for your refrigerator is the best option especially if you live in areas where there is a constant flux of voltage. This is the only way to keep your refrigerator sound safe and healthy.

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