How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress

If you are experiencing bed buds at night time and seeing them on your mattress, then you need to remove them as soon as possible before facing more significant problems. If you are wondering how to keep your mattress safe from bed bugs then do not worry, we have solutions for you.

We know how expensive a mattress is! And with proper caring, you can take it into years. But with the presence of bed bugs, it can get infected and become useless. Hence our objective in this article is to treat the bed bugs and protect your investment.

A mattress and bed is the most favorite place for bed bugs; therefore here we will give you a deep understanding on how to treat those bed bugs and removes them from your mattress and prevent the same from further problems.

Here we are going to discuss the processes by which you can remove them effectively and offer a healthy life to your mattress also keep yourself healthy.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Below is Step By Step Guide to Get Rid from  the Bed Bugs From Mattress:

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress

The Bed Bugs

The bed bugs are quite small and wingless insects, which depends on human blood. They are light brown or reddish brown with an oval shape. You cannot see them in the day time, but they can be in huge number in the night during your sleep.

Here is the process to remove bed bugs from your mattress. You can do it by yourself, and you can also take assistance from professionals in case of urgency. But you have to get rid of such insects to enhance the life of your mattress.

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Separate the bed bugs

Keep your mattress in the middle of the room as well as elevated, so that you can remove bed bugs quickly. They can only crawl up to your mattress so you can find them and take them out.

Do not keep your mattress on the floor entirely or in contact with any wall. It will be difficult for you to remove those bed bugs.


Apply heat to kill bed bugs

Put your mattress and additional bedding into the washing machine and clean them with the highest possible heat setting. You have to keep the device in running condition according to the temperature you like to maintain.

Try to maintain a temperature of 118 F and more than ninety minutes to kill all those bed bugs from your mattress.

You can use a steaming machine to kill bed bugs instead of a washing machine. You can reach up to a temperature of 114 F and kill all those bed bugs along with their eggs. Use the heat of a steamer in a systematic manner so that it can distribute the heat all over the mattress and kill all the bugs.


Scatter diatomaceous Earth all over your bed and mattress

With the help of the above process, you can remove all those bed bugs from your mattress. Still, you have remaining bugs then you can go for this process. Here you can use Diatomaceous earth, which is a form of fossilized sea creatures. It is rich in silicon dioxide and highly noxious for bed bugs.

The DE absorbs all of their body fats and oils soon after the contact and makes them die immediately.  Wrap a mattress cover on your mattress before applying DE and keep the bed dry for effective result.

As a safety measure, use hand gloves and masks while throwing DE all over the affected area of the mattress and ensure that all the bed bugs come in contact with the chemical. You have to close up your mattress soo9n after the sprinkling process so that the bed bugs cannot come out.


Use Insecticides

For pest control insecticides are known as the smart and best solution. Therefore you can use these things for controlling the bed bugs in your mattress as well. The pesticides are very much effective and not dangerous for your health as well.

You have to follow the guidelines for using pesticides of the professionals and use them for effective result. There are mainly three types of insecticides  for bed bugs control such as

  • Fast-acting, contact insecticide
  • Residual insecticides
  • Dust Insecticides

The fast-acting contact insecticides are primarily used for wooden types of furniture and cypermethrin is a type of fast-acting insecticides whereas aerosol sprays are known as residual insecticides. You can take advantage of such insecticides to get rid of bed bugs from your mattress.

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Bottom Line

The bed bugs can be irritating, and it is uncomfortable to sleep on the affected mattress. Bed bugs affected mattress is not hygienic as well, which can hamper your sleep as well.

Therefore you have to ensure that your mattress is completely free from bed bugs and always try to keep it clean so that those irritating insects cannot enter into the mattress and disturb your sleep.

You can employ the above methods to keep bed bugs away from your mattress and home. Besides this, you can also seek professional assistance. The experts can kill all those bed bugs in no time and use much-needed skills and tools to get the job done.