When, Why And How To Clean The Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning is designed to create a comfortable climate in the room, which helps a person to survive the hot or cold period, the season. But, like many devices, industrial air conditioners and households require some care and maintenance for stable, high-quality work. Otherwise, there is a possibility of breakdown or, worse, a negative impact on the well-being and health of a person. Therefore, organizations engaged in installing air conditioners often provide services for the maintenance of such equipment.

In no case should you regard this as an excuse to earn money for you, but a real need for both the user and the air conditioning system itself.

And as mentioned above, if you do not carry out diagnostics and washing promptly, this will shorten the life of the air conditioner and increase electricity consumption, not to mention the threat to health. Therefore, specialists from the service center are recommended to call 1-2 times a year.


Is it possible and how to properly clean the air conditioner yourself?

How To Clean The Air Conditioner

The answer to this question is not unequivocal: yes and no. But, of course, superficially clean the air conditioner filter and wash the indoor unit can be done without problems, wiped from dust – this process is not complicated:

  1. Disconnect the air conditioner from the outlet;
  2. Open the lid of the indoor unit;
  3. Get the filter, vacuum it, then rinse with water;
  4. Wipe the dust in the indoor unit;
  5. Put the dry filters in place carefully.

But this is only the surface of the iceberg since the central cleaning of the split system must be carried out with the help of special equipment. And in general, the whole complex can hardly be called “cleaning.” Instead, it is cleaning, diagnosis, and prevention.


What happens if you do not clean and diagnose the air conditioner?

Unfortunately, there is often an opinion: “Why clean the air conditioner if it already works well?”. But, it is essential to understand that air is passed through the filters and the system as a whole, which contains dust, bacteria, and various microorganisms, which will remain on the parts of the air conditioners if not cleaned. And over time, the more harmful particles accumulate inside the device, the air conditioner will pollute it with a greater concentration instead of cleaning the air. And just this is a possible cause of respiratory disease, poor health, and various allergies occur. In addition to the above, the dust collection inside the device leads to its overheating, leading to the breakdown of the inverter or non-inverter air conditioner and increasing electricity consumption. Therefore, the service life and quality of the device and the health of others depending on how often to clean the air conditioner.


How often to clean the air conditioner?

The answer to the question “How often do I need to clean the air conditioner?” depends entirely on how intensely the split system is used and the level of air pollution.

Cleaning the air conditioner at home should be performed once a month or according to the degree of contamination of the filters in the indoor unit. But we should not forget about the external team. For example, there may be a need to clean the radiator, blades, drainage pipeline, and heat exchangers. But this task should be entrusted to specialists from the service center since it is not recommended to carry out such work independently without special skills, knowledge, and equipment.

  • diagnostics – before starting work, it is necessary to diagnose your inverter or non-inverter air conditioner; a specialist disassembles the internal unit, checks all connections of wires, pipes and conducts a preliminary inspection;
  • cleaning of the turbine of the inner unit – such an action is carried out using a steam device at a temperature of 120 ° C, and a special antibacterial agent is applied to destroy and remove bacteria, microorganisms;
  • cleaning / blowing the drainage system – that would not leak into the room, the master blows the drain to drain the condensate outside;
  • cleaning of the outdoor unit – special, professional equipment under high water pressure, the master cleans the heat exchanger of the external unit. A contaminated heat exchanger can cause a drop in the performance of a split system or multi-split system;
  • checking the pressure of freon – this action occurs with the help of special equipment and, if necessary, a specialist will refuel the freon;
  • testing of performance – and incompletion, the specialist checks and makes sure that the air conditioner is working correctly after the actions taken.


Cleaning, repair, maintenance of air conditioning – Kyiv (Ukraine)

In maintaining the split system or climatic equipment Neoclima, you will be helped by our authorized service centers that work almost throughout Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, etc.). You can find out the contacts and address by phone at 0-800-50-70-25.

It is important to remember that for the high-quality operation of the air conditioner, long service life, and well-being, it is necessary to contact specialists to maintain such equipment periodically. Otherwise, the consequences can be harmful in every sense.

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