How to Install a Split System Air Conditioner

Summer is here, and outside it is 30 degrees, and even in the apartment, the heat is hard to bear. The solution offers a well-functioning air conditioning system. Specialist retailers or tree markets install or install air conditioners, and make sure you have it permanently cool at home.

Who is allowed to install air conditioners?

The installation of an air conditioner belongs in the hands of a certified

professional. A split air conditioner is connected to a small pipe that runs through a small wall breakthrough. A climate installer coordinates all components well and ensures the safe operation of the air conditioner.

Self-installation of the air conditioning system

Once you have purchased a split air conditioning system, it must first be integrated into the room. You can, of course, hire a professional expert who will require additional costs or consider self-installing the air conditioner. If you want to install an air conditioner yourself, there are some aspects that you need to keep in mind.

Observe the law

The EU regulation stipulates that split air conditioners can only be put into operation by certified specialist companies.

For this reason, it is important to hire a specialist to install the air conditioner. If you still install the air conditioner yourself, move in a grey area. Of course, you can also put a mobile device in your room, which is not as strong as split air conditioners. Nevertheless, good cooling is also possible with mobile devices.

Benefits of professional installation of air conditioning

Benefits of professional installation of air conditioning

An installer specialising in the installation of air conditioning systems installs the device properly and also offers detailed advice on which air conditioner is best suited to your needs. The installation of the air conditioning system is not only professional but also fast and low in dirt.

Once a year, air conditioning should be serviced.

Maintenance and repair of air conditioning

In order to avoid costly repairs to the air conditioner, you should have the air conditioner undergone maintenance once a year. This reduces interference and ensures hygienic operation. Annual maintenance significantly extends the life of your air conditioner.

Often it is only dirty slats on the outside unit that the air conditioning technician cleans so that the device cools properly again. In addition, you must undergo a leak test every year with air conditioners that have more than three kilograms of refrigerant. This is done by a certified specialist company. Fresh and healthy air is only guaranteed by regular air conditioning cleaning.

For more information on the maintenance and maintenance of air conditioning systems, please see our guide: Who installs and maintains mobile air conditioning and split devices?

Filling the air conditioning system

No matter which model of air conditioning you have, the coolant must be replaced and refilled regularly to ensure proper operation of the air conditioner and so that you do not lose quality.

The professional filling is carried out by heating, air conditioning or plumbing specialists. Depending on the size of the system, you must have an electrician fill it.

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