How to connect any Bluetooth headphones to your PC

You can connect Bluetooth headphones to many multimedia devices. Let’s talk about pairing Bluetooth headphones with laptops, personal computers, and TV and learning how to connect wireless headphones.

How to connect wireless headphones to your laptop

The headphones are connected to the laptop using a standard Bluetooth module, which is equipped with laptops. This module has already been activated by default, and you don’t need to set it up. Here are some things you can do:

Open Device Manager

Select “Bluetooth and other devices”;

Activate the module – if it is turned off.

Another way

Open Start;

Select Device point

Select Bluetooth and other devices

Activate Bluetooth.

This way of pairing a Bluetooth headset with a laptop will not cause difficulties even for novice users.

How to connect wireless headphones to your computer

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to the computer is initially difficult – stationary system blocks do not have built-in wireless modules. You need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter for your PC.

The external Bluetooth adapter connects to the USB port. Once the adapter is connected, you need to install a Bluetooth adapter driver and a headset driver. In some cases, you won’t need to install Bluetooth adapter drivers.

If the headset is a success with a Bluetooth adapter, the headset will appear on the Windows Connected Device List, which is in the Device Manager.

In addition to external Bluetooth adapters, there are also internal, which connect immediately to the motherboard. The choice of the type of adapter depends on the user’s needs. Internal adapter’s internal adapter’s main drawback is the limitation of the signal range: the system unit is problematic to move around the room. In an external adapter, it can be connected to a USB extension cord and significantly increase signal coverage.

If Bluetooth headphones do not appear in the system, you need to check the Bluetooth Driver Manager system service – it should be active. This solves the question of how to connect wireless headphones to the PC.

How to connect wireless headphones to your TV

Connecting headphones to a TV can vary – depending on the TV manufacturer. Until recently, connecting Bluetooth headphones to your TV was problematic. Today, this issue is actively solved by the TV producers themselves. If the TV is bought after 2015, it definitely has a wireless module to pair with any Bluetooth device.

Modern TVs are equipped with a Bluetooth communication module. In this case, it will not be difficult to connect the headset. The order of action is: choose the Bluetooth item in the TV menu; in the open list, you need to choose the current headphones. Sometimes you need to enter the headset’s pin codeset – you can find it in the manual of the sound device.

If the TV is produced before 2010, likely, it will not have a built-in wireless module. In this case, you need to buy a Bluetooth receiver. This device connects directly to the TV through the jack headphones or tulips.

Its battery must be recharged before using the receiver. Once additional equipment is connected, you need to set up the connection.

The order of

action is as follows: 1. The receiver is turned on.

2. The search mode is selected, and the pairing is switched on in parallel on the headphones.

3. Once the pairing of the two devices is installed, the headphones can be used.

Modern Bluetooth receivers for TVs and Bluetooth adapters for computers are of low cost. They provide high quality audio and ensure that there is no interference in the audio playback process.

When choosing equipment, you should give preference to a well-known manufacturer. Do not buy Bluetooth modules of unnamed Chinese manufacturers – such devices fail in the first weeks of active operation.