How to Choose the Best Toaster

So, you don’t have a toaster yet, but you want to buy one. Crispy toast in the morning, with little or jam, or just scrambled eggs. Mmm. Delicious, and most importantly – quickly and simply.

In online stores, you can find dozens of models of toasters, and all of them, in addition to the price, is still something different. Our experts “on the fingers” will explain what you should pay attention to when choosing a good toaster.



At first glance, it seems that there is nothing to talk about – a small box with four vertical heating plates, in which you put bread, and you get toast. But few people know that this device has many characteristics.

And having missed from attention at least one of them, you can choose a not too reliable toaster, which at best will burn croutons, and at worst – will cause injury or even fire.

Let’s figure out together what needs to be taken into account to prevent this from happening. Let’s start with the elementary – what are the toasters, and how do they differ.



Increasingly, you can find toasters not with vertical loading but with horizontal loading. Such a toaster does not look too familiar, but having tried, you will appreciate its convenience. In addition, they are often much more functional than traditional ones.


Vertical model Horizontal model
Takes up a bit of space. Requires a little more space.
Usually it is a simple toaster with no additional features. Often there is a toaster and roster – 2 in 1 – a universal gadget for cooking and toast, and sandwiches
Just wash. If there is no cleaning system, it will be difficult to maintain cleanliness.
Price – even a high-quality model of the top manufacturer is quite affordable. Usually cost more



There are automatic, semi-automatic and manual toasters. The difference in the control system significantly affects both the cooking toasts and the cost of the unit.

Which is better? We’ll see.

Type Features Cons
Automatic Safe: automatic shutdown, toasts are raised by a special mechanism.
  • High price;
  • Spring breakages are possible.
Semiautomatic It turns off itself, but you need to get the bread with your hands. There is a risk of getting burned on the heating panel when you get the croutons.
Manual You must determine the degree of readiness and turn off the device. Sometimes you need to turn the bread over yourself.
The cheapest model.
  • It is necessary to closely monitor the work;
  • Until you get used to it, the croutons will burn;
  • If you forget about the toaster, there may be a fire.

Summary: We do not recommend buying the latter type – yes, it is inexpensive and unsafe. Choose between an automatic and a semi-automatic – it will be more reliable.



It’s a double-edged sword. In the past, we often recommended that you choose appliances with minimal power to reduce the load on the network. This will not work in a toaster: the higher this indicator, the faster and, most importantly, more evenly baked bread.

In stores, you can find models in the range of 300 to 1500 watts. It is better to choose the middle parameter.

According to experts, the optimal power of the toaster is 800-1000 W.

Do not be afraid of large numbers: the device works for a maximum of 2-3 minutes, so astronomical electricity bills do not threaten you.

Models with power above 1000 W – this, in our opinion, is an excess that can be useful only to those who have chosen a professional model designed to dry a large number of toasts. For home use, such a gadget should not be bought.



Most people when the word “toaster” represents a small “box” with two holes for slices of bread. This is not surprising – this is how the most popular models look and are suitable for a small family.

Very compact devices designed for one toast, in our opinion, are meaningless – even if you live alone, it is unlikely that a tiny toast will be enough for you.

As for savings – it is very conditional. Such models consume as much energy as full-size units, and the difference in cost rarely exceeds 100-200 rubles. Of course, if we talk about high-quality electric toasters and not unknown equipment from China.

But for a large family or those who like dried bread, a more extensive model is recommended – for four compartments.



The undisputed leader is toasters with an electric heating element. They have an affordable price, they are easy to repair, and the quality is relatively high.

However, now they have a competitor – a quartz toaster. Such a heater heats up faster and more evenly, consumes less electricity. But these toasters have a significant drawback – a high cost of 6000 rubles.



Be honest – how often do you look inside the devices that you are going to buy? In the case of a toaster, this is recommended.

Let’s see what manufacturers offer us:

Ceramic Panel Metal panel
It warms up evenly. If the toaster is weak, then sometimes it does not heat too smoothly.
It doesn’t burn. You need to look for a model with a non-stick coating.
It may break if the device falls. Very durable.
Absolutely does not smell. In cheap units, it emits a characteristic “metallic” smell.

If you do not save and buy a quality toaster, then what is metal? That ceramic coating will not disappoint you. Therefore, focus on the functionality and proven brand.

But if you want to find a decent gadget in the budget segment, experts advise you to give preference to ceramics.

And most importantly: in no case do not buy a toaster with metal compartments without non-stick treatment – otherwise, in a few months,



Here the list of materials is no broader. In the assortment of shops, you can find metal and plastic toasters.

Metal housing Plastic housing


  • Durable.
  • Not scratched.
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • It weighs little;
  • Diverse appearance;
  • Most often, it does not heat up, thanks to special heat insulators.


  • It costs more.
  • Heavy.
  • Very often, it heats up and can cause burns.
  • Scratched and loses appearance.
  • Fails faster than metal.
  • May crack if the toaster falls.

