How to Install Geyser in Bathroom

Thanks to extreme Indian weathers, overcoming winters are hard. With the harsh cold wind blowing around the only thing that can provide you eternal bliss is a hot water bath. One of the most soothing experience. To be honest what’s not to love about it?

But for that, you’ll need a geyser and you will have to install it right? Now if you’ve managed to do the former then leave the latter to us. We got it covered in this guide.

Here’s how you can install a geyser in the bathroom and then enjoy the hot water for the hard work you’ve done. Read along to find more.

What are the Geysers and their importance in our lives?

What are the Geysers and their importance in our lives

Geysers or in some cases referred to as water heaters are a sort of heating appliance that provides instantaneous delivery of hot water. This device uses a hot water tank to increase the capacity—heating capacity to the max.

This device was a major breakthrough in the modern world and a significant forward leap in our advanced age and it is viewed as one of the most diligent machines in our home. Thanks to the creators, now at our request we can get a soothing hot-water from our faucets in basically no time.

Nowadays, the geysers are easy, safe, and convenient to use and once they are installed you’ll have to look no further for hot water. Now, this for sure beats the old mundane way of filling a vessel, then heating it on a burner and after a lot of time, taking it back to use.

So do yourself a favour and exploit this modern device, and make your life better, simple, & above all comfortable especially during those cruel winters.

Now, we should go to the pertinent question, which is trending nowadays—How to install a Geyser in a Bathroom.

Factors to Consider Whilst Installing a Geyser in Bathroom

Factors to Consider Whilst Installing a Geyser in Bathroom

Now that you are ready with the geyser in your hand, it’s time to understand how you can install it in your bathroom so that right after the installation you can enjoy a blissful hot bath. There are certain things that you should look for while installing the geyser, these imperative things are mentioned as follows

Hey, whoa slow down, before we go any further ahead, it is generally best to leave the installation to the professionals. But if you have an inquisitive nature and are probably brave enough to handle some minor repairs, then you got this.

Some factors to keep in mind.


When you are ready with the geyser in your hand make sure to keep some space between the device and the wall. This way even if in future the geyser requires some repairing the expert or you will have the necessary space to check it and possibly repair it.

Another thing to keep in mind when installing the geyser is, try to place the geyser where there is nothing below it so that the anyone who seeks to repair it can easily reach there without any sort of hindrance.


Now, since space is out the equation the next thing you need to figure out is the location. Aforementioned that below the geyser there should be nothing, also make sure that the geyser is not placed near damp areas so it should be away from showers, bathtubs, or toilets.


Of course, height should be adequate to provide you with fast and strong hot water as well as easy to shut down the device when needed. According to some experts, it is better to keep the geyser 6 feet from the floor. In any case, place the geyser at a height so that children cannot reach but you or any other adult can easily reach it.

Switches and Connections

With all that sorted out, just ensure the connection you are giving to the geyser is from MCB (Minature Circuit Breaker). Now what this does is that it cuts off the electricity if there are any power fluctuations. So this will decrease any possibility of short circuits, as for the switches they should be placed away from wet areas to forestall electrocutions.

Water & Pipe Lines

Do make sure that the water pipelines are free from clogs so that they can provide a constant and steady flow of water to the geyser. Generally, wooden blocks are used for a better and constant flow of water.


No matter what we do in our life, safety is always and should always be our top priority, the same goes with home repairs and geyser fitting. Just make sure that you are not near wet areas when operating the geyser and if you notice strange issues with your geyser it is better to back-off and contacts an expert.


Even when doing the installation by yourself if things go south, don’t hesitate to contact some qualified technician to handle the things. It is always better to be on a safer side.

Take-Home Message

Felicitations if you’ve managed to install the geyser properly, now you can easily bathe in your hot water and enter a deep relaxing stage. And if you haven’t yet installed the geyser don’t stress over it we know you can do it, plus you can always come to our guide, we’ve got your back.

Before taking matters in your own hands, remember that it is better to give the fitting to some qualified technician and let them do the installation.

That said, if you’ve got any better ideas on installing geysers we’d love to hear them in the comments section below, also if you’ve got any queries or concerns you know what to do.

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