How To Clean Water Purifiers?

The condition of drinking water in India is no longer a secret to anyone. The quality and situation of tap water cannot be relied on for drinking in most Indian parts. To be honest, tap water is no longer a reliable source of drinking water.

The level of water contamination is so high that it highly deteriorates the drinking water quality. As a result, drinking such contaminated water leads to many health problems as its major consequences.

So, does it mean compromising the quality of drinking water or is there any solution to this critical drinking water crisis?

Well, without any second thoughts, the simple and effective solution to get healthy and safe drinking water is to install a suitable and best water purifier at your place. The advanced water purifiers ensure that the dirty and contaminated water passes through the filters to get rid of all the impurities.

Besides finding and installing the right water purifier, one of the major tasks is to clean and maintain the water purifier. Even the best water filters and purifiers need timely cleaning and maintenance to assure they are appropriately working.

Moreover, it is believed that if your water purifiers are not cleaned and maintained properly, then it is equivalent to having no filter at all. Therefore, it should be a consistent habit to thoroughly clean your water filters and purifiers to avoid any kind of inconvenience in their working.


The Prime Reasons to Clean Your Water Filters:

Just like your other home appliances, even your water purifier needs maintenance and cleaning. In fact, filters are the heart of any water purifier and thus, you shouldn’t compromise with its quality and maintenance.

The main need to clean the water purifier is to get pure, healthy, and uncontaminated water for drinking. Thus, it can be said that the need for a thorough cleaning for water purifiers is imperative. The regular cleaning and maintenance of the filters prevent the growth of bacteria and other contaminations; thereby assuring that the filter works without any hassles.

The frequency of maintaining/cleaning the water filter depends upon the type of water source. If the water source contains high TDS, then the maintenance of the water purifier should be frequent as compared to that with less TDS value.

Other than this, here are some of the common problems that might occur if you don’t clean and maintain your water purifier properly:

Control Microbes Developed in the Water:

Control Microbes Developed in the Water

One of the major needs to purify your water filter is to prevent the growth of microbes in the drinking water. Drinking water passes through several stages before reaching households. Therefore, it is at high risk to get contaminated.

By neglecting the cleaning of your water purifier, you are simply enhancing the risk of water contamination. This could have adverse effects on your health as well.

Maintaining and taking care of your water purifier can simply reduce these risks nearly to negligible.


Provides Soft Water for Drinking:

Provides Soft Water for Drinking

Hard water or soft water – which one is more suitable for drinking? Well, this is a never-ending debate.

On one hand, where hard water is considered beneficial for drinking but not suitable for skin and home appliances, soft water is considered suitable for skin, home appliances, and even for drinking.

Almost all the advanced water purifiers are now capable of converting hard water into soft water for convenient drinking. Now, just imagine, if you are not maintaining your purifier, will you be able to get suitable soft water for drinking?

If your answer was a no, you exactly know what to do – clean your water filter timely.


Removal of Harmful Toxins:

Removal of Harmful Toxins

Last but not the least, the regular maintenance of water filters is needed to remove all the unwanted and harmful toxins from drinking water. The presence of toxins not only degrades the quality and nutrients of drinking water but also affects its taste.

A properly maintained and cleaned water filter can help in managing the toxins that can ultimately minimize the following consequences that affect drinking water’s quality.

Now when you are aware of the need to maintain and clean your water purifier, let us understand and know the different ways to do so. Would you be interested? Here are some effective ways.


Cleaning And Maintaining of Water Purifiers:

Amongst all the available filters, carbon filters and RO filters are the ones dominating the others. Every second filter is either of the two choices. If you also have any of them at your place, then you will be delighted to know the cost-effective and effortless ways to maintain them.

Cleaning/Maintaining RO Filters:

RO Filters

RO filters work in 2 stages – the first one being reverse osmosis membrane and the second one being the activated carbon filter. You should be sure to clean these filters at both stages to ensure thorough cleaning.