To sum up: Here we cannot decide for you. If you need a durable unit, then spend on metal (how to solve the problem with heating will be described below). Do you want a cute budget unit or there are children in the house? Take plastic.



In the simplest models, most often, there is only one option – drying bread. But more modern units can offer you up to 11 modes: from a light crispy crust to a whole roast to a state of crackers.

Even the most discerning foodies will be enough six modes – the rest is more of a marketing ploy designed to make you spend a lot of money.



It would seem that dangerous can be in a small toaster? However, like any device with heating elements, it requires careful handling:

  • Make sure that napkins, polyethene, curtains do not get into it – yes, it happens and this. In the best case, the kitchen will be filled with the smell of burning; at worst – a fire will begin.
  • If you have a manually operated toaster, don’t move away from it while you’re cooking.
  • Buy a device with non-warming outer walls – this is especially true if there are children in the house.
  • In no case do not put cheese, butter and other sandwich components in a vertical toaster! Yes, there are such recipes – but read the reviews. Most of the experimenters spoiled the device and were injured. If you want variety, buy a roster.



No matter how carefully you cut bread or how high-quality toast you buy, there is a factor that cannot be prevented – crumbs. They will crumble to the bottom of the toaster, burn and chat, saturating the kitchen with an unpleasant smell and spoiling the taste and aroma of toast.

Therefore, it is logical that manufacturers have tried to solve this problem. Let’s see what cleaning systems we are offered:

  • The ideal option for a vertical toaster is a retractable pallet on which crumbs crumble. Just shake it out and wipe it.
  • Horizontal in this regard is even easier – wipe it after using a napkin.

As you can see, caring for the toaster will not be difficult. But! Only if you buy a modern model.

Many cheap toasters of little-known manufacturers will have to be cleaned manually – on the Internet, there are many reviews about attempts to do this with improvised means: sponges, napkins and even toothbrushes. Think about whether you need such trouble.

Well, with the main characteristics, we figured out. Let’s move on to additional options that can add variety to your diet?



Optional Why? Probably, now only the cheapest models are designed to cook exclusively toasts. Let’s see what else the new generation of toasters can do:

Additional option Why do I need it?
Automatic centralization Centralizes the bread slice, contributing to an even roasting.
Defrost function It will be useful for those who buy frozen bread.
Life hack: If the loaf is a little stale, cut it into slices and freeze it. And then heat it up in such a toaster oven – it will be like new.
Preheating Did the toast have time to cool down while you were preparing the main dish? No need to heat them in the microwave or in a frying pan – just turn on the heating. Their structure will not change.
Electronic signal Do you constantly forget about ready-made toast? The smart unit will notify you when they are ready.
One-way heating It is useful for sandwiches and those who do not like strongly fried bread – a crispy bottom and a soft warm top.
3D printing Such a toaster will be expensive, but the result will surprise you – beautiful pictures will be printed on the bread.
Adjustable level Allows you to prepare small croutons for soup or salad. Just raise the special bar on the bottom.
Grid Do you want to quickly warm up a bun or a croissant? Fix the grill and enjoy the warm baking after a couple of minutes.
Cord compartment It’s more a matter of convenience of storage: twist the wire and hide it in a niche.

As you can see, the preparation of toasts with such units becomes comfortable and convenient. And what else can be done with a toaster?



Frankly, the roster is a slightly different device. An improved version.

If you can not put anything but bread in an ordinary toaster, you should put the filling to your liking in the roster between the two toasts.

It is impossible to say unequivocally what is better – a toaster or a sandwich. Yet, they have different goals.

However, ,we can say that the second option is more universal – if you read the culinary forums, you will find out that even meat and pancakes are cooked there!

So it all depends on your needs – lovers of healthy eating are more suitable toaster, and gourmets – roster.

Now we’ve looked at all the key points that play an essential role. But what to look out for if you’re still not sure you know how to make the right choice?



So, you already have a rough idea of what kind of toaster you want. Now it remains to decide on a specific model and place of purchase. Here, too, there are nuances:

  • Look at reviews, for example, videos of programs like “Test Purchase”.
  • Often there is comprehensive information about specific models. But avoid advertising reviews on the websites of manufacturers: there, you are unlikely to hear reliable information. Read reviews on special forums and ask questions you are interested in: sometimes, the shortcomings of a particular unit do not appear immediately.
  • If you doubt which company toaster is better to buy – take a proven brand. Little-known manufacturers often do not have money for suitable materials.
  • In a good store, you will be provided with a guarantee. If it’s not there, look for another place to buy.
  • It is not recommended to purchase equipment in the markets or with hands – there is too high a probability of getting a fake.

Let’s sum it up… Choosing a toaster was not as easy as initially thought. But, on the other hand, if you take into account all our comments, you can buy a perfectly working gadget that will fully meet your wishes.

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