How to Select the Right Air Cooler?

More economical than an air conditioner, the air cooler is trendy thanks to its ecological side. Respectful of the environment, this system brings a breath of fresh air when the high heat becomes exhausting. If you haven’t succumbed yet, here are some tips to help you choose your air cooler.

How does the air cooler work?

Like an air conditioner,a cooler has the heavy mission of lowering the temperature of a room. Here, the device sucks in hot air and moistens it with water in a tank. When the air comes out of the cooler, it is colder than before. It can lower the thermometer by an average of 10 degrees. Practical and above all, environmentally friendly, the models on the market are much cheaper than air conditioners. They can also serve as a fan to bring some fresh air. Ideal for children, pregnant women or frail people, this refreshment brings comfort and well-being.

The pros and cons of an air cooler.

If the price is one of the first advantageous criteria of a refresher, the low electricity consumption generated makes it particularly economical. This device has several strings to its bow because it can ventilate, filter or moisten the ambient air. Easy to move, it’s light and mobile. Most often on wheels, you can move it in any room of the house. Be careful not to overdo it. The humidity in the air should not be excessive. Otherwise, bacteria and odors can grow quickly. On the other hand, the models are often noisy, especially the first prices.

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How do I choose an air cooler?

Take the time to compare the models and their features before taking out your credit card. Two criteria must be taken into account in advance of any purchase: it is necessary to know the power of the cooler as well as its airflow. Once this information is obtained, you have to take into account the surface you want to cool down. The larger the part, the larger the tank will have to be in volume.

What is the price of an air freshener?

If you want to equip yourself, know that the prices are very variable. The entry-level starts at 60 euros, and prices can go up to 500 euros for a state-of-the-art device. If you want a powerful model, the bill will necessarily be higher. Find out more and compare the different brands, as some devices are extremely noisy. Count about 150 euros for good value.

How do you maintain your air cooler?

If starting is very simple since all you need to do is fill the water tank and connect the device to an electrical outlet, it is necessary to monitor the level of limestone in your water. Depending on the region, some waters are hard. The limestone deposits a film on the humidifier pad and prevents it from being really effective. It is therefore recommended to clean the tampon once a month. If you can collect rainwater, you can put it in the tank. But beware of algae that may grow!

Some tips for getting an effective air cooler

First, to avoid wasting energy, the device must be positioned in a strategic location in the room. To feel the fresh air, it is best to place it towards a door or window. So you will have the illusion of a real current of air. Then, even if it is easily moveable, you should avoid putting it in your bathroom. The cooler doesn’t like humidity very much! The latter can alter its functioning. Also, consider changing the humidification pad twice a year for greater efficiency. Finally, a little advice to make the air even cooler put a few ice cubes in the water tank.

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