How To Sleep After Hair Smoothening?

Our hair is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous parts of our personality. Maintaining proper hair gives an edge to your confidence that helps in boosting your personality.

All of us do a lot of things for our hair care that helps us flaunt our hair. Our hair generally also requires thorough care but if you have undergone some special hair treatment such as hair smoothening then you should shower some extra care on your hair.

Hair smoothening may seem simple and attractive but it is its maintenance that demands attention. The treatment completely changes our hair by making them smooth and straight. Thus, to keep them protected, you need to be a little more concerned.

You not only need to protect your hair during the daytime but also during the night as well. Yes, protecting your hair during your sleep is also very essential to be sure that you will wake up with your smooth hair and not with a mess.

So, what all it takes to protect your hair smoothening treatment while you sleep? We are here to talk about this essential hair care tip. Let us get in detail.


How to Sleep For Protecting Hair Smoothening From Damages?

Protecting hair smoothening and making it long-lasting, you need to take utmost care of your hair during your sleep. If you aren’t sleeping in the right posture, you may cause permanent damages to your hair that can also ruin its quality.

Here are some of the simple tricks that you can try to be sure that you are well-protecting your hair as you sleep:

Leave your hair down:

Leave your hair down

The one thing that you should be compulsory is to keep your hair down while you are sleeping. You should keep your hair completely straight for the first 3-days without any fail. For this, you should sleep keeping your hair in the downward direction.

Sleep caps, rubber bands, scrunchies, wraps, etc. will create waves in your hair, damaging its quality. Therefore, all these things should be avoided as you sleep.

In all ways you sleep, you should avoid folding your hair as it will reduce the charm of hair smoothening.


Sleep on satin or silk pillow cover:

Sleep on satin or silk pillow cover

The next thing that you should be sure of is to sleep on a satin or silk pillow cover. Sleeping on such pillow covers will prevent causing any waves or creases in your hair; resulting in long-lasting smoothness in the hair.

This is because of the reason that satin and silk both are smooth material and thus reduces any kind of friction between your hair and the pillow covers. Thus, make sure of using 100% satin pillow covers, else there would be no use at all.

You should totally avoid sleeping on cotton pillow covers as they can cause a lot of frizz in your hair causing complete hair damage. Sleep on the perfect pillow cover and protect your hair from its possible damages.


Maintaining a proper sleeping posture:

sleeping posture

Sleeping in the right posture not only helps in keeping your body fit but also helps in protecting your hair.

While you are looking for ways to protect your smooth hair, the simplest way you can try is by sleeping in a straight position. Lay down your hair smoothly on the bed keeping them straight. This will prevent causing any crease on your hair.

Remember to sleep in a straight position for 3-days continuously without breaking the chain to get the maximum benefit for your hair. Also, avoid wearing any sleep caps or scrunchies during sleep as any kind of tie will ultimately damage your hair.


Detangle your hair:

Detangle your hair

It is not just while you are sleeping but you should take necessary precautions after you wake up. The very first thing that you should do after waking is detangling your hair properly.

Gently comb through your hair to assure that they regain their smoothness and become straight again. Waking up with a little messy hair is okay but don’t let keep your hair messy throughout the day.

Also, avoid using any kind of hair serum or hair spray as you comb through your hair. Be very gentle as you comb; assuring minimal or no damage to the hair.


Say no to sweaty hair:

Say no to sweaty hair

If you are one of those who wake up with sweaty hair, then you should be extra careful with your hair. Sweaty hair can be really damaging for your hair smoothness and thus should be removed as soon as possible.

One of the best solutions to get rid of any kind of sweat in the hair or scalp is to by using blow-drying. Maintain the blow dryer in the medium heat temperature as you blow-dry your hair thoroughly. Remember to get rid of all the sweat from the scalp as any sweat remaining can be damaging.

Avoid using the blow dryer in high heating mode as too much heat can ruin the smoothness of your hair. Also, don’t use any other heat products on your hair or scalp if you want your hair to stay smooth for the maximum time.


Straighten your hair:

Straighten your hair

Last but not least, you should straighten your hair with a medium-heated straighter to remove any kind of hair waves. This will also help in keeping your hair frizz-free; thereby assuring lasting smoothness in the hair.

Use a hair straightener just once or twice on your hair; avoiding its over-use which can be damaging for the hair and scalp.


Final Thoughts:

These are some of the essential practices that you should make your habit for at least a week to keep your smoothen hair well-protected. Be very particular about sleeping in the right posture as you surely won’t want your sleep to cause any kind of damage to your beautiful hair, isn’t it?

What are your ways of protecting your hair’s smoothness as you sleep? Let us know with your valuable comments. Also, feel free to share your thoughts and concerns with us.


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