Before you begin with the cleaning process, make sure to wear gloves after washing your hands along with cutting the water supply. Once, you are ready, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Drain all the water available in the water tank followed by closing the attached faucet as well.
  2. Remove both the pre-carbon filter and RO membrane for a thorough cleaning. Be very careful while removing them to avoid any breakage.
  3. After removing the filter and membrane, make use of chemical cleaners for thorough sanitization of your system. If you aren’t aware of a suitable cleanser, you can also use 2-3 tablespoons of unscented bleach.
  4. Once you are done with the above step, be very open to remove all the build-up in the filters. Open the faucet completely and then use running water to thoroughly rinse the filters.
  5. After cleaning the filter, use any dishwashing solution to properly clean the RO membrane as well. Be very sure to remove all the dishwashing solution by passing the membrane under running water. No dishwashing solution should be remaining in the membrane.
  6. Post the thorough cleaning of both the membrane and pre-carbon filter, reassemble all the parts of the water purifier to their specific places.
  7. After reassembling the purifier, it is recommended to flush your purifier once before using it like before.
  8. Cleaning/maintaining activated carbon filters:

Cleaning these filters is very much similar to that of RO filters; however, you need to be more careful with them. The proper cleaning of these filters involves chemicals that need to be carefully handled for the best results.

Before starting with its cleaning, wear gloves and cover yourself with a mask. Here are the following steps to clean the activated carbon filters:

  1. Take half a bucket of clean water maintaining it at room temperature.
  2. Now add 2 cups of muriatic acid to the clean water. Make sure to continuously stir the solution to avoid any lumps in the solution.
  3. Once the solution is prepared, detach the activated carbon filter from the water purifier for easy and convenient cleaning.
  4. Place the filter in the muriatic acid solution allowing it to sink completely.
  5. Keep the filter in the solution for nearly 5-days to completely remove all the contaminations and dirt. You should be careful and particular to keep the solution at room temperature during the whole cleaning process.
  6. After 5-days, remove the filter from muriatic acid and soak it in clean water for thorough rinsing.
  7. Allow proper rinsing to ensure complete removal of muriatic acid solution and contamination.
  8. Once the filter is cleaned, you can reassemble it in the water purifier
  9. It is also recommended to once completely flush the purifier before using it like before.

These are the simple steps that one needs to follow for thoroughly cleaning the filters and water purifiers.


How Frequently Should you Clean Your Water Filters or Purifiers?

Most of us are often confused about the frequency at which we should be cleaning our water purifiers. Aren’t we?

Ideally, the water purifiers should be cleaned every 6-months or to an extend 12-months. If you have regular and heavy use of the water purifier, then it should be cleaned more often. You should also take care of the recommendation of your water purifier supplier.

Along with this, the source of your water also plays a major role in deciding the frequency for cleaning the water purifier. If the water source contains high TDS, then your water purifier would need frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Other than these common signs, if the delivered water taste different or you sense any unusual smell, take that as a sign for cleaning your water purifier.

You either can do it on your own (following all the necessary precautions and essentialities) or you can also take assistance from any professional cleaner.


What Should be Kept in Mind Before or During the Cleaning of the Water Filters?

These are the few things that shouldn’t be ignored when cleaning or maintaining your water purifiers:

  1. Thoroughly clean your hands with water and wear gloves throughout the cleaning process to avoid any skin complications
  2. Be sure that all the water supplies are cut before beginning the cleaning process
  3. If you are replacing the filters, keep the new filters packed until the actual time of replacement
  4. Flush your purifier at least once after cleaning before using the water again for regular use.


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Final Thoughts:

It is of sheer importance to thoroughly clean your water purifiers and filters to ensure they work properly without any shortcomings or hassles. Make it a habit to monitor its working to never miss its maintenance when needed if you want healthy, safe and pure drinking water without any compromise.

Remember, these water purifiers are to keep you and your family healthy and safe by preventing major water-borne diseases. Thus, it should be your prime concern to keep them in the best of their forms. Wouldn’t you agree with us on this?

Let us know in the comment section if you were able to clean your filters and water purifiers. Also, feel absolutely open to discuss any of your issues and concerns related to cleaning any of your water filters. We would be delighted to help you through!

